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Me without you Chapter 6 (Junba, Sakumiya)

Title: Me without you 6/?
Pairing: Junba (main!), Sakumiya, Ohno/?, others possible
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance
Plot: Although they are both young students at college, both the youngest brothers within three, and both part of high society, there are worlds between Jun and Masaki. Jun comes from a rich, traditional and conservative family, while Masaki's family gained wealth and fame by luck. Masaki is cheerful and enjoys life to the fullest. Jun is unusually earnest and distanced. Although part of the same glamorous world, their paths would have never crossed, they would have never even talked, but then Masaki's brothers decide he needs to catch up with his studies, and hire Jun as his tutor. With being so different it seems they will never get closer, until they realize that they both hold a sad secret.
Note: This is dedicated to yukitsubute. I had (and still have) a lot of fun writing this, and I wonder where it takes me to. I can promise you some fluff, some fun and some drama (the usual ^^) There might even be some hurt & comfort.

 “Do you… I mean, maybe, want to go to a concert with me and Nino once?” Masaki asks Jun, much to his surprise.

Masaki’s oldest brother has just called them to the table. Masaki’s friend – Ninomiya? – is there too, apparently he is visiting them quite often. “A concert?” Jun asks in surprise, not sure how to react. What is he supposed to do or say now? Masaki hates him! He said he did during the dinner party. Why should he go to a concert with them? Why would he even invite him?

Much to his surprise Ninomiya sends him a begging glance, another thing Jun doesn’t quite understand. He is almost relieved when he receives a call from Takuya and can leave the room for a moment to answer it. It’s nothing major, just that Takuya is on business a trip and will only come back tomorrow evening.

When Jun hangs up and turns around, he almost drops back in surprise. It’s Nino standing in front of him. “Ninomiya-san?” he asks, sighing deeply. That dude almost gave him a heart-attack.

“Could you…” the guy stutters. “Maybe not call me like that. It feels weird. Call me Nino, like anyone else does. Or Kazu. Or anything, but not by my full name.”


“Masaki didn’t mean it,” Nino tells him hastily, looking around like he is scared someone might hear them. “What you heard in the restroom that evening, I know you won’t believe me, but he didn’t mean it.”

“He is always really honest,” Jun says with a frown.

“Yes, but…” Nino sighs. “He was angry with other things. Join us for a concert, okay?”

“I don’t know,” Jun admits honestly, not sure what to think or believe. His stomach clenches a bit, like always when he thinks about how a kind-hearted guy like Masaki obviously despises him.

“Please, only once! Don’t make me beg, okay? I’m doing this for Masaki and because I know that he would be hell of upset if he knew that you heard what he said. He would basically drown himself in guilt and cry and-”

“Okay,” Jun interrupts him. “But please stop talking.”

Nino grins. “I’m awesome, aren’t I?”

Jun inwardly rolls his eyes. “Yeah,” he says. This guy is interesting though, it’s hard to tell why he does or say things, but his friendship to Masaki seems to be really important to him.

When they come back to the kitchen table, there is the biggest mess ever happening there. At least Jun has never seen a bigger mess. The three brothers try to carry the oversized pizzas – who is supposed to eat all that? – to the table. They are giggling and swaying dangerously while doing so.

Jun and Nino hurry to their help. Once everything is settled on the table and everyone of them has a few pieces of pizza in front of them – without lactose for Jun – Jun lets out a relieved sigh. No one got hurt in the process of these chaotic brothers handling their dinner.


Masaki is a little surprised that Nino and Jun returned to the room together. It feels weird. Did they talk? And why? Do they know each other? He has never thought about it, but Nino goes to college too after all, and he might share a class with Jun. And… what the hell… is he a bit jealous?

Satoshi turns to Jun with a huge smile. “Sorry for the mess,” he smiles. “It’s for sure the same at your place.”

“No,” Jun says quietly. “Not at all.”

