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Me without you Chapter 10 (Junba, Sakumiya)

Title: Me without you 10/?
Pairing: Junba (main!), Sakumiya, Ohno/?, others possible
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance
Plot: Although they are both young students at college, both the youngest brothers within three, and both part of high society, there are worlds between Jun and Masaki. Jun comes from a rich, traditional and conservative family, while Masaki's family gained wealth and fame by luck. Masaki is cheerful and enjoys life to the fullest. Jun is unusually earnest and distanced. Although part of the same glamorous world, their paths would have never crossed, they would have never even talked, but then Masaki's brothers decide he needs to catch up with his studies, and hire Jun as his tutor. With being so different it seems they will never get closer, until they realize that they both hold a sad secret.
Note: This is dedicated to yukitsubute. I had (and still have) a lot of fun writing this, and I wonder where it takes me to. I can promise you some fluff, some fun and some drama (the usual ^^) There might even be some hurt & comfort.

The only reason no one is continuing their talk that started during dinner is probably because their chauffeur drives them, and all of them hate family discussions in front of others. Well, they already had a share of it today, but thanks to Shingo, and particularly Nino, it still turned into a pleasant evening.

Takuya even invited all of them over to their place for the next weekend, which is something that hardly happened before. They never have personal family and friends gatherings at home. Sho sighs slightly, eyeing Jun out of the corner of his eyes, but apparently he decided to go to ignoring him and looking out of the window. To distract himself Sho angles for his phone, almost automatically looking for Nino’s number.

Thank you.

The answer comes fast. What are you thanking me for, Sho-san? I wasn’t able to say anything when they pestered you.

Sho shakes his head. Still, you defended me, and it means a lot to me.

I wanted to tell them that they misunderstand you. And that you are actually so kind and thoughtful! I’m so sorry.

A blush crawls over Sho’s cheeks. He can’t really remember someone ever saying something so nice about him, directly to him, into his face. It means a lot to me, Kazunari-kun, it means so much. So please don’t apologize when you helped me so much tonight.

Nino sends him a smiling emoticon. Just don’t give up, okay?

Definitely not. Next week, same day, same time?

Yes!! Send me the place?

Sho smiles happily. I’ll chose something you like, I promise ;-)

Sho puts his phone away, staring out at the window too now. He wonders what he should do or say later on. He knows he has problems with conveying his feelings, he just didn’t know how many problems he had. The period of grace is only as long as the ride to their house. Once the door is closed behind them, and they took their shoes off, Jun looks like he knows they will get on his nerves.

It’s Takuya that starts it this time around.  “Why don’t you tell us how you really feel, Jun.”

Good question actually, because it’s very difficult to read through Jun’s controlled emotions.

“Everything is alright,” Jun says calmly, placing his scarf at the wardrobe, and walking into the living room. He is in a bad mood, and Sho wonders if this is actually the right time to talk about anything. Takuya however seems to be determined too to get the issue out of the world. Maybe he is right, maybe it’s better that way.

“Nothing is alright,” Takuya argues. “We know that it isn’t!”

Jun frowns. “Listen,” he says, obviously trying to keep his calm exterior. “I don’t want to talk about it now.”

It?” Takuya asks. “What exactly is it? The fact that Sho has obviously issues in conveying his emotions? Or is it something else one of us said or did? Or something entirely different? What is it you are hiding from us?”

He has caught up fast, too fast it seems, because Jun looks taken aback for a moment. Takuya just has the ability to hit the nail on its head pretty fast. Sho feels the urgent need to intervene. “Jun, no one is actually criticising or reproaching you.”

He gets ignored completely by the other two. “Why do you even want to know?” Jun huffs all of a sudden. “It’s not like anyone of you was interested in things like this up to now.”

“What?” Takuya frowns. “Do you even know what you are saying?”

“I’m doing everything I can for school, I’m not going on parties, I don’t drink and I don’t smoke.” Jun takes a deep breath, eyebrows furrowed dangerously. “What the hell do you guys even want from me!?”

