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Me without you Chapter 7 (Junba, Sakumiya)

Title: Me without you 7/?
Pairing: Junba (main!), Sakumiya, Ohno/?, others possible
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance
Plot: Although they are both young students at college, both the youngest brothers within three, and both part of high society, there are worlds between Jun and Masaki. Jun comes from a rich, traditional and conservative family, while Masaki's family gained wealth and fame by luck. Masaki is cheerful and enjoys life to the fullest. Jun is unusually earnest and distanced. Although part of the same glamorous world, their paths would have never crossed, they would have never even talked, but then Masaki's brothers decide he needs to catch up with his studies, and hire Jun as his tutor. With being so different it seems they will never get closer, until they realize that they both hold a sad secret.
Note: This is dedicated to yukitsubute. I had (and still have) a lot of fun writing this, and I wonder where it takes me to. I can promise you some fluff, some fun and some drama (the usual ^^) There might even be some hurt & comfort.

“Okay, tell us again…” Kame says with a frown once he comes to Masaki’s place together with Kazama and sits down in the living room next to Nino, listening to Ryo playing the guitar. “Where did you two find this guy again?”

“At his concert,” Nino analyses dryly. “He is hot and knows how to sing and play. Of course we had to pick him up.”

“Awesome,” Kazama answers teasingly. “Another stray cat?”

“Hey,” Kame pouts. “I for one never was a stray cat.”

“Oh please,” Nino snorts. “Beautiful but misunderstood Kamenashi, unlike his tough exterior so sensitive. With no friends, until Masaki found him.”

Kame blushes deeply. “That’s not true,” he stutters, fumbling around with his sleeve. Masaki instantly feels sorry for Nino’s teasing.

“It’s because you are cute,” he offers. “Cats are cute.”

Nino’s lips tug into a smile, while Kame giggles all of a sudden. “Fine, then I’ll be a stray cat. As long as I’m allowed to have claws.”

“But he-“ Kazama points at Ryo, who is humming a rockish sounding ballad at the moment. “-does not look like he is a stray cat.”

“No,” Nino muses. “He isn’t. He is cool though.”

Masaki looks at Nino in interest. He is pretty sure that Nino doesn’t have a crush on Ryo, still there was a moment when they went for a drink together when Ryo and Nino shared a weird glance like they understood something. Ryo works for Sho-san, doesn’t he? So maybe he also knows Jun? Masaki sighs, he should probably start to help his best friend to get together with his new-found love and not be awkwardly and weirdly jealous. It’s not like he likes Jun or anything.

He decides to tell Nino his new-found resolve immediately, looking for him in the kitchen where he is preparing some drinks. “Kazu,” Masaki says earnestly. “You know, I won’t be in your way if you like Jun-san. I don’t have feelings for him or anything.”

Nino’s eyes widen. “What?” he presses out.

Masaki frowns. “You don’t need to hide it anymore.”

“What am I hiding?” Nino blurts out, apparently completely in denial.

Masaki starts losing his patience. “Your feelings! I know that you’re keeping something from me. I don’t know why you do it, but you don’t need to. If you like Jun-san, I’ll support you of course.”

“I don’t like Jun-san,” Nino says with so much emphasis that it’s almost believable.

Just that Masaki remembers the weird glance these two shared when Jun ate dinner with them, and how they seemed to understand each other even without words. “You know what,” he huffs in frustration, if Nino wants to play dumb, please. “Do what you want to.”

He is about to leave, when he feels Nino’s hand around his wrist, tugging him back. “He heard us!” Nino blurts out all of a sudden.

Masaki blinks in surprise. “Who?”


“And what did he hear?” Masaki asks curiously. Nino looks really uncomfortable all of a sudden, and slowly the same feeling starts to crawl down Masaki’s spine. “Kazu, what did he hear? Please tell me.”

“What we talked about at the dinner party,” Nino admits quietly.

“At the…”

“When we went to the toilet.”

Masaki stares at Nino for a few seconds, slowly letting his words sink in and giving his mind the chance to grasp it.  Then he understands. Oh my… NO! “Oh my god!” he breaths out. “NO!”

Nino shifts around nervously. “He did.”