“Are your brothers so busy?” Shingo wants to know.

Jun shrugs. “It’s just… we never really laugh or do something together.”

Something about the way he says it makes Aiba’s stomach clench. Hence he doesn’t even question his intuition and just goes with the flow. “Why don’t we meet up together?” he says casually. “I mean, we haven’t really seen the others up to now, and I would love to meet them. We could invite them for dinner maybe.”

By the gaze Satoshi throws him, he knows he said the right thing. “Yes,” Satoshi agrees immediately. “Recently I talked to Sho about it too. That would be lovely.”

“Only if you bring your cute older brother along, Jun-kun” Shingo intervenes with a grin.

Jun stares at him in honest shock. “Which one of my brothers do you estimate as cute!?” he asks, eyes wide, while Nino giggles slightly.

“What? Of course one of them is,” Shingo points out. “The one with the hot butt.”

“I don’t particularly check out my brothers’ butts,” Jun explains, something about the way he looks sincerely shocked is almost cute. “And none of them is even remotely cute. God, I don’t even know which choice would be the worst in terms of cuteness.”

“How about Sho-san?” Masaki wants to know, going for the first name that comes to his mind.

“Hell, no.” Jun grunts in displeasure. “Sho is smart and intelligent, but he is the least cutest being in the universe.”

“Can’t be true,” Shingo grins. “I’m sure he is sweet.”

“Not at all,” Jun intervenes, making Masaki grin slightly.

Much to his surprise though Nino nods too. “I’m with Jun-kun here,” he argues. “Cute is the wrong word.”

Since when does Nino know Sho? What’s going on here?

“And the other one?” Satoshi asks curiously. “Takuya-san?”

“The one with the butt!” Shingo intervenes.

“So he is the cute one?” Masaki wants to know.

“Eh,” Jun blinks. “There are many words to describe him, but I’m not sure if cute is one of them.”

“However, I know a cute butt when I see one,” Shingo argues, and grins. “You, Jun-kun, have a very nice butt too, right Masaki?”

“WHAT!?” Masaki exclaims in shock, horrified by Shingo embarrassing him again. Nino meanwhile breaks down laughing, while Satoshi tries to hide his grin. Shingo throws a suggestive wink at Jun, who blushes slightly.

This has to be the weirdest dinner ever, and the biggest catastrophe ever. He almost expects Jun to get up at one point and leave because they are such a mess and their behaviour is so incorrect. Much to Masaki’s surprise though Jun doesn’t get up and leave, he actually gradually loosens up. He is even smiling here and there, he seems to weirdly like Shingo’s comments, and even talks to Nino sometimes.

Masaki doesn’t like what he feels. He is not a jealous or envious person at all, but something inside him wishes that Jun would smile like that at him and not at someone else. Not even when it’s one of his brothers or his best friend. It’s weird to think it… but it makes him sad. He wants to break Jun’s walls so badly and make him open up, he should be happy that it really is happening the way he wants it to. Still… it feels a bit weird.

Masaki sighs slightly. What the hell is even wrong with him?


The next days Jun is busy with his own exams. He has two right after another, and he didn’t hit a full score on the last one of his economics class, so he wants to hit 100 percent this time.

He is sporting a headache quite often recently and he isn’t sleeping well, again. His nights are restless, and the recurring nightmare he has since years is back once more, more often this time. Hence he didn’t even go to sleep yet, he is still sitting over his books, trying to distract himself by studying and reading the most difficult paragraphs in his book over and over again. When the throbbing headache doesn’t stop, he decides to go downstairs to the kitchen and grab himself a glass of water and some painkillers.

He meets Sho there. Again. He wonders if stumbling over each other in the middle of the night, in need of a glass of water, is some weird brotherly thing they had going. “Sho-san,” Jun greets politely.