Sho is a little surprised. He wonders what really triggered Jun’s strong reaction over nothing too serious actually. Even if he was annoyed or disappointed, this here sounds like so much more…

“What we want from you?” Takuya asks angrily, eyes narrowed now. Sho lets out an inward sigh, just awesome. Now these two strong headed idiots are seriously taking it up with each other? “It’s-“

“It’s not that important for now, is it?” Sho tries to intervene, going for a soft voice and a smile. “Let’s have some cake instead!”

“What?” Jun glares at him. “It isn’t important? Well, of course it isn’t for you!”

“Hey!” Takuya interrupts him, his voice vibrating in anger. “Don’t use that tone when you talk to him.”

“It’s okay,” Sho tries to intervene weakly.

“Well, I’m very sorry,” Jun bites out sarcastically.

“I don’t understand where this is even coming from!” Takuya’s voice sounds strained, like he is holding back not to downright yell at Jun. “Sho didn’t do anything to you!”

Jun suddenly snaps. “Fine, he didn’t. But what do you know!?” he yells at Takuya. “You are never around anyway. Who are you to lecture me!?”

Just… awesome… Sho whines inwardly.

“YOU!” Takuya points with his finger at Jun, his eyes taking a dangerous colour. His normally rather composed attitude is completely gone. He looks so pissed that Sho is actually a bit scared. “Watch what you are saying! I’m going to work for us. And I have every right in the world to lecture you!”

It’s exactly like Sho feared it would be. They start fighting about something, it’s not even clear what it’s about and how it started. And it probably should be between him and Jun and  not Takuya and Jun. He just wonders where Jun’s sudden anger comes from. He has probably bottled up too many feelings for a too long while.

“Does anyone want tea?” he offers weakly.

He gets basically shoved aside by his two brothers FREAKING AGAIN! He needs to talk with Nino-kun about this. Typical middle brother syndrome.

“You know what?” Jun yells in sudden fury. “You guys think you can yell at me and I will just shut up! You treat me like I’m a puppet. But surprise! I’m not. None of you can deal with conflicts at all. Just like dad.”

Sho knows Jun doesn’t mean it. He knows he doesn’t see their father in them. Still it hurts a bit to hear him say that. “Jun,” he tries to reason. “No one wants to treat you like a puppet.”

“You don’t know anything at all,” Takuya argues back. “You just had an easy life up to now.”

“Takuya-san,” Sho tries to argue, because that’s not true either. “It’s not that simple.”

“How long do you think you’ll be able to do that?” Jun wants to know, anger flashing in his eyes. “Try to give me a bad conscious, because unfortunately I was too young to carry responsibility when my mother died, and then later when dad died! If it’s such a problem, then, damn it, I could just leave!”

“That’s not what we want!” Sho intervenes immediately, unfortunately getting ignored by his two strong-headed brothers again. He should get used to it for now.

“Just go to your room,” Takuya huffs. “And come out again when I tell you”

“You think it’s going to be that easy all the time!?” Jun yells in wrath. “That you can send me to my room just because we live together!?”

“I don’t want to hear any of that. As long as you live here and I pay, you follow my rules.”

“Maybe I should have died together with them, then you wouldn’t face this problem!” Jun huffs.

“Don’t ever say that again,” Takuya hisses, sudden anger flashing in his eyes and slaps him hard enough that he loses balance by the sudden impact. In another moment it might have been comical because Jun stumbles, accidentally dropping against Sho, who falls against the glass cabinet with the old ugly porcelain with the blue onion-pattern which they all hate. It shatters in thousands pieces, and Sho clutches his shoulder in pain (though he secretly stomps on the porcelain once more to make sure it’s forever gone).

“Jun,” Sho starts, trying to keep focused throughout the pain in his shoulder. But apparently Jun ran out of stamina too because he just throws them a deathly glare and retreats.

Takuya doesn’t say anything, just grabs Sho’s arm and forces him to sit down while he starts to clean up the shattered porcelain. For a while Sho watches him nervously. It’s difficult to talk to him when he is like that. Like completely closed up and stoic. Sho swallows down his own doubts and fears and coughs slightly. “Takuya-san…”

Takuya halts for a moment, and Sho is worried he might be angry again. But to his surprised he just looks tired. Takuya looks to the side. “Yes,” he says quietly. “I know.” He sighs. “It’s not been a good performance.”