“Everything?” Masaki asks breathlessly.

“Yes, he was at the toilet when we came to the restrooms,” Nino explains hastily. “At the evening we ate with your brothers I tried to tell him that he shouldn’t take anything too seriously, you know? He begged me not to tell you… and… well… that’s it.”

Masaki sways a bit at this news. He has never ever badmouthed someone, and the first time he does, the person is right next to him. And he didn’t even mean everything he said, he was just so frustrated with himself and the situation, and with feeling inferior to Jun who seems so certain of everything, so pretty and so smart.

“Masaki,” Nino begs. “Say something.”

“I need to sit down,” Masaki stutters, thankfully accepting Nino’s hand when the latter leads him to one of the kitchen chairs and pours him a drink.

“He didn’t seem to be angry though,” Nino obviously tries to cheer him up.

“Of course not!” Masaki mumbles. “Because he was hurt. In such a case you are either hurt or angry.”

“It wasn’t that bad what you said,” Nino tries it further. “I mean, he knows that you were angry at other things, not at him. And I told him too.”

“Kazu,” Masaki says earnestly. “If I heard someone say all that about me, I would be totally crushed, and you could come and wipe the floor with the remaining pieces of my heart.”

“Now you are overreacting,” Nino chuckles.

“But what am I going to do now!?” Masaki wants to know, looking at his friend through questioning eyes. “I need to… I mean, should I talk to him? No surprise he was kind of reserved when I wanted him to go out with us.”

“Hm,” Nino hums. “How about we try it one more time? Ask him again? Now that you know, you can be more persistent.”

Masaki frowns. “Persistent,” he muses. “It’s not really my thing, and I don’t know how it works… it’s…” he pauses. Shingo though, Shingo knows how to be persistent and how to make people warm up to him. He is like the master of persistence! What would Shingo do? Masaki considers his options for a moment, then he grins. “I’ve an idea.”

“Awesome. What is it?”

“Are you free tomorrow?” Masaki wants to know. When Nino nods, he chuckles. “Let’s make a little day trip tomorrow.”


“Jesus Christ,” Takuya exclaims tiredly when he sees a now well-known tall and pretty broad figure approaching him. “It’s him again. Higashiyama-san, tell me how to get out of this again”

Higashiyama, who joined him for dinner, laughs. “Isn’t he a good guy though?” he asks. “Most people who do business with him point out how honest and reliable he is.”

“And loud.” Takuya grumbles, eyeing Shingo sceptically. He has fulfilled his promise to him and helped Shingo out once he gave him a call. He just hasn’t expected him to never leave again and to cling to Takuya from then on. As always Shingo is sporting a bright smile, and he has dyed his hair in adventurous silver. That he comes off as serious in his business with his kind of style is the biggest surprise for Takuya.

“That too.” Higashiyama chuckles. “You should pull him on board for your nature awareness project,” he points out. “Someone as outgoing and overly confident as him, and someone as serious and well-respected as you could definitely get that project going far.”

Takuya looks up from his drink, frowning slightly. “We should work together? You are kidding, aren’t you?” Higashiyama is the only person from his father’s old empire he actually likes. The only one he would ever take advice from. Also it helps that Higashiyama hated his father, and opposed him everywhere he could. Good for him that he is a genius in his field and his father felt weirdly attracted to his brain.

“Maybe I am,” Higashiyama muses while he watches how Shingo waves at them. “Maybe not. I’m not sure either. I just happen to think that you and your brothers need a bit more fun in your life.”

Takuya’s senses are awake immediately. “My brothers?” he asks sharply.

“Didn’t skip your attention, huh?” Higashiyama sighs like he just mentioned Sho and Jun accidentally. “Sho-kun learned a lot over the last couple of years, he tries hard, almost too hard though, which is why he gets misunderstood so often. People think he is judging them, while he just tries to be considerate,” he analyses.

“Sho is smart,” Takuya defends his brother immediately. “Sometimes he puts his head too much into things instead of his heart. He never means bad, it’s just that he is really bad with voicing his feeling. But he improved so much.”

“I know, I know,” Higashiyama soothes him. “Don’t bite my head off, honey.”

