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Matsumoto's shop of hopes and dreams - enter on your own risk: Chapter 3

Title: Matsumoto’s shop of hopes and dreams - enter on your own risk 3/13
Pairing: Sakumoto, Aimiya, (hints of past(?)Ohmiya and Matsumiya and Juntoshi? (but... well... you'll get it, when you read it. It's not a love triangle (promise!!) or anything, it's rather plot-relevant)
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance, fantasy (There are no vampires or alike. It's more like a fairytale meets our world meets romance meets Nino in a tight gothic-like outfit)
Plot: When you have no other place to visit and lost all your hope, you'll go to a mysterious, little shop. Dealing with hopes and dreams and with his protector Ninomiya at his side, Jun keeps his real identity a secret, constantly on the run. No one knows who he is, what he runs from and where he comes from. One unfortunate day though a young doctor demands his services, asking for a piece of sunshine. It's the beginning of something... like the ticking sound of a clock you can't turn back...
Note: I don't know if it makes sense, but every now and then a story kind of happens to you, you know? I wrote this around July in some sort of writing-haze, when I was free for a week. It really just came to me, and I'm so... anxious about this, because I love how it happened, and I hope you will love it too <3  (This whole story was inspired by yukitsubute writing me a message: *grumble* it's raining. - with my answer: Buy us some sunshine then :D)

When Sho and Aiba open the door to Jun’s shop, the latter looks up from his book in obvious surprise. His surprise seems to grow when Sho waves the basket in his hands and Jun sees that he is bringing something along. Much to Sho’s amusement he has obviously taken this seemingly arrogant but apparently not so bad guy by surprise.

“We just closed,” Jun stutters, turning to face a small and pretty guy, dark-haired, looking fragile, but with a pair of intense eyes. The fragile guy frowns when he sees them, scanning them from head to toe.

“Who are they?” the fragile, black-haired guy asks in a hostile way.

“Sakurai-sensei is a former customer,” Jun tells him.

“Ah, the guy with the sunshine,” the watchdog concludes. “What does he want here?”

“You know.” Aiba giggles. “You can also as us directly. We are standing here right next to you, no need to pretend we aren’t here.”

“And who’s that?”

“His friend and an honorary helper at hospital,” Jun explains patiently. Sho is surprised, he has thought that Jun is someone who gets easily irritated, but apparently this other guy can do and say whatever he wants to.

“Fine,” the guy huffs. “You might talk to Jun-kun. But be fast. One wrong word and I’m banning you guys from this place, so that you’ll never be able to return.”

Jun puts a hand on the guy’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Kazunari. I don’t think they have ill intentions.”

“With nowadays happenings we don’t know,” the guy mumbles. Nevertheless he nods at them with a mock-generous gesture. “I’m Ninomiya.”

“Kazunari?” Aiba asks in interest.

“No, for you guys, Ninomiya.”

“Who are you actually? His watchdog?”

“Pretty close for two petty humans,” Ninomiya answers coldly.

Aiba grins, much to Sho’s chagrin. It’s so like that kind-hearted guy to immediately feel attracted to a sassy and bratty idiot like this Ninomiya-person.

“So,” Jun asks, obviously trying to deescalate the situation by using a friendly tone. “How can I help you?”

“You were looking pretty tired and weak last Sunday,” Sho tells him straight-forwardly. “As a doctor I couldn’t just look away. Are you eating properly?”

“Yes,” Jun says immediately.

“No,” Ninomiya says in unison with him. When Jun throws him a glare, he shrugs. “Jun isn’t eating enough. He says he doesn’t have any time.”

“Great.” Sho chuckles. “I mean, it’s not good that you don’t eat enough of course. But I brought something to eat along. At the hospital we have a private cook. She provides us with healthy, well-balanced nutrition. So we thought we could offer you some.”

Something inside Ninomiya’s eyes softens up, much to Sho’s surprise. He nods. “That’s a good thought. We can go to my place and have dinner there.”