A pillow comes flying and hits Satoshi right into his face. “You are being childish, Masaki,” he huffs angrily.

“I!?” Masaki yells. “I tried to apologize and explain things to you! I told you it was stupid not to tell you that I went out together with Jun on that evening, and instead make up a weak excuse! I’m sorry I lied to you, but I panicked. You however didn’t even listen.”

“It’s been a weak excuse anyway,” Satoshi replies angrily, his voice vibrating slightly in anger. “What is wrong with you recently!? It’s not like you to actually lie.”

“I told you,” Masaki takes a deep breath and throws a stuffed bear at Satoshi’s head. The latter tries to dodge it. “I panicked. I only realized when it was too late.”

“Like, why did you even feel the need to make up a lie!?”

Masaki frowns, slowly having enough of how their talk is going in circles. He grabs a bunch of little stuffed animals from the sofa, and starts throwing one after another at Satoshi. “Why. aren’t. you. listening. to. me?” Masaki yells while he throws a Totori at Satoshi’s head, punctuating each word with a stuffed animal which he throws at Satoshi. “You never listen!”

Satoshi tries to shield himself from the attacks, yelling something incomprehensible. None of them realizes that the door to the living room opens and Shingo peeks into the room, his eyes widening. One of the plush dolphins Satoshi somewhat managed to doge, hits Shingo right against his forehead.

“I am listening!” Satoshi yells. “It’s you who does what he wants! I’m going to work every day, working my butt off, how about you try being more responsible and improving your grades!”

“You-“ Masaki’s eyes widen. “I can’t believe you would hold my grades against me! You-“

“Hey,” Shingo blurts out all of a sudden. “Stop arguing. What are you? Little kids!?” He kicks the table, probably to underline his words, and gasps in pain. He hops around until he drops to the floor. Masaki and Satoshi are at his side immediately

“Are you hurt, Shingo?” Masaki asks in worry, while Satoshi hurries to the bathroom. He comes back with a wet towel and wraps it around Shingo’s ankle.

“I’m fine,” Shingo chuckles. “So, how about you? Are you finished with senselessly yelling at each other and throwing insults at each other’s heads?”

Masaki blushes and throws a careful glance at Satoshi, to his relief the latter sighs slightly. “I’m just really worried, you know?” he admits. “I want you to be well and to have a bright future.”

“With Jun’s help I’m hopefully going to pass my exams,” Masaki admits. “But you need to give me the chance to prove you that I’m actually trying.”

“So…” Shingo eyes him curiously. “Why didn’t you tell us you went out with Jun and Nino? It’s nothing unusual that you are going out on a Saturday. What happened?”

Masaki tries hard not to blush. What happened? He kissed Jun, and they walked home together, and since then they are something. Apparently he is sporting a dreamy look at the moment, because Shingo and Satoshi share one of their infamous (and very annoying) glances, before nodding. “It’s not important, I don’t want to be curious,” Shingo says. He has probably already guessed what happened anyway.

Masaki sits down on the floor and leans against the sofa. “I wonder if I’m good enough for him,” he says quietly.

“You are!” Satoshi says with emphasis. “Don’t even think into that direction! You are wonderful, and you are wonderful for Jun. When I saw him together he looked a lot more relaxed, and the fact that he was actually able to criticise Sho-san directly was pretty impressive. You gave him confidence. A few months ago it would have been impossible for him to do that and stand up against his brothers.”

“Yes, that kid looks confident, but in fundamental matters he lacks it. He has probably gained a lot through your… eh… friendship or whatever you two have with each other,” Shingo agrees.

“He is cute,” Masaki says with a smile. “He is so caring. And so sweet.”

“Okay, let’s make a deal.” Satoshi grins. “We are always going to be honest to each other from now on.”

Masaki nods in agreement. Both of them look expectantly at Shingo. Much to Masaki’s surprise he blushes. “Shin-chan?”

“Okay! You got me!” Shingo blurts out, making Satoshi and Masaki look at each other in surprise. Got what? “I’m sleeping with Takuya-kun!”

