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Me without you Chapter 2 (Junba, Sakumiya)

Title: Me without you 2/?
Pairing: Junba (main!), Sakumiya, Ohno/?, others possible
Beta: little_kirin
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance
Plot: Although they are both young students at college, both the youngest brothers within three, and both part of high society, there are worlds between Jun and Masaki. Jun comes from a rich, traditional and conservative family, while Masaki's family gained wealth and fame by luck. Masaki is cheerful and enjoys life to the fullest. Jun is unusually earnest and distanced. Although part of the same glamorous world, their paths would have never crossed, they would have never even talked, but then Masaki's brothers decide he needs to catch up with his studies, and hire Jun as his tutor. With being so different it seems they will never get closer, until they realize that they both hold a sad secret.
Note: This is dedicated to yukitsubute. I had (and still have) a lot of fun writing this, and I wonder where it takes me to. I can promise you some fluff, some fun and some drama (the usual ^^) There might even be some hurt & comfort.

It’s Jun. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Masaki-san. My brother gave me your number. I’m supposed to help you with your studies, so, please tell me three days and times when you are free, and I’ll try to comply with your schedule.
Until then, stay well.

Masaki almost spits his tea out again. He feels awkward almost immediately, not because the message is unfriendly or cold or anything, but because it’s so freaking polite that he knows he can only fail when he answers it. Because… how the hell is he supposed to answer this message in an appropriate way? Three dates? And Jun will choose one? What were they? Lawyers? Heart surgeons?

What a weird way to voice a simple message. Is that guy really his age? It looks more like something a middle-aged politician would write.

Masaki chuckles lightly, and puts his phone aside for now. He needs to think about how to approach this message, but for now he needs something to eat. No thinking without food! He meets Satoshi at the kitchen table for breakfast. All of them are pretty social eaters, and like to be around someone when they have breakfast or dinner or even lunch. It happens occasionally that Shingo comes home later, and Masaki and Satoshi – although they might have eaten already – will join him. To talk and chat together, to play stupid card games, or to eat a second dinner.

Satoshi eats traditional miso soup and rice with vegetables for breakfast while Masaki pours himself some chocolate cornflakes and milk. “You eat too much garbage,” Satoshi complains lazily.

Masaki grins. “And you are eating too much. Your cheeks are so pinchable right now.”

“Bratty little brother,” Satoshi chuckles.

“Say…” Masaki muses after a while.


“That Sho-san, the friend of yours, how is he?” Masaki asks, trying to sound as casual as possible. Maybe when Satoshi tells him something about this ominous Sho-san, he knows how to approach Jun. “I’m just curious.”

“He is nice,” Satoshi explains simply. He never wastes too many words to describe someone or to answer something, which is probably why he always sounds honest. “A little earnest. Sometimes comes off as stiff. But he is not a bad guy. I like him, always did. He is honest.”

“And how is this Jun-san?” Masaki asks further.

Satoshi smiles sympathetically. “Worried?”

“A bit.”

His brother smiles warmly. “Ma-chan, I’m sorry, Sho-san doesn’t share many private things in general. When it’s about his upbringing and the older generations of his family he closes up completely. But sometimes he will talk about his two brothers, never says anything bad. I’m sure this Jun is a nice guy.”

Masaki nods tentatively. “Maybe.”

“What are you truly worrying about, Masaki?”

Masaki sighs deeply. “Honestly?”

Satoshi nods.

“What if that dude hates me? He just wrote me a message, and it’s perfectly polite and all, but so stiff and so polite that I can almost see a stoic expression in front of me. You know, I’m not serious or stoic at all, and I have problems with these important, traditional gatherings. It seems like Sho-san’s family is used to it though and lives it on an every-day basis.”

“They are traditional and conservative,” Satoshi agrees with a tentative nod. “I know that tradition means a lot to Sho at least. Their family has a huge stand in the upper class since centuries. I think Sho-san’s older brother even attended the wedding of Kate and William.”

Masaki lets the words sink in, before his eyes snap open. “You mean the British Prince? And Kate as in his wife and-“ He pauses, frowning slightly. "You are making fun of me, aren't you!?"

“Yep. Did it work?”

