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Request Post

Request Post

This here is a request post for one-shots!

If you'd like to read a shorter fic (drabble), you can request HERE.

Please request like this:

Pairings you can request:

Any pairing is okay. I like Jun pairings the most but I don't mind writing the others since I love them all :D  I could also make het stories with their dorama partners. Or dorama pairings including crossovers (only if I know the dorama ^^).

Kimura x anyone from SMAP except for 2Top (I just can't get the chemistry right ><). Preferably ShinTaku, but also the others are worth a try. You might be able to convince me to give ShinGoro and ShinTsu a try. I can also write Kimura dorama pairings (also het!)

Sakamoto x anyone from V6

Ryo x anyone from Kanjani8. I also like him with his dorama partners like Sakai Masato. Saito Kazuyoshi is cool too. Shirota Yuu. In general people outside of JE he is somewhat connected to! Maybe I'd also give one of the ladies a try. Or Nino, Jun, Takki (senpais he is some way connected to. Or juniors he is somehow connected to.) Just ask me :D

Hashimoto Ryosuke x anyone from A.B.C.-Z.

Sexy Zone
Preferably pairs with Fuma or Marius. (The latter only in friendship plots. He is too young for a real pairing ^^)

Nagase x anyone from TOKIO

any pairing with Yuya or Keito involved. My love for Yamada grows constantly too though... so I might also give other pairings a try -  you can ask anytime.

KameDa, Kame crossover with Ryo, Kamexany of the ladies, KameUchi. Not sure about KameNo and Nakame...

Johnny's West
I'm new to their fandom, but I could give any pairing with Akito, Junta or Ryusei a try ^^

Nakayam Yuma
Well, I like him and could give it a try to write him in a fic. I'm not sure with who though ^^

I really, really don't know much about them. I like Senga, Nikaido and Fujigaya though. So, if you really feel like challenging me with a Kisumai pairing, I would appreciate it if you include one of them. Also please give me an easy prompt then (because I don't know them much yet ^^)

Dai-Senpais (anyone older than SMAP)
Yes, if I know the group/guy. But please stick to logical pairings or plots (like a father-son story with Okamoto Kenichi and his