Takuya chuckles. The fact that Higashiyama is still treating him like a young 15-year old is amusing him. “And Jun?” he wants to know.

“Hm,” Higashi hums. “I’m just curious, but does he ever go out?”

“He was at the dinner party last week,” Takuya points out.

“Okay, let me rephrase my question: Does he ever go out without being invited to an obligatory event? And not with Kiko-san and Shun-san – they are his childhood friends and from the same environment. Does he meet other people? Is he actually having fun sometimes?”

“He doesn’t like to go out,” Takuya answers warily, though he isn’t even sure if that’s the truth.

“Hm.” Higashiyama makes, and it sounds more than a bit sceptical. “Did he ever come home too late?”

“No,” Takuya answers immediately.

“And did he ever tell you guys that he doesn’t want to do something, or that he disagrees?” Higashiyama wants to know.

Weirdly enough Takuya’s mind goes back to that evening when he surprised Sho and Jun in the kitchen. He thought he was able to settle their little fight, but he still remembers Jun’s look. His eyebrows were furrowed, and it looked like he held back a lot not to say anything. “No,” he answers honestly. “I can’t remember that he ever did.”

“And you really find that normal?” Higashiyama wants to know.

Takuya doesn’t know what to answer to that, to be honest he has no idea what is supposed to be normal or not. “I want them to be happy,” he finally admits earnestly. “All I want for Sho and Jun is to be happy. They went through a lot.”

“Yes,” Higashiyama answers seriously. “But don’t forget that you went through a lot too. Try to make them happy, and try to make yourself happy too.”

Takuya wants to say something, but his eyes meet Shingo again, who is approaching them  directly now. He has thought that he met someone else and got distracted, but unfortunately not. “Here it comes… The reason why I would like to bolt now.”

Before any of them can say something Shingo has already reached them. “Hello beautiful men,” he exclaims cheerfully. “Judging by your dazzling beauty I’m sure you aren’t free this evening, but if you won’t mind I would like to sit down with you.”

Takuya cringes. Where does this guy get his cheesy lines from? Much to his dismay Higashiyama chuckles though and offers Shingo a seat. “Please, young man,” he says with a smile. “Enlighten us with your good mood.”

Takuya sighs inwardly, already preparing himself for a long and dreading evening. He doesn’t even have the strength to throw Higashiyama a deathly glare. Shocked he realizes that the older man even decides he needs to go to another meeting, and leaves them alone. Alone, with this annoyingly cheerful guy.

He needs a drink, a hard drink. Seriously.


“This is…” Nino’s mouth basically drops open. “This is where they live!?”

Masaki nods, slight panic crawling down his spine. The house of Jun’s family is huge, he didn’t expect it to be that huge and that… intimidating.

“How many floors are there?” Nino asks helplessly.

“Four, I think… plus the huge garden.” Masaki frowns. “This is what we can see from the front. Seems like a larger part is hidden behind the garden.”

“Should we better leave?” Nino asks, sounding hopeful.

It sounds alluring to leave. Actually Masaki wants to run, but then he shakes his head. No, he came here to surprise-attack Jun and to make him go out with Nino and him. He doesn’t want to chicken out now. Feeling inferior and belittling himself is not going to help him achieve anything in his whatever-it-is relationship with Jun. “We are staying,” he says firmly and rings the bell before they can change their mind.

They wait breathlessly, hoping that it will be Jun who opens the door, and not his scary oldest brother or someone they don’t know at all. To their surprise it’s an older woman in an apron opening the door. “May I help you?” she asks politely.

“They have maids in their house?” Nino whispers.

Masaki ignores him. He bows politely. “Excuse us for our spontaneous visit. We are…” he pauses. “Jun-san’s friends and wanted to visit him.” Please let him be at home.

The woman’s face lights up. “Is that so?” she asks with a smile. “Then, come inside please. May I know your names?”

Probably for security reasons, Masaki thinks when he introduces himself and Nino. The woman leads them to the living room, asking them to wait a moment. While she is gone a younger maid serves them tea.

“This is…” Nino mumbles.

“Yes,” Masaki answers, understanding without words what his friend wants to tell him.