Masaki laughs. “A bit. But Sa-chan, I’m bad with this! You know it, I’m bad with traditions and politeness codex and-“

Satoshi smiles sleepily. “Masaki, you are okay. I am bad at it because I’m so slow in my reactions. You and Shingo on the other hand are fun and casual and don’t overanalyse it normally, and you sell your attitude well. Look at how often Shingo gets invited to the real important events. Do you think he comes there, wearing a kimono, bowing and speaking like he is still living in the Middle Age?”

Masaki grins. Funny thought, really. He can rather imagine Shingo waltzing into the room, yelling a hello and clasping his friends’ shoulders. He would probably give a shit about formality and word choice, and just be himself. “Not at all,” he answers.

“See?” Satoshi takes another spoon full of rice. “And you are the same.”

Hmmm, really? “Any advice, Satoshi?”

“You are worrying too much, Ma-chan.” Satoshi eyes a piece of tofu like he is in love with it. This family really likes to eat. “You get along with just anyone, right? It’s your strength! If you really won’t get along with Jun-kun in the beginning, I’m sure you will find a way to get through to him. It’s your talent.”

“What’s my talent?” Masaki asks in sincere surprise.

Satoshi winks. “If you are really so oblivious about it, you have to find it out yourself.”


“You said his name is Jun, right?” Kazama rustles with some sheets of paper. They – together with Nino – have met in the little coffee shop Masaki managed to get a job at. It’s cosy, and small, and serves all kinds of special coffee – like with pumpkin and cute little toppings. Also they have a coffee-shop mascot, a little dog, and Masaki took over the task to take him out sometimes. He is only working there a few hours a week, and it’s surprisingly fun. It’s even more fun because Nino started to work there too.

“Super-rich,” Nino muses. “Even  more than your own family, Masaki. That older brother of his, the one that is Satoshi’s friend, has to be this Sho. He is the junior partner of one of the law firms in town.”

“The other brother, the oldest,” Kazama continues “is even creepier. He owns the private news channels. Apparently the family business.”

“The news channels?” Masaki blinks. “Like all of them?”

“All the important ones. He is also in politics, I don’t know his position though. Something with finances,” Kazama continues. “Ugh, scary. He seems to be a quite tough guy.”

Masaki lets out a sigh. Why again does it have to be a member of this family he has to spend some time with from now on and study with? He almost fears Jun will swing a whip in case he is too stupid to answer a question. He is about to say something when a slender frame comes through the door. “Ah,” Masaki’s head perks up. “That’s Kame!”

Nino blinks. “Kamenashi-kun? The pretty guy? The little bitchy diva? The-“

“He is a good person,” Masaki interrupts him.

“Everyone is a good person for you,” Nino complains. “How do you even know him?”

“He is in one of my classes, and we had a project together. I invited him to my party. Oh, and we made out there. Decided to stay friends afterwards.” Masaki jumps up and waves at Kame. “Kame-kun,” he calls out. “Come and join us!”

Kame looks up in surprise, eyeing them for a moment, obviously wavering. Masaki grins. “Since when are you so shy~” he asks teasingly. “Don’t expect anything?”

Kame laughs all of a sudden and takes his tray to join them.

“You really like to collect stray cats, do you?” Nino asks. It sounds like he wants to be sarcastic, but his tone is too soft, and Masaki shrugs it off.

When Kame has joined them, and Masaki has introduced him to the others, they soon relax around each other and start to pick up the previous topic. “So, your brother wants you to get tutored?” Kame muses. “And the guy that should do it is super annoying?”

“I don’t know if he is supposed to be annoying,” Masaki explains. “But he seems to be so serious. The whole family is.”

“What’s his name?”

“Jun,” Masaki frowns, going through the documents. “The one from the Kimura-family clan and-“

“WHAT!?” Kame spits out his coffee in the most non-chalant way ever. He coughs like madly, thankfully accepting the handkerchief Kazama hands him. “Matsumoto-san!?”

“Matsumoto?” Nino blinks in confusion. “I thought the family’s name is Kimura.”

“He carries his mother’s name,” Kame explains, his eyes still teared up from all the coughing. “He is the half-brother. The father divorced his first wife and remarried. That’s why the age-gap to the oldest brother is so big. He is even a bit older than Shingo-san.”

