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Matsumoto's shop of hopes and dreams - enter on your own risk: Chapter 6

Title: Matsumoto’s shop of hopes and dreams - enter on your own risk 6/13
Pairing: Sakumoto, Aimiya, (hints of past(?)Ohmiya and Matsumiya and Juntoshi? (but... well... you'll get it, when you read it. It's not a love triangle (promise!!) or anything, it's rather plot-relevant)
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance, fantasy (There are no vampires or alike. It's more like a fairytale meets our world meets romance meets Nino in a tight gothic-like outfit)
Plot: When you have no other place to visit and lost all your hope, you'll go to a mysterious, little shop. Dealing with hopes and dreams and with his protector Ninomiya at his side, Jun keeps his real identity a secret, constantly on the run. No one knows who he is, what he runs from and where he comes from. One unfortunate day though a young doctor demands his services, asking for a piece of sunshine. It's the beginning of something... like the ticking sound of a clock you can't turn back...
Note: I don't know if it makes sense, but every now and then a story kind of happens to you, you know? I wrote this around July in some sort of writing-haze, when I was free for a week. It really just came to me, and I'm so... anxious about this, because I love how it happened, and I hope you will love it too <3  (This whole story was inspired by yukitsubute writing me a message: *grumble* it's raining. - with my answer: Buy us some sunshine then :D)

Nino feels bad for having agreed to letting Jun stay at Sho’s place, mainly because he feels responsible and guilty, he is his personal watchman after all, he is supposed to save him from these unfortunate events, but up to now he has done a horrible job. Now he even left him at Sho’s place.

“He is safe there,” Aiba says calmly. “Sho is a good guy, he will watch out for him. And he is asleep now. What use is there to drag him to another place?”

Nino sighs. “I know you are right, still…”

“I know,” Aiba soothes him as he closes the door behind them. They have agreed to sleep at Aiba’s place, because it’s close to Sho’s, and Nino would have spent the night on the park bench otherwise. “I know, Nino-san. I haven’t understood much about your story, but I understand as much that your main concern is to keep him safe. Though I think there is more about it, things you can’t tell us?”

“Yes,” Nino says sadly. “You are human, you should have never been involved like this. Jun will feel guilty, and I do too.”

“Nino-kun…” Aiba looks aside for a moment and then, before Nino can even react, he has suddenly wrapped his arms around Nino, pulling him into a hug.

Nino gasps in shock, and his first instinct tells him to push Aiba aside and storm out of the apartment, but then his mind wanders to places it shouldn’t go. To Satoshi and how much he used to love him. To Jun and how they deliberately made him weak, and suddenly he can’t hold his tears back anymore. He is a warrior, Jun’s personal hunts- and watchman, but today he just wants to be Nino in Aiba’s humanly weak but warm arms. After years and years of heartache it feels nice to actually lie in someone else’s arms again, someone who is not Satoshi.

Nino pulls back slightly and takes Aiba’s face in his hands. “Masaki-kun,” he says earnestly and pats Aiba’s chest, the place where his heart is beating. “This will only bring you sorrow and unhappiness.”

“I know,” Aiba agrees quietly.

“I can’t promise you anything, Masaki. And one part of my weak self might even still feel attached to the man I used to love so much when I was a teenager.”

“Yes, I know.”

“And the only person that can provide Jun with enough energy at the moment is me, you know that, don’t you? You also know what this means, don’t you? And don’t forget that one day Jun and I might need to return.” He brushes over Aiba’s cheeks. “This only means sorrow, Masaki,” he says quietly.

Aiba looks away for a moment, his expression almost pained. Then however he has a firm look in his eyes. “I know that, Kazunari-san. So, just for tonight, and then never again…”

“Okay,” Nino smiles softly. A kind guy like Aiba deserves a kind guy that is not like Nino, someone who is truly going to be there for him. But for one night he can fulfil his wish, even though it might be a mistake.

Aiba chuckles. “I will regret this, won’t I?”

“Well, you won’t be the only one,” Nino admits.

Aiba smiles and wraps his arms around Nino’s waist, pulling him into a tight hug, before he bends down and kisses him softly. It feels warm, Aiba’s lips feel so warm, his whole body does. Nino decides that for once he is allowed to enjoy another person’s touches as exactly what it is: A kind person’s touches.


Jun’s hair is messy, his face sleepy when he strolls through the apartment without any sense of orientation. He walked against the door a few minutes ago which is why Sho woke up in the first place. “Searching something?” he asks sweetly.

Jun almost jumps out of his skin, stumbling backwards over the little ottoman. Only Sho’s supporting hands stop him from dropping to the ground.

Sho laughs, ignoring Jun’s glare. “I’m sorry,” he giggles. “But you were just so adorable.”