“Mine is closer,” Jun interrupts him in a quiet voice. “But it’s not necessary, Kazu, I-“

“Well, I deem it necessary,” Ninomiya interrupts him boldly. “That’s our deal, remember? You’ll try to stay as healthy as possibly. And I try to keep them away.”

Jun grumbles something incoherently, looking really annoyed all of a sudden, but Ninomiya doesn’t seem to be even slightly taken aback by it. “We’ll show you the way to Jun’s place,” he says, grabbing Jun’s arm to tug him alone. “Just follow us.”

Sho exchanges a glance with Aiba, who just shrugs and giggles slightly. “They are weird but kind of fun,” he whispers. “I don’t think they are bad people.”

“You say that about just everyone,” Sho mumbles back. “You would even think that a robber is a kind person deep inside.”

“Hey,” Jun huffs in front of them. “We can hear you.”

“Oh,” Sho smiles sweetly. “That’s okay.”

Jun’s eyes widen in surprise at his sarcastic retort, then he lets out a theatrical sigh. “We won’t abduct you. We just want your food, so chill.”

“He really is hot,” Aiba muses quietly. “And he has a nice butt-“

“Hey, you!” Ninomiya turns around with a huff. “Don’t talk low of him, you… What’s your name anyway?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Aiba chirps and reaches out his hand to shake Ninomiya’s. The latter looks so flabbergasted that even Jun grins. “My name is Aiba Masaki. It’s a pleasure to meet you. And besides-“ he takes the bag in his hands again. “Complimenting someone’s butt is by no means talking low about someone. It’s a compliment.”

Jun tilts his head, scanning them for a while. “Really?”

Sho shrugs. “Well, a blunt compliment. Depends on who says it. But in Aiba-kun’s case it’s a compliment.”

“Well,” Jun blushes slightly. “Thank you,” he stutters to Sho’s surprise.

Ninomiya shakes his head. “Humans,” he mumbles.


Jun’s apartment turns out to be a huge roof-top apartment, right at the top floor of an apartment building. Walls of glass surround it, like Jun always wants to be able to look outside. All in all it’s fancy and beautiful. Does he earn that much money?

To be honest Sho is nervous that he promised too much and that they will hate the food instead of appreciating it. But to his relief Ninomiya sighs happily, and Jun nods in approval when they have the perfect five course menu and a glass of wine. His cheeks get slightly red again.

To Sho’s surprise this Ninomiya guy loses his hostile attitude too, at least partly. He still shoots teasing comments and glares at them, but at least offers them to call him Nino. “Someone who can make the little proud princess look so lively and well again, can’t be a bad person,” he says when Jun is in the bathroom. “Doesn’t mean I like you though.”

“Why are you calling him like that?” Sho laughs.

Nino grins. “Well, he is stubborn and proud like a princess.” He chuckles. “Just teasing him. He forgets to linger on troubling thoughts when he gets mad or annoyed at me.”

“Are you a couple?” Aiba asks in interest.

“No,” Nino laughs. “Just really good friends.” He points his finger at them warningly, eyes dead-serious all of a sudden. A watchdog indeed. “But guys, one wrong move from you, and I’ll kill you and serve your remains to a dragon.”

“You are like his older brother,” Aiba chuckles, and by the way Nino blushes he probably isn’t too far from the truth. Before he can dig deeper though and get himself into problems with that Nino-guy, Sho decides to intervene.

“Listen, Nino-san, I’m a doctor. When Jun-san brought sunshine for me, I couldn’t help but notice his weak state of health. As a doctor I just couldn’t let it go. I’m not here to lure him into bed. I highly doubt he would even be interested to be honest, but it’s my profession to care.”

Nino lets out a deep sigh. “Your kind is the worst,” he sighs but also shows them a careful smile. “Fine, do as you please and provide him with food and your medical advice. But the moment you plan anything sly, I-“

“Yes,” Sho interrupts him with a sigh. “We still remember the part with the killing and dragon.”