“Ah, Jun.” Sho nods and steps to the side to let Jun through to the kitchen. They don’t talk while Jun takes a glass and fills it with water. Then to his surprise Sho breaks the silence again. “Say Jun… You are nice to Masaki-kun, aren’t you?” Sho asks in this tone that Jun has difficulties reading.

“What do you mean?” Jun wants to know, not able to hide the slightly annoyed tone. They are standing here at around 1AM and Sho wants to talk about Masaki?

Sho looks at him in surprise. “I was just asking a question. “

“No, you weren’t. You implied that I was not nice to him,” Jun states, trying to sound as calm as possible. By the frown that graces Sho’s face he probably failed at remaining a casual tone.

“I don’t understand the problem,” Sho argues, apparently too surprised to take a step back.

“Yeah,” Jun mumbles grimly and throws an ice-cube into the water. “I know. What a surprise.”

“Hey!” Sho huffs. “Don’t talk to me in that tone!”

Jun spins around. “What is your problem? I-“

He is about to throw it at Sho’s head when he hears the door to the kitchen getting opened. “What are you two arguing about in the middle of the night?” Takuya wants to know, his eyebrows furrowed slightly. He looks at Sho first then at Jun. “Is it something important?”

Jun is not sure if it is. He also isn’t sure how to answer Takuya now. Not in the middle of the night, when he feels crappy and is in his worst mood ever. Because no matter how bad his or Sho’s mood is, Takuya’s can get worse.

“Hello?” Takuya blinks. “Any answer? What were you arguing about?” He looks at Sho. “Did you want to scold Jun for something he did?”

“No,” Sho answers quietly. “It was a misunderstanding. It’s my fault.”


Sho nods, much to Jun’s dismay. He doesn’t even know why it annoys him though. “I wanted to know something, and it came out wrong. It was also the wrong time.”

Takuya takes the information in for a moment, then he sighs deeply. “Is that so, Jun?” he wants to know.

“I guess,” Jun mumbles quietly.

“Fine,” Takuya sighs. “Then from now on behave better towards each other. Anything else you need to talk about?”

“No,” Sho says. “It’s okay.”

Jun swallows. He feels like he wants to say a lot, but he doesn’t know what and how. He isn’t sure if he could voice it. But it’s the first time in a long time that he actually feels like he is bursting with something, and just wants to yell it out into the world. But he can’t. He doesn’t even know why he feels so frustrated and annoyed at the moment.

Maybe it’s the headache. Yes, it probably is.

Takuya looks at them for a while, then he sighs slightly. “Alright. Then let’s go to bed now, and forget this here.”

Jun throws a glance at Sho. Secretly so that Sho won’t realize. Sho takes his cup with tea and is about to leave when he looks at Jun too. For a moment it seems like he wants to say something, but then he just smiles carefully.

Jun takes his glass with water and walks back to his bedroom. Sho probably didn’t even have ill intentions before. He doesn’t even understand why he snapped at him like that. It’s not like him at all.


“This is so not like him,” Sho repeats for the tenth time while he puts a few books into the shelf.

“Still the old story?” Takuya wants to know while he shifts his attention towards a few documents in one of the folders.

“It’s not an old story,” Sho intervenes softly. “It happened two nights ago. It’s probably been my fault for real. I wanted to know if he and Masaki get along, and he obviously felt I was cornering him.”

“Maybe you did,” Takuya says in a matter-of-fact-tone.


“Maybe you hit a sore point,” Takuya explains impatiently. “That’s why he felt cornered. Not that the timing was appropriate though. It’s no surprise that he jumped at you.”

“I really didn’t think at that time,” Sho defends himself. “And besides, Satoshi-kun told me that the kids are not sharing many similarities but are coping well with each other.”

“Why didn’t you tell Jun that?” Takuya wants to know. “Would have been a better start than to just ask him something out of the blue.”

“Yeah, I know,” Sho sighs. “I’m so bad with voicing my feelings. I am, right?”