They both nibble at their tea and take in their surroundings. The interior of the huge villa is a mixture out of traditional fashion but designed in a more modern way. Everything looks so expensive that Masaki decides he will better not touch anything.

“Masaki-san? Nino-san?” He hears Jun’s voice from the door.

Nino grabs his arm. “Is he wearing a Yukata?” he whispers.

Masaki nods nervously. Jun looks like a young lord in this house with his brown-green yukata. He looks good though… okay, he looks so freaking hot… Masaki swallows. “Sorry for the surprise visit,” he stutters.

Jun shakes his head. “Thank you for dropping by. You…” he looks at them for a while, before his lips turn into a small smile. “You look like you are freaking out.”

Nino chuckles. “I think you are right.”

“Maybe we should go to my room?” Jun offers politely.

Masaki nods shyly. He is not used to this, not at all. When he met Jun before, they were at his place, and at his territory, it was easier to act normally then, but here it is Jun’s territory and Jun’s rules.

He and Nino follow him upstairs, three floors to his room. It’s a huge room with a perfect sound system, a huge flat screen TV, a little library, a huge sofa and an even bigger bed. “You know,” Nino points out randomly. “There are families living only on this space alone.”

Masaki throws him a glare, but to his surprise Jun only nods. “Yes, I know. I’m really privileged.”

Nino blushes. “That’s not what I meant,” he stutters, obviously taken aback that Jun didn’t understand his teasing at all. “I was trying to make conversation. A joke.”

Jun’s lips tug, for a moment it looks like he is smirking. “I know.”

Masaki grins. Interesting, so Jun could actually take a joke and even tease back – well, just that it’s not always clear if he is joking or being dead-serious. Probably to his own advantage. “Come to a concert with us tonight,” he hears himself say all of a sudden, much to his own shock. “A friend of us is playing.”

Nino rolls his eyes. “Way to make an introduction.”

Jun stares at them in surprise. “What?”

“One of our friends is playing in a band,” Masaki explains hastily. “They are playing tonight. It’s really casual and a small event. Nothing unusual or too special. But they are good…”

“I’m sure they are,” Jun says, sounding nervous all of a sudden. “But really, this is your thing. I don’t want to get on your nerves.”

Nino laughs, ignoring the glare Masaki throws him for being insensitive. “Oh, please. You know we wouldn’t be here to drag you to a concert if we wouldn’t want it.”

“Yes,” Masaki says, taking a deep breath. He looks directly into Jun’s eyes. They are so intense. “Please come with us. I…” he coughs. “We would be happy if you come with us.”

Jun bites down on his lips, looking around like he is searching for an excuse or like he doesn’t want to admit he wants to go. It’s not that easy to tell what he is feeling. A knock against the door makes all of them startle. “Yes?” Jun asks.

It’s Sho-san who sticks his head into his room. “Ah, Miyazawa-san told me you have visitors, Jun.” He smiles at them. “And one of you I know. Kazunari-kun, it’s nice to see you again.”

Much to Masaki’s surprise Nino blushes and stutters something incoherently. This is so unlikely for Nino that Masaki decides instead of questioning him about it immediately he needs to rather save him and the situation. “We hope we don’t disturb something family related,” he says politely.

“Not at all,” Sho answers. “I just came home, but I’m going to leave for work again soon.”

“See,” Nino says towards Jun. “You can’t spend a Saturday evening alone at home. Come with us.”

“With you?” Sho eyes them curiously. “Where to?”

“A concert from a friend.” Masaki explains. “He plays the guitar and sings.”

“Oh that’s nice.” Sho smiles slightly. “Jun used to play a few instruments too. His mother was really talented.”

“Really?” Masaki asks, looking at Jun in interest, but something in his eyes flickers, so he decides to drop the topic immediately. God, the tension. Seems like Jun is actually more relaxed when he is alone with him. “Well, we just wanted to drop by and ask if Jun-kun wants to join.”

“Oh, yes,” Sho looks at Jun expectantly. “Go out with them and have fun! It sounds great.”