“Don’t think I mean it as a joke,” Nino tells them straight-forwardly, voice vibrating warningly. “Don’t ever believe I’m joking about these things. I’m his only friend and we are like brothers, I won’t allow anyone to hurt him. Don’t question how far I would go for that.”


What Nino told these two guys was deadly serious. He knows they believe him by the way Sho winced slightly at his words. Just this Aiba guy seems to be really weird, he kept being really amused and nice towards him. Well, humans are idiots, nothing new about that.

He has left Jun sleeping once it was night and decided to go to a place or rather a person he should have gone to long ago already. The closer he gets to the enormous and beautiful house close to the cliffs, the angrier he gets though. The piece of shit Jun gets dragged in by higher ups of their world all the time annoys him to no end. How dare they? How fucking dare they? Just because he is a valuable source, a rare collector. He is still his own person, and he has still basic rights to at least try and do something on his own without being blackmailed, pressured and threatened.

It’s in the middle of the night, but it’s a warm one, and an unusual light one. The moon shines to its fullest and the cliff is lit up almost like it’s during the day. The person he looks for is someone whose power gets fully unfolded on nights like this, as he is regulating the moon and stars. It’s a place at the border between the worlds – between their world and the humans’.

Nino isn’t a guy who is shy or nervous normally, but he always is when he meets him. This time though it helps that he is freaking angry, otherwise he would have been a lot more nervous than he is. Now however he is freaking pissed, and just directly approaches the person dressed in a white collarless shirt and equally white trousers, sitting at the bench out of stone in the middle of the luxurious garden. His eyes are attached to the sky above him, a soft expression on his face. Unfortunately that ass only looks soft when he looks up at the firmament.

Nino walks right in front of the guy. The normally so sleepy eyes are getting filled with a tinge of surprise and interest as Nino appears right in front of them. He looks almost shocked, much to Nino’s joy. “Ninomiya.”

“Ohno-sama,” Nino says casually without bowing or applying to any normally so necessary rules that would normally be required when talking to someone with such unique powers such as Ohno. Ohno looks at him carefully, checking him and his surroundings. Without saying anything, Nino knows what he is actually looking for. “He didn’t accompany me. In fact he doesn’t even know I am here. And even if he did, he would never come.”

“Always so stubborn,” Ohno grumbles. “He is always so difficult and proud.”

“Really?” Nino’s voice is dripping with sarcasm. “Must be someone else you want to meet then. Because the person I know is actually a kind-hearted and helpful guy, not a difficult prick.”

Ohno’s eyes snap open and his attention is completely away from the sky now. “I didn’t call him like that, Ninomiya. I know he is kind!” He takes a deep breath. “But he is stubborn and proud. Why don’t you do your duty for once and make him see what’s necessary.”

“What’s necessary?” Nino huffs. “You mean, returning to the High Castle and being locked up there as a puppy for the successors of the throne?”

Ohno sighs. “He won’t be locked up there.”

“Yeah, right,” Nino sneers. “That’s why the High Castle happily makes his life hell, because he is free. Please, not even you can be so dumb to believe that!”

“Hey!” Ohno huffs, voice vibrating slightly as he is obviously holding back his anger. “Just because we are childhood friends I won’t let you talk to me as you please!”

“Childhood friends? Funny that you say that because the guy I used to know is long gone,” Nino answers, not able to hide the bitter tone in his voice.

Ohno looks at him intensely. “He is still there.”

“Where?” Nino asks daringly. “Because the person I am talking to right now has nothing to do with the kind-hearted boy I used to build castles out of sand with and dreamed about saving the world.”

“We can’t stay kids forever, Ninomiya,” Ohno says firmly.