Takuya sighs slightly. “Sometimes I think you are,” he admits. Sho doesn’t feel mad at it though, he is actually glad when someone is being honest with him for once.

“Satoshi-kun thinks they are going to open up to each other soon. He thinks their little issues are nothing major.”

Takuya tilts his head, his brown hair swinging slightly. “I’m sure your Satoshi-san is really reliable and honest, but he probably has no idea what his little brother really feels or does,” he says much to Sho’s surprise.

“But they have a great relationship with each other.” Sho points out and the knowledge that Satoshi and Masaki love each other so dearly stings a little, because damn it, Jun would probably never share a problem with him.

“Still, he might not know what their little brother really thinks and worries about. I’ve not met Masaki yet, but I’ve met his oldest brother, and he has said some interesting things, probably without realizing he did. No one is so happy-go-lucky without a reason. And I’m sure Masaki’s brothers don’t really know what bothers him deeply,” Takuya analyses, and his ability to hit the nail on its head sends shivers down Sho’s spine. “Because…” He turns to look at Sho. “What do we know, Sho? About our Jun?”

“Nothing, Takuya-san,” Sho admits quietly. “We don’t know anything.”

“Right.” Takuya looks up, and smiles. “Don’t worry too much, Sho. It’s not your fault.”

“I’m not sure,” Sho mumbles, feeling a twinge of guilt. It was really a bad timing, and Jun looked tired. Of course he thought Sho was accusing him of something. And even if Jun and Masaki had problems, it’s none of his business. Jun is a good kid, he is for sure trying his best to make things go well.

“You do know we live in one house,” Takuya says, a hint of teasing in his voice. “You can always talk to each other if it bothers you. Anytime.”

Sho smiles. He can, or maybe not. It’s difficult to explain that to Takuya though, hence he just nods. “Do you need help with rearranging the rest of these documents?” he asks. He has met Takuya to go through some of their older family documents and account statements. Some of the inheritance of their father was still not sorted although he already died a few years ago.

“Thank you,” Takuya smiles. “But I think for now it’s enough. You’ve spent too much of your free time on this already. Let’s continue with it next week.”

Sho nods, actually relieved. He has spent most of his free day now in this dusty environment. The more he is relieved when he can finally step outside into the fresh air. It’s a bit cold, but it doesn’t matter. It’s just nice to breathe something that is not covered in dust.

He is strolling through the park, not really watching his surroundings when he feels someone bumping against him and hears a sudden squeal. He blinks in confusion, looking down to his feet and only then realizing a young guy with black hair kneeling there, rubbing his shoulder. “Ninomiya-kun?” Sho’s eyes widen. “I’m sorry, let me help you.”

Nino throws him a deathly glare. “Can’t you watch your step?”

Sho is amazed, weirdly drawn by how unfriendly this guy can be. “You really are getting easily irritated,” he points out. “Jun would never react like you do or say things you say.”

“Yes, that’s the problem! You are just being spoiled by Jun, this poor guy,” Nino retorts.

Sho blushes. Is that true? Maybe? He lets out a sigh. “I don’t seem to can do things right when it’s about you…” he pauses. “Or rather when it’s about anyone at the moment.”

“It’s okay,” Nino says, suddenly looking a bit softer. “I was overreacting,” he admits.

“Hm,” Sho checks him from head to toe, before he nods firmly. “Let’s go.”

Nino blinks. “Where to?”

“Somewhere to eat lunch.” Sho reaches out his hand to grab Nino’s arm and help him up his feet. “You unfortunately dropped your bento box when you fell to the ground.”

I dropped my bento box?” Nino pulls his eyebrows up.

Sho blinks. “What do you mean?” He frowns, deciding to finally use one of his lawyer strategies. “This is exactly why I invite you out. Or do you really need me to say that I ran against you and it’s my fault that you don’t have anything to eat?”