Jun shrugs his hand off, frowning deeply. “If you have laughed enough, would be so kind as to show me the way to the bathroom.”

Sho chuckles. “Sometimes your way of talking is so weird. Does it come from your world?” When Jun’s frown increases, Sho decides he needs to stop the teasing (and rather giggle inwardly). “The bathroom is right next to the kitchen,” he explains calmly. “I’ve put a towel there for you. It’s the blue one. Feel free to use whatever you need.”

Apparently his hospitable approach works on Jun, because he blushes slightly and bows. “Thanks for your kindness.”

He really behaves strangely sometimes, Sho thinks but doesn’t say it out loud. Maybe it’s because he isn’t human. He waits patiently for Jun to come back, checking on him while he pads through the corridor back to the bedroom. “You’ve let me sleep in your bed, right?” Jun asks all of a sudden when he eyes Sho’s current sleeping place at the sofa.

“You needed it.” Sho says calmly, not ready to let Jun argue him on that issue now. Seriously.


“No buts,” Sho interrupts him. “I’m the doctor here, right? So you listen to me.”  Jun frowns slightly, apparently trying to process Sho’s new tone and the way he talks to him. Sho chuckles. Slightly. “That tone normally works on the kids.”

It finally draws a smile from Jun, a beautiful one. For a moment Sho feels like he looks into the face of a serene being. The room is lit up by the moonlight, and Jun standing in front of him, sparkling like the mysterious creature he probably is.

“You are a bit pale, Jun,” he says softly, coming closer.

Jun bites down on his lips, but when Sho reaches out his hands, he takes them. “I,” he stutters. “I’m not human, and I’m difficult. My story is, and…”

“Jeez, really?” Sho teases. “And I thought you collapsing on my sofa, demanding a kiss from me, right after you argued with a mysterious man was actually an everyday occasion.”

“Idiot,” Jun huffs.

“I’m just teasing you because you are looking less sad and worried then,” Sho explains softly. “You know, for now…” he brushes through Jun’s black hair. “For now, how about I give you some of my energy?”

“Really?” Jun snickers. “Do you think you have that much stamina?”

Sho grins. “You might be surprised by how much stamina I have.” He wonders a little about how to take the next step, but Jun beats him to it anyway, as he grabs him by his collar and surges forward, kissing him passionately. Sho grabs his face and pulls him even closer, his heart beating like crazy while he feels Jun’s lips against his.

Jun draws back, only a bit though so that he can say something. “You should run, sensei,” he mumbles. “You should run away. Go now. And never turn back anymore.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Sho scolds him light-heartedly, drawing a chuckle from Jun.

“I’m just saying you should think about this twice.”

“Oh, I did,” Sho answers honestly. “I thought about it not only twice, but plenty of times. And no matter to what conclusion I came, you always popped up in my mind again. So, please, Jun-san, let me make my own decisions.”

“Fine.” Jun mock-huffs. “Do what you want.”

He will anyways, he thinks. He has always done what he truly believed in and wanted to do, no matter if others opposed him or not. That’s just the kind of person he is. So, if he wants to get close to this otherworldly being, it’s his decision solely. For him Jun is just Jun, the guy who gets irritated easily, but has a beautiful smile and a kind soul.


Jun’s fingers brush over Sho’s upper-arm. “You are surprisingly strong,” he muses, making Sho chuckle.

“Is this a compliment?” he asks daringly.

Jun smirks and stretches a bit to rest his head on Sho’s arm. “It is.”

“Say, Jun-san, how is it in your world?” Sho isn’t sure if talking about Jun’s world will touch on a sensitive subject, but to his relief Jun just smiles.

“Beautiful,” he says. “You can imagine it full with forests, and meadows, long rivers and romantic beaches, with huge castles and little, white houses. Just like in one of your fairy-tales actually.”

“So, you don’t hate it?” Sho wants to know.

“Of course not.” Jun chuckles. “I hate the High Castle, and the life they want to force on me, and how I’m nothing more than a prisoner there because of my gift. But the world itself and the normal people, I love.”

Jun’s world is led by corrupt politics. Just like everywhere, Sho thinks. It’s not an exception.

“Want to see it?” Jun asks.

Sho blinks, and shakes his head. When Jun looks at him in disappointment, he brushes over his cheek softly. “Not because I don’t want to see it. I’d love to. But you are easily getting weak, and I don’t want you to lose any energy, just because you want to show me something.”

Jun’s features soften up. “It doesn’t take energy from me.”

“You said that the last time too.”