Masaki grins. “Our parents were just so much in love that they couldn’t wait with making a child. That’s why Shingo is so much older than I am,” he explains with a grin before he is all earnest again. “Do you know the family?”

“Not directly, but you are right, they are very well-known in the public.”

“And you know, Jun-san?” Nino asks curiously.

“He is in one of my classes,” Kame explains.

“Ah, so you do know him!” Aiba’s head perks up. Finally some good insider information.

Kame tilts his head. “No one really knows Jun-san,” he explains quietly. “He only surrounds himself with a few very good friends. Everyone else he keeps on distance. He is nothing but polite, but he keeps his distance to everyone. Hardly ever smiles.”

“Is he scary?” Kazama wants to know.

Kame tilts his head. “He is very controlled,” he says after a while, carefully.

Nino nods thoughtfully. “I heard the same from a friend.” He leans forward a bit, and all of a sudden it feels a bit like they are four old ladies meeting at their doctor’s place and talking about conspiracy theories. “Do you see the guy at the counter, the one with the dark hair and the new iPhone in his hands?”

They all nod.

“That’s Oguri. Apparently he is Jun’s best friend. There is a girl around them too sometimes. Seems like they are Jun’s only close friends. Oguri is also pretty serious. Seems like it’s contagious.” He grimaces, and points at Masaki with his fork. “Don’t dare to become as boring as they are. I swear, I’ll personally haunt you if you do.”

Masaki chuckles. The chances of him changing completely are pretty dim, he knows that. Jun and his surroundings though… it scares him, but at the same time it makes him curious. He glances at said-Oguri. He looks good, has dark hair, and soft features. But although his features look soft, he has a serious expression. He is dressed pretty formally. If Nino and Kazama are right, it means that this family is really weird.

“Are they all like that?” Nino frowns. “God, in comparison to them my family is pretty normal. This though my mother does wrestling in her free time, and my father plays Pokémon Go.” He bites into his sandwich and hums happily. “I’ve read quite some rumours about the family by the way.”

“Like what?” Kazama asks curiously

“The father isn’t alive anymore. Seemed to be a difficult guy. Now that the oldest brother reigns, the situation got a lot better for everyone working in the family business.”

Masaki lets out a sigh. “Okay, to be honest, I’m not sure if I'm feeling better now.”

“Did you answer his message already?” Nino wants to know.

Masaki shakes his head. “Will do it later. For now… can’t we just… I don’t know, go to the amusement park or something like that?”

“Oh, yes,” Kame chirps.

“Karaoke?” Kazama asks hopefully.

“No,” Nino whines, but when Masaki grins at him and tugs at his sleeve playfully, making puppy eyes, he gives in too. “Fine, let’s go and sing, and embarrass ourselves.”

Masaki nods, and chuckles. Before they leave though, he throws a last glance at Oguri. “Jun-san never smiles?” he asks Kame once more.

Kame nods.

“Why doesn’t he smile?” Masaki frowns. “Everyone should smile!”


Jun looks at the suit the shop assistant shows him. The trouser is rather tight, and in a thicker  material, perfect for this time of the month, the shirt has purple buttons and is in a silky white. The coat is in the same colour of the shirt’s buttons – a pretty elegant darker purple. There is some black embroidery on the collar and the hem of the coat. He has to join a dinner party soon, as his oldest brother is one of the guests of honour, and he and Sho obviously have to attend too. Apparently there is even going to be a dance.

“It’s mostly out of silk,” the woman explains to him, while he touches the fabric thoughtfully.  It’s very elegant, and he likes the colour. He feels too young to dress all in black and white, and he needs to be dressed in way that he will both be elegant and interesting enough.

“What do you say?” he asks Kiko, one of his best friends. She is the daughter of an old business partner of his father. They basically grew up together.

“It looks sophisticated, and yet fashionable and young.” She nods in approval. “How about you try it on?”

Jun nods. “That’s probably a wise idea,” he muses, and nods towards the shop assistant. “May I?”

She bows politely. “Of course, please follow me, Sir.” She leads him through the separated part of the shop. They have closed the second floor for him today, while the normal customers can use the first floor.

He tries it on a few times, because the young lady decides the trouser doesn’t fit perfectly and changes it with one of a stretchier material. “It looks very fine on you, Sir,” she nods in approval, obviously happy to have found the perfect pair of trousers for him.