Nino shakes his head, blushing slightly, and Sho almost feels a bit guilty for talking to him in his typical lawyer tone. But to his surprise it seems to work because Nino grabs his stuff and follows him, all in a good mood suddenly. It’s almost cute. “What do you want to eat?” Sho asks, a lot friendlier this time. “Is there anything you like, Ninomiya-kun?”

“I…” Nino blushes. “You’ll think it’s weird.”

“Yeah,” Sho chuckles. “That’s probably true.”

Much to his surprise Nino laughs lightly. It doesn’t happen often that someone finds something he says funny. He almost has to hold back a proud smile. Probably something he should write into his diary (not that he is ever going to tell someone that he writes one). “I like fast food.”

“You mean like… McDonald’s?” Sho asks, not able to hide the tinge of horror in his voice.

“Not necessarily. But there is a great burger restaurant around the corner,” Nino offers, eyeing him carefully. “But if you don’t want to, we can also-“

“Do they serve the burgers on a plate? With a fork and knife?” Sho interrupts him.

Nino nods.

“Then let’s go.”


“Do you want to eat something?” Masaki bites in a huge hot dog, sighing happily.

“No thanks, I had a late lunch today,” Nino says, not able to hold back the dorky grin on his face. Who knew that this weird serious Sho-san could be so… well… okay, serious and strict, but also so silly? Having lunch with him was awkward as hell, but also kind of fun. And at the end of it Sho even handed him his business card in case he needs something. And Nino handed him his own contacts in return because that’s just what you have to do.

“You look kind of happy,” Masaki points out. “Did something good happen?”

Nino blinks. “No,” he stutters. “Nothing special.” The music on stage stops and the band goes on their break. It’s one of these little rock-ish bars again, which they frequent when they visit concerts, and the band that’s playing is this cool guitar-band from last week.

One of the guys from stage joins them at the hot dog stand. “Has one of you guys fire?” he asks, angling for his cigarette.

“You will ruin your voice with smoking,” Masaki lectures him with a grin.

Nino rolls his eyes and takes his lighter. “Here.” He waits until the guy lights his cigarette. It’s one of the front men, not the weird screaming one that was jumping on his piano last time, but the one that does the acoustic guitar versions. “How long are you playing already?” Nino wants to know.

“Since I’m a little kid,” the guy explains with a broad grin.

“And can you live from your music?” Masaki asks.

“Hell no,” the guy laughs. “I’ve a real job too.” He reaches out his hand. “By the way, I’m Ryo.”

“Masaki,” Masaki answers with a grin. “And that’s Nino. Nice to meet you. Want to have a drink with us?”

His ability to collect stray cats and alike is really something, Nino thinks in amazement. And he pulls it off in a way that doesn’t even make it sound weird. He just wonders where Masaki’s attitude actually comes from – this deep wish inside him to help everyone.

Ryo smirks. “I’d love to, but I need to be on stage in a few minutes. I guess throwing up into the crowd won’t add to my charm. I’m supposed to sell the sexy image after all.”

“Well,” Nino snorts. “The competition isn’t too hard.”

Ryo laughs, much to Nino’s surprise. It’s obviously hard to really upset him. “True. Still,” He winks before he puts out his cigarette and leaves. “None of you has seen me naked yet. I am hot!”

“Then join us after the concert. We’ll be waiting here.” Masaki laughs. Ryo nods and jumps back on stage, grabbing his guitar again. “He has also the self-confidence of a lion.”

“Yep,” Nino agrees. When the band starts playing again, they soon get swept along by the music. This Ryo is good, he has this husky voice and this intense look in his eyes. That’s probably why there are quite some chics around too today.

Both he and Masaki believe he would forget their drink-date afterwards, but to their surprise he really joins them once the concert is over, his guitar bag in his hands, dressed in jeans and a casual t-shirt now. They visit a bar that’s close by and a little more quiet.

“By the way,” Masaki suddenly exclaims when Ryo went to the restroom, grabbing Nino’s arm. “He ate something I cooked.”