“No, Ohno-sama, obviously we can’t,” Nino agrees. He hates coming here, and this is exactly the reason for it. He hates seeing Ohno and being reminded of the times and adventures and beautiful moments they shared. The times they were actually close, and the very few moments he even used to lie in Ohno’s arms once they grew into teens. “But the way we changed, as unfortunate as it is, isn’t the reason I am here.”

“You are here because of him?” Ohno frowns. “Then you are wasting your time.”

“I know you would say that,” Nino says bitterly. “I thought there might still be a hint of a remaining fairness and kindness in you, a hint of the person I once knew.”

“It has nothing to do with me,” Ohno says with a glare. “He is the one who is the problem! He is the one who is always defying them,” Ohno huffs. “He should finally obey to their orders.”

“Obey?” Nino mimics his voice. “He is not a pet, damn it. He is a person with his own needs and wishes. How about you treat him as one for once! No wonder he hates the High Castle, and you. Doesn’t it even concern you the slightest that he is scared of you?”

Ohno winces, looking pained at Nino’s words for a moment, but regathers his composure immediately. “Hey!” His voice sounds dangerous all of a sudden. He has a calm attitude and a long-lasting patience, but when touching a sore topic he turns into a dangerous being immediately. Just like the moon. Ohno Satoshi, watchman of the stars. “Don’t talk to me like that, Ninomiya. You are in no position to look down on me. Jun should start following orders for once, and not do as he pleases. It’s better and safer for him that way.”

“No,” Nino says coldly. “It’s better and saver for you. An easy life with a pet.”

“YOU!” Ohno huffs, and then Nino can feel his palm cracking across his cheek. He slaps him hard. It hurts, but Nino doesn’t quite grasp it. What hurts more is the knowledge that every time he leaves this place he knows he might never return to it again. Nino knows there was a high chance for it to happen, that Ohno actually hits him. It was the main risk he took. It’s always the main risk. And with every time he is here, there is a bigger rip in his and Ohno’s friendship, but Nino doesn’t mind much.  Not anymore. There were times when he tried to beg Ohno, when he cried and yelled, but there is no use to do that. Because of his own unique power Ohno is too deeply involved into this world’s politics. He isn’t the person he used to be.

Nino isn’t scared of Ohno, he isn’t scared of the High Castle. He knows they will never do any harm to him, not because he is valuable or interesting for them. He doesn’t have specific powers – his willpower and his strength of mind are his main forte, which doesn’t mean much to the higher ups. His value comes from something completely different. For them he is the only connection to Jun they have. And Jun is damn valuable for them.

“He is miserable, Ohno-sama, and you are telling me that you really don’t mind? If that’s true then, yes, you are really not the person anymore that I once loved.” When Ohno opens his mouth, Nino shakes his head. “Yes, I loved you. Did you think I would sleep with you, if I hadn’t been in love? I know a relationship was always out of question for us, so I won’t complain. But I-“ he pauses. “I can’t recognize you anymore, Satoshi. Not at all. Who is the man in front of me?”

Ohno stays quiet and Nino knows that if he continues to push into him, he will probably regret it. He has tried it, he was here, he was unsuccessful, but at least he tried. Nino doesn’t say anything to Ohno anymore, except for.  “Good-bye Satoshi.”  He isn’t sure himself if he said good-bye to the person he misses so badly, the person Satoshi once was, or to the current Satoshi, because he doesn’t want to return to him, ever again.

Aimiya meeting! Aiba has a thick skin and a lot more stamina here than Nino *lol* Do you think these two will have a chance?

And stage free for Ohno! Well, this wasn't a good talk he and Nino had. And Jun and Ohno aren't on good terms either. We'll gradually find out why. Ohno will play an important role.

I hope you all reached the new year well <3 A happy new year everyone!

Tags: genre: au, genre: fantasy, genre: mystery, genre: romance, l: multi-chapter, p: aiba masaki/ninomiya kazunari, p: matsumoto jun/sakurai sho, r: r, series: matsumoto's shop of hopes and dr
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