Kiko grins when she sees him. “She is right,” she jokes. “That butt!” She gropes his butt playfully.

Jun chuckles and smacks her hand away.

He also tries on a pair of wine-red trousers with a black velvet coat and a wine-red shirt. It looks more casual, and if he wears the trousers with another shirt in a more casual fabric or colour, he can wear it on more casual occasions.

“I think I will take the second outfit too,” he says. “Ties?”

“A classic one would be too much,” the shop-assistant says. “You are a young man. How about you try to wear a very short tie, or a double string one. It’s still elegant, but underlines your youth.”

“She is right,” Kiko agrees. “Maybe in the same colour of the coat.”

“I would also recommend a cloth,” she says. “In case you want to mix your outfits with other jackets or shirts for other occasions, you will be happy to have another accessory than a tie.”

Jun nods. “Sounds good to me. How about other accessories? Do you have male jewellery? I’m looking for a wristband and a ring that would fit the purple outfit. The ring should definitely be eccentric enough so that no one would take it for an engagement ring.” He pauses. “The price doesn’t matter,” he adds.

While the lady and another assistant go to show him some items, Kiko leans back in one of the velvet chairs. “You’ll look dazzling. Most wanted bachelor of the party, believe me.”

“Glad you accompany me,” Jun points out. “I don’t mind these events, but I’m tired of all the suggestive offers.” He sighs while he sits down next to her.

Kiko chuckles and pokes his cheek. “Don’t sigh like that. And you can always go for a casual fling here and there. You are too serious, Jun-san. You have never dated someone.”

“I have never liked someone enough,” Jun admits. “If I date, I want to really feel for that person. I want to be able to make this person smile.”

Kiko’s round eyes get even rounder in surprise. “That’s why they want you,” she grins. “Because you say serious stuff like that.” She tilts her head playfully. “But I mean it, how about you try to smile here and there.”

“I am smiling.”

“Really?” Kiko blinks. “I know you forever, and I can’t remember you really smiley. How about you try to be silly sometimes, and make jokes. We could practise! Or maybe Shun-san knows some good joke.”

“He is even worse than me or Sho-san,” Jun points out with a chuckle.

“No matter how, try to be silly!”

“Hm,” Jun muses, something inside his stomach twisting painfully. “I can’t remember how it is to be silly.”

Kiko’s eyes widen, she looks shocked all of a sudden. “I’m so sorry, Jun-san,” she says. “I didn’t think properly. It’s-“

“It’s okay,” Jun chuckles, grabbing her hand before she can accidentally knock down the expensive vase next to them. He isn’t quite sure how he would explain these expenses on his brother’s credit card then.

He is glad that the two shop assistants return though. The last thing he wants to do is talk about his past. He nods in approval at the accessories they show him. The ring is in a dark, shimmering purple, whenever it meets light it sparkles. The wristband is obviously made in finest handicraft, and looks filigrane but manly at the same time. “What kind of stones are they?” he wants to know. He likes beautiful things and accessories, but it would be a lie to say that it makes him happy. It’s just… better than nothing.


Jun smiles slightly. “How beautifully. I’ll take it, together with the ring. And now-“ He leans back with a little dramatic sigh, nodding towards Kiko. “We need an outfit for my company.”

“I need to fit him colour-wise,” she explains, and grins. “I’m forced to accompany him although he knows not one single joke! Oh, and please help me to look at least somewhat close to his beauty,” she jokes.

The shop assistant laughs, before she provides Kiko with the obvious compliments. It’s typical for Kiko to be able to make people smile and loosen up. He wishes he would be able to do that too.


It’s two hours later that Jun comes home with Sho’s chauffeur. While he carries the bags into the house, he meets one of the older maids. She bows politely at him. “Young master, do you want me to make you some tea?”

Jun smiles at her. “No thank you. I’m fine.” He looks around. “Is one of my brothers at home?”

She shakes her head. “Sho-sama was here for a short moment. He told me to remind you to of the memorial of your father tomorrow.”

The memorial… The last place he wants to be. Seriously. His hands feel sweaty, and like he should consult his therapist… immediately.

“I’ve prepared your best kimono. And also Sho-sama’s,” she continues, much to Jun’s relief. He doesn’t need to answer.