“Who?” Nino asks dumbfounded.

“Jun-san!” Masaki explains with a  bright smile. It’s so dazzling that for a moment Nino has to return it. Masaki is such a good person, really. “And he finally told me why he couldn’t eat my cookies! He can’t eat milk products such as butter! Isn’t it great that he finally said something about it? Maybe he was just feeling embarrassed or thought I would be upset or something like that…”

Nino feels a twinge of guilt all of a sudden. He hasn’t told Masaki that Jun heard them during the dinner party, to be honest he doesn’t know how to tell him. Masaki would feel bad about it for sure. He hardly talks bad about someone anyway, and at this time he just needed to vent his frustration with the whole situation and himself. And out of all it had to be this moment that Jun had to be around too.

Masaki eyes him carefully. “Nino, you are weird recently…” he says softly. “Also during the dinner with my family. You suddenly disappeared with Jun. Do you know each other? You know, I’m not mad or anything... But…”

Eh, what? What? WHAT?

“Say,” Masaki looks at him earnestly. “There is something going on between you and Jun, right?”

“Me and…” Nino’s eyes widen in surprise. “No!” Is this how it looked like when he talked to Jun? No! How can Masaki even believe that he would secretly snatch the guy Masaki was interested in. Of course Masaki never said something up to now, but there has to be a reason that he gets so upset over something so tiny Jun says or does. Jun got under his skin. And as long as Nino doesn’t know what this means, he would never make a move on Jun. Besides that he doesn’t even want to make a move! He is not his type. His type is round faced, and not too skinny. He doesn’t want someone who is really into sports and stuff like that, but someone older, who is not partying all the time and likes to stay at home, someone with a job who has his act together. Someone serious with…

He blushes at his own thoughts.

“You are having this weird look again,” Masaki says carefully.

Nino swallows. “Masaki,” he says. “Listen, I’m not interested-“

“Hey, I’m back,” Ryo interrupts them and jumps to sit down on his seat. “I ordered mojito for you.”

“Awesome, thank you!” Masaki grins. “Say, you told us you are having a real job too?”

“Yep.” Ryo nods.

“What are you working as?” Masaki asks curiously.

“As a lawyer assistant,” Ryo says casually. “At the Kimura-Yodogawa law firm.”

At the Kimura… Nino’s eyes widen. It’s the same name as on Sho’s card. Does that mean? “What’s the name of your boss?” he asks breathlessly.

“Sho-san~” Ryo explains, smiling dorkily. “I don’t even know why he hired me.”

Nino stares at the guy in deepest surprise. That’s too much of a coincidence for one day, really. Ryo works for Sho? So, does that mean he can meet Sho again when he… for example… visits Ryo at work or meets him there….

Does that mean he wants to see Sho again?

“Oh my god,” Nino breaths out. “I’m getting a headache.”

Ryo chuckles, like he can read his thoughts. He is just glad that Masaki apparently didn’t quite follow their talk. He is checking his phone occasionally, like he is waiting for a message or wondering if he should answer or write one. Nino wishes he would. There is nothing wrong with befriending Jun, there is also nothing wrong with having feelings for Jun. Masaki should just follow his intuition like he always does. Why is he so uncertain now?

Nino bites down on his lips. And now he thinks he is having something going with Jun. He needs to tell Masaki the truth, fast.

A/N: I think all I can say for now is: Poor Nino. On one hand there is Sho, who gets on his nerves (a bit), then he wants to help Masaki with Jun, meanwhile Masaki believes Nino likes Jun :D
But it seems like Jun had fun at the casual dinner with Masaki&co? Although Shingo complimented his and Takuya's butt :D
Tags: genre: au, genre: college, genre: high society, genre: hurt&comfort, genre: romance, l: multi-chapter, p: aiba masaki/matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/sakurai sho, r: r, series: me without you
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