Jun looks a bit cornered, and Masaki starts feeling sorry for basically forcing him to come with them. Nino rolls his eyes too, he looks at Sho for a while. When Sho pulls his eyebrows up expectantly, Nino just shakes his head, looking at Sho in annoyance and pity. “You really need all the help you can get…”

“True,” Masaki agrees with a firm nod.

Sho looks at them in surprise, blushing slightly. Jun’s lips tug into a smile though, much to Masaki’s surprise. He nods. “Fine,” he gives in. “I’m coming with you.”

Nino lies on Jun’s bed, laughing while Masaki and Jun roam through Jun’s wardrobe. “I have literally nothing to wear,” Jun complains,  making Nino laugh even more.

Masaki however can understand Jun’s problem only too well though. “Yeah, I know, I mean, my wardrobe is loaded too, but when I need something specific I am at a loss. I could go shopping every week.”

Jun looks at him in surprise. “Me too,” he agrees.

“Jeez,” Nino complains from the other side of the room, rolling on his back. “You two sound like girls. At least your bed is comfortable.”

“You know what,” Jun says, obviously ignoring Nino’s complaint. “I’m just going with these black trousers, a tank top and a leather jacket.”

“Is it PU?” Nino asks lazily.

“Yes,” Jun chuckles. “It’s fake.” He grabs his stuff and nods towards them. “I’m going to the bathroom to change. You can stay here if you like.”

“Really?” Nino grins. “Can we look through your stuff?”

“I have nothing to hide,” Jun comments calmly.

“Not even porn magazines?” Masaki joins the teasing.


“Oh come on,” Nino laughs. “An 18-year old guy without a porn magazine?”

Jun chuckles slightly. “There are five maids working here during the day, believe me they would find everything.”

“I see,” Masaki grins at this casual explanation.

“Oh, but we’ll for sure find photos from you and your beautiful girlfriend,” Nino states, and Masaki is eternally thankful for having him here because he is asking all the important questions.

“Girlfriend?” Jun asks in surprise.

“The pretty model you came to the dinner party with,” Nino continues in a casual tone while Masaki holds his breath.

“Kiko?” Jun smiles, for the first time it’s something close to a real smile. “I know her since forever. She is like my little sister.”

Masaki feels relieved all of a sudden, almost joyful at that revelation. “Is that so,” he muses.

“I see,” Nino continues. “Just like with Masaki and me. We are also like brothers.”

Bless him! He really is on a roll right now, Masaki thinks, eternally thankful for Nino’s sharp mind and that he puts all the important facts out into the open.

“You know each other since you were kids like Kiko and I?” Jun asks curiously.

“Not that long, but from school,” Masaki explains honestly.

“Yeah, I was the first stray cat Masaki collected,” Nino jokes. Jun blinks at him in slight surprise, but Nino wisely keeps his mouth shut. Thank God. Because the last time Nino told someone about Masaki’s habit to invite outsiders to their group, he got the nickname Mother Theresa. And that’s not the truth either.

Jun nods. “Going to change,” he says, hurrying out of the room. Once he is away, Nino looks at Masaki thoughtfully. Masaki is almost afraid about what he might ask now, but to his surprise Nino just smiles. “He seems to be surprisingly nice.”

“Yes,” Masaki smiles softly, his chest feeling warm all of a sudden. It’s a weird feeling, new and unexpected and he isn’t quite sure what to make out of it yet. “He is.”

Nino teases them the whole way to the place where the concert takes place – for their wardrobe problems. It’s an old garage – and the really cool indie bands like to give their concerts there, although it’s cold as Nino points out and ugly and uncomfortable. Jun looks completely different in this outfit of his, his tight trousers hugging his slender legs and the tank top underlining his small waist and his broad shoulders. The leather jacket makes him look funky and cool. Masaki has encouraged him to do something crazy with his hair too, hence he has a violet coloured hair strand, braided and pulled back with a hair clip.

“Impressive how people change with their clothes,” Nino muses in awe. “You should wear something like that often, and get rid of those normal sweaters.”

“Yes,” Masaki agrees immediately, because obviously although Jun is always pretty, he won’t say no to watching an extra-pretty Jun. “Next time you drop by to study why not wearing something from your secret wardrobe.”