Masaki almost expects him to burst into laughter afterwards, but he doesn’t. Oh my god… he… what. “With… but… he… I mean how?”

“With Takuya-san!?” Satoshi asks, completely dumbfounded as well. “With… how… I mean, how could that happen? He…”

“He is kind of scary,” Masaki agrees. “How did you even manage to get into his pants? How…”

“On a regular basis, or just once?” Satoshi interrupts him in disbelief.

Shingo chuckles. “Of course frequently. I’ve been barking at this tree for years already, I’m not going to let go so easily.”

“But Takuya-san out of all?” Satoshi is still surprised. “I mean, I see how he is good-looking and intelligent and all. But so stoic.”

“He is half as scary as he actually looks like,” Shingo says with a grin. “He is always really worried about his family. Everything he does, he does for them. I find that really admirable. He is so proud of his brothers, he has just difficulties with portraying his emotions. Oh, and did you know he can cook?”

They are all quiet after Shingo’s heartfelt explanation of Takuya’s qualities. Then Satoshi lets out a sigh all of a sudden. “I need a drink,” he mumbles while he gets up.

“Make it two,” Masaki agrees.

Shingo grins. “Three.”


Sho climbs up to the attic over that weird, shaky ladder. He used to hide there when he was a little child, but now that he is older he finds this way up the ladder rather scary to be honest. His first intuitive reaction after this eventful night with all the arguing was to hide somewhere and wait for a few days, so that everything calmed down.

He figures though that this is probably the problem they always have. He doesn’t want Jun to hate him, he wants Jun to love him. He wants Takuya to love him. It’s simple like that, hence the way to the attic. Once he is there he roams through the old items, he is looking for something very specific. As he can’t just knock at Jun’s door and ask for entrance, he has to go for more drastic methods. He is sure Jun won’t just open his door for him, and Takuya is in his thinking mode right now, which is equally annoying, because he won’t be a good help.

Sho grins proudly once he found the rope ladder. He used to play with this one when he was a kid. Well, of course he didn’t really use it for huge heights, but he hopes it’s going to work.

The next way leads him to the hidden rooftop. Although their house has a classic roof, there is a small part, hidden from the street that’s build like a terrace, with a huge table, seats and a beautiful balustrade. It’s also at the same side of the house as Jun’s room. Sho ties the ladder to the balustrade, hoping that he did it tightly enough (he is not a pro in making knots), before he throws the rest of the ladder down so that it dangles against the wall of their house. With shaky legs he climbs over the balustrade, avoiding to look down. It’s pretty high. He is in the fourth floor. Which means… how many meters?

Oh my god.

Better not to think. He carefully takes a few steps downwards, sighing in relief when he realizes that the ladder seems to be stable… although he is not really trained anymore and it is a lot of effort to climb down there, but it’s worth a try.

He is getting bolder with every step he takes. It’s not that difficult it seems. Awesome! He tries to pick up his speed, not noticing the loose step below him. It’s only when he steps on it, and suddenly loses ground that he realizes something beneath his feet is breaking. He tries to cling against the ladder, trying to regather his balance, but it shakes vigorously. To his horror the whole ladder slips downwards a bit, the fucking knot he tied doesn’t seem to hold.

He tries to climb upwards again, yelping in surprise when one end of the ladder suddenly rips down, and he is only clinging to one. The rope is swinging around like madly now, and Sho closes his eyes, trying not to think of what would happen when he lands on the ground.

His body gets smashed against the wall of their house several times, until he his shoulder hits against glass. There is the breaking of glass to be heard, and a sudden pain crosses his body as he drops down.

A/N: Now that escalated quickly, didn't it?
I couldn't help but use Sho as comedic relief though. He seemed the most fitting :D (sorry, Sho) But he was trying to make his stubborn brothers listen, right?
As for the Masakixbrothers fight. From the first chapter on I had this scene in my mind, and I wanted to write a chapter with both familes arguing, because they are soooo different :D
Now Sho however seems to be doing something stupid... >>
Tags: genre: au, genre: college, genre: high society, genre: hurt&comfort, genre: romance, l: multi-chapter, p: aiba masaki/matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/sakurai sho, r: r, series: me without you
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