“No, the last time I said that it wouldn’t harm you or another person. I didn’t mention myself. This time however, I promise, it won’t do any harm to me.” Jun smiles. “Memories, Sho-san, my own. I’m a collector. And collecting my own good and bad memories is the easiest task to do. And it’s not an effort at all for me to show it to someone.”

“What do I need to do?” Sho asks curiously.

“Just turn over and look me in the eye,” Jun says, and Sho follows his request immediately, turning to the side and facing Jun completely. He is so pretty, even from such a close-up. He can’t restrain himself and just has to peck his nose softly, making Jun giggle.

Jun smacks his shoulder softly. “I need to concentrate,” he complains, before he teaks Sho’s hand into his. “Just look into my eyes, okay?”

Sho nods, staring at Jun’s eyes intensely. He has thought his eyes were dark-brown, but actually they have a beautiful warm dark-chocolate colour to them. So deep. His eyes are so deep that it feels he can fall into them. Fall deep and…

He blinks for a moment when he realizes he does actually fall. Like a water fountain that pulls him along, he gets dragged into Jun’s eyes. “What…”

“Sh,” Jun soothes him, and squeezes his hand. “Don’t panic. Just come with me. It’s only in our minds.”

So, Sho does, let’s Jun lead him through the darkness of the memories he has closed up and bottled into far away corners up to a radiating one. Then he sees it. A huge landscape in front of him, just like Jun described it. Beautiful romantic rivers, animals he has never seen before. Wide Victorian-looking towns, with charming houses. People on the street that don’t look that much different to themselves. Just that they are dressed differently. He has expected them to wear old-fashioned clothes from the last century, just like in the pictures of European fairy-tales, but there is more of an exotic, modern yet gothic touch to what they wearing. Almost like Victorian clothes, just modernized. He also notices that some are dressed with more unique and specific clothes than others. He assumes that they were clothes fitting their abilities and their positions. For a moment Sho’s mind swifts to the man Jun has talked to before he broke down.

“Don’t think of him,” Jun presses out, a shiver going through his body. And for the blink of a moment Sho can actually see said man. He is at a huge villa close to the ocean, looking down at the sea.

How can you do this to me, Satoshi-san?

The other guy turns his head to look at Jun directly. I just want to protect you, please understand that, Jun. He turns to a few guys approaching them. Take him to the castle where he is safe.

Sho can feel Jun’s panic almost like he is there himself. Then however he can hear a ruckus happening, the men turning around in confusion. And Sho sees Nino, dressed in black tight clothes, with armguards and something similar protecting his legs and his back. He grabs Jun and tugs him along.

Kazunari, Jun gasps.

What, my little proud princess, Nino sneers, using the nickname Jun hates so much. Thought I would leave you behind? We’ll go to the Human world. They are powerless there. He won’t-

Jun closes his eyes, and it feels like an invisible hand pulls Sho out of the water all of a sudden. Sho raises his head a bit, blinking in confusion when he realizes they are still in his bedroom, lying next to each other. “Jun,” he says softly. “What happened?”

“That moment you saw me with Satoshi,” Jun explains tiredly. “We share that memory. Something  made you remember him strongly while we were in my memories, so… it automatically made me remember something. It’s not your fault, I wasn’t ready for it to happen.”

“What does that guy want from you? Why is he like that?”

“He believes in what he does,” Jun admits quietly. “That’s the problem. He believes I’m safe when locked into the High Castle.” He pauses. “I used to trust him. I used to like him a lot, you know? He, Nino and I, we were always together when we were kids,” Jun mumbles and turns away from Sho. He rolls over, so that Sho is facing his back now.

Sho sighs slightly and wraps his arms around Jun from behind. “But you escaped?”

“Kazunari distracted them. Then he went to the High Castle and told them I would like to live in the Human world for a while.”

“And they let you?” Sho asks in surprise.

“My power is the strongest when used by my own will,” Jun explains. “That’s the only trump card I have. They want to force me back, but they can’t do it with physical strength, it won’t benefit them. And my mind is strong enough to withstand their little games. For now.”

Sho wonders what he should say now. He assumes there is nothing to say but the truth. “I wish you peace,” he says softly, smiling when he can feel how Jun rubs his fingers over his arms. “I wish for you to be able to lead the life you want to live.”

A/N: So, unexpectedly both couples kind of get things going in this chapter. To be honest, I didn't expect it myself, but suddenly they both made out. Though, Aiba and Nino settled on some sort of one-time thing? And Sho and Jun settled on anything at all, but Jun showed Sho some glimpses of his life, which means something, right? :D

Tags: genre: au, genre: fantasy, genre: mystery, genre: romance, l: multi-chapter, p: aiba masaki/ninomiya kazunari, p: matsumoto jun/sakurai sho, r: r, series: matsumoto's shop of hopes and dr
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