“But we meet to study,” Jun argues. “I don’t need to look like a gigolo then.”

“Hm,” Nino grins. “I’m sure Masaki won’t mind.”

Masaki smacks him in a short moment in which Jun is distracted, but Nino just winks. “Loosen up,” he whispers. “Everything is alright.”

It probably really is, because Jun listens to the music in interest, even moves his body to the rhythm and jumps when the others do too. Masaki has never seen him that relaxed and open before. He seems to have fun. His whole aura is suddenly so alluring and so charming that Masaki has to laugh too. He doesn’t even realize how Nino retreats at one point and orders a few drinks for them. He doesn’t return.

“Thanks for inviting me,” Jun says with an honest smile.

Masaki’s heart makes a tentative jump. “Any time. You should hang out with us more often!”

“But,” Jun blushes slightly. “I mean… I would, but…”

“But?” Masaki urges softly.

On stage Ryo rips off his shirt and throws it into the audience before he goes down on his knees and goes for a great finale on his electric guitar. The crowd sways but all Masaki is focused on now is Jun’s beautiful eyes and how intensely they look at him, how the look in them is hopeful, surprised and sad all at once. “But you hate me,” Jun says.

Masaki’s stomach clenches painfully. “No,” he says and takes Jun’s hand like it’s the most normal thing on earth. He is glad that they drank a few tequilas already, so he can blame it on the alcohol later on in case Jun is going to be mad at him for being so bold. He rubs his thumb over the back of Jun’s hand. “I don’t hate you.”

“You don’t?” Jun asks sceptically but doesn’t pull his hand away.

“I don’t.”

“So, why did you say you do?” Jun insists on knowing.

Masaki shakes his head. “It wasn’t about you,” he admits quietly. “It was about me, and how I felt inferior to you.”

Jun cracks a laugh. “To me? Are you nuts?”

“You are beautiful, successful, intelligent, you have class and you know how to make an appearance.” He basically blurts these words out before he can overthink it.

Jun stares at him in bewilderment. “There is a lot I could say against that now… but most importantly: You think you aren’t? Beautiful and intelligent and successful?”

“Yes,” Masaki admits.

Ryo lies on his back now, basically molesting his guitar. The song he plays is the typical angry rock song, but it’s Ryo, and he can do things like this and it would sound great. The whole room vibrates by the screeching of his guitar.

Masaki reaches out his hand, touching Jun’s cheek. He doesn’t even know what is pushing him into doing it, but all of a sudden, he just has to lean forward and kiss Jun’s beautiful luscious lips.

He feels Jun’s arms wrapped around his waist for a moment, and his lips eagerly kissing him back, before he withdraws, pushing Masaki away. He looks upset and confused and angry. And so freaking hot. “This is not a game,” Jun huffs before he turns around on his heels and disappears in the crowd.

Masaki can only blink after him in confusion, his heart aching painfully.


Takuya’s eyelids flutter when he opens them. It’s still pitch-black outside. He has forgotten to pull the curtains close and now the lights from the street are bothering him and keeping him from sleeping. Sometimes when he has a lot of work or a late meeting he sleeps in an apartment in town, just like today.

When he wants to get up to close the curtains, he can feel a weird weight on his waist. There is a warm arm snuggling around him. He freezes in shock. An arm? When he lets his glance glide over himself and said-arm, it leads to a naked guy, half-covered by the sheets and with silver-dyed hair.

Oh my god.

A/N: I almost didn't manage to post this as I was really sick on Friday night and yesterday, but as I'm feeling a bit better now, I just decided I can post an update today. :-) (I'm still trying to catch up with updates of my f-list, so please forgive me in case I'm late!)

So, we have quite some love-actiong here. First of all, Masaki makes a spontaneous move, and Takuya makes an even bigger move *lol*
We'll soon get a deeper look into Junxbrothers family life, and why they didn't get along with their father. Also, don't forget that Masaki is hiding something traumatic too (we'll need a while to get to this point though)

Tags: genre: au, genre: college, genre: high society, genre: hurt&comfort, genre: romance, l: multi-chapter, p: aiba masaki/matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/sakurai sho, r: r, series: me without you
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