Jun nods politely. “Thank you.”

“Do you need something else, young master?”

Jun shakes his head. “No, thank you. Please go home to your family, Miyazawa-san. Recently you are working longer than usual. I’m worried.”

A rare warm smile lights up her face. “It’s not that long. I have always liked you three boys. Someone needs to watch out for you after all.”

Jun blushes slightly. “Yes, maybe.”

She twinkles. “The young master really grew up well. Sho-sama and Takuya-sama didn’t do a bad job.”

Jun tilts his head. Did they? He has never wondered about his upbringing and who was responsible for him growing up. Jun forces a smile to his lips. “Thank you,” he says politely. “I’ll tell them.”

He definitely won’t. That would be too embarrassing anyways. She smiles at him and nods, before she takes her leave. Once Jun is alone, it feels so silent. Without Kiko’s bickering and silly giggling, and without Shun, grunting something incomprehensible, and without Miyazawa-san bothering him with advice and questions, it’s so quiet.

Jun hurries to his room in the third floor and switches on the sound system. So loud that he is sure the house vibrates from it. But it gives him a feeling of reassurance to hear the loud music and voices. He eyes the fabric lying on his bed… it’s the kimono Miyazawa-san prepared for him. His best one, the dark blue one out of silk. He puts his shopping bags to the side, and takes a closer look at it. It’s indeed pretty. Damn it, it’s just one day, a few hours, and then lunch, he can make it through it without slipping or without throwing himself from the roof.

Jun sighs slightly, puts the kimono away – neatly of course, so that it won’t get dirty or wrinkly. Then he goes to the kitchen and takes a few vegetables, cutting them. He wonders if he should make hot pot. But hot pot… alone…would be pathetic, so he sets for some rice with fried vegetables.

He takes the finished food, and his homework for his statistic class and sits down on the couch in the living room. He tries to concentrate on his work, although it’s difficult with the silence around him. Even through the music it’s still silent.


Masaki loves music, he has always liked it. When he was a kid he dreamed of playing piano or another sophisticated instrument, but they didn’t have any money. Once he got older – and Shingo suddenly won in lottery – he could fulfil his wish. However at that time he realized he wanted to learn other things, not the piano or something alike, so he went for drums. Unfortunately he was horrible. Hence he switched to saxophone and guitar. He is not perfect, but he loves making music. Funny, it’s what brought him and Nino together. Nino, who would never talk or look at anyone in school, but who opened up when making music.

“Okay,” Nino’s body sways together with the crowd. “Sometimes I like your ideas!”

“Told you, you would love it!” Masaki snickers.

“Yeah, now I wished I would have left my book at home,” Nino admits with a grin and points at his obviously heavy bag. He is never leaving the house without his DS or a comic… or book. It’s a cute spleen he has. “Didn’t think I would have fun here.”

Masaki chuckles. “Just admit it!” He tousles through Nino’s hair playfully. “I’m awesome.”

“NEVER!” Nino retorts and slaps his hand away, and they both giggle.

Masaki got tickets for a young, indie band. They are doing soft-rock music, many acoustic versions, and some of their songs are solely guitar solos. Now one of the dudes hammers on his piano while he drinks a few shots of tequila, he screams while doing it, and it’s almost a bit too silly, but still… weirdly fascinating.

“How can he even produce decent sounds on his piano when he plays like this?” Nino complains. “I want to be so awesome!”

“You are so awesome,” Masaki retorts, and to his surprise Nino blushes at his compliment.

“Stop talking nonsense,” Nino stutters.

Masaki smiles widely. “Let’s meet and make some music again soon,” he offers. “It feels like I haven’t touched my guitar since forever. What do you say?”

Nino shows him one of his beautiful, honestly-meant smiles. The one that is without teasing. “Yes,” he agrees happily. “Let’s do it.”


Jun wakes up to a rustling sound. He blinks in confusion. His neck hurts a bit, apparently he fell asleep on the sofa and the cushions aren’t perfect for sleeping on them. He is surprised that a blanket is covering his body though, the empty plate of his dinner was removed too, and there is no music filling the house anymore.

His phone is blinking. When Jun eyes it, he sees a message. From this weird Masaki, his suggestions for their first meeting. One of them would be tomorrow. Jun sighs, well, he needs to take another date. Missing the memorial would be a no-go.

He turns around slightly, eyeing a tall, slender frame, walking through the room. “Takuya-san?”

“You are awake?” his oldest brother asks. “You shouldn’t fall asleep here, it’s cold.”

“I was studying,” Jun explains.

“Did you buy your outfit for the dinner party?”

Jun nods, and grabs into his pocket. He hands Takuya his credit card. “Thank you, Takuya-san.”

Takuya nods in approval while he takes it. “Go to bed, Jun,” he orders. “It’s cold and uncomfortable here, and you need your sleep.” He looks at Jun for a long while, there is something in his eyes that Jun can’t quite read. It’s freaking difficult to read Takuya anyway, still Jun admires him to a point that he even feels nervous around him sometimes. “About tomorrow. I’ve decided that Sho and I are attending the memorial. You don’t need to come.”

Jun blinks in confusion. He has no motivation at all to go to the memorial, but not being invited to is, is… “You don’t want me to go?” he wants to know.

Takuya’s blinks a bit in surprise, then his gaze softens. “It’s not like that. Of course we want you to join us, always. But it’s the fourth year, and it’s enough when one or two of us attend.” He frowns. “Besides, Miyazawa-san told me you always stay up late, studying,” he says earnestly. “You look pale and tired. I want you take your rest tomorrow, and do things slowly. It’s no help if you get sick.”

Jun blushes slightly. Takuya is right. He shouldn’t overuse his strength. “Sorry. It was selfish of me to not consider my health.”

“Not at all.” Takuya shakes his head. “But I want you to take it slow tomorrow. And now, go to bed. You look bone-tired.”

Jun doesn’t want to argue or deny it. He could, but he doesn’t want to, because really, he feels so tired. He always feels tired recently, and he doesn’t understand why. When he passes the living room his gaze falls upon the piano there. Sho has just played something on it yesterday night. He is good at it – not that Jun would tell it to him though. Each of them has learned three instruments as kids, none of it really their choice. He doesn’t even know which instruments Takuya plays though, and if he still plays them sometimes.

For a moment he walks to the piano, touching its surface lightly before opening the piano lid. It feels weird to touch it again. He was never good at playing – he just learned it because he had to. Just… it sounds so beautiful. The sound of the piano is the most beautiful ever; every music instrument is beautiful, but the piano is the most stunning one. It’s… Jun shakes his head vehemently, and closes the lid again. No, he is definitely not going to this emotional place again.

He sighs when he lies down on his bed, looking up at the ceiling. He takes his phone again, looking at the message this weird Masaki sent him.

Hola! ^_^
I’m really not that busy. How about tomorrow? Any time is okay, just not before 10 AM *hihi*. Or any other day of the week, except for Friday. My work day :P

See you, Masaki ^_^/

Jun shakes his head. Who actually sends a message like that? Is it really okay to be that informal when you don’t even know someone? He chews on his lip for a moment. Well, as he is free tomorrow anyway – and staying at home while his brothers suffer through the most hideous event of the year would be too pathetic – he can as well do something useful.

Good evening, Masaki-san,
Thank you for your offer.
I’ll pass by tomorrow then, Saturday 14th, at 10 AM.

A/N: Okay, here is chapter 2. I don't know why, but I feel so nervous about this fic, like... before an exam. This though I love Junba, and I'm happy to write them, but probably it's because I have lots of plans for them here... *insertdramaticlaugh* Oh, and I promise they will meet in the next chapter!!
Oh, and Jun's second brother is Kimura *lol* I think he could totally pull off the serious older brother role. By the way, one of you suggested Higashiyama as Jun's older brother - I already settled for Kimura at that time, because I 'know' him better, and there is already Shingo. But I like the thought of somehow putting him into the story (I don't know where yet, but I will.)
It feels like Jun's family is pretty stiff around each other, right? It's like, what the oldest clan member says, counts the most. While the Masaki-family is totally casual.
Hm, and we haven't really talked about why they are all living alone, have we?

Hope you enjoyed this <3 *I-should-stop-talking-so-much*
Tags: genre: au, genre: college, genre: high society, genre: hurt&comfort, genre: romance, l: multi-chapter, p: aiba masaki/matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/sakurai sho, r: r, series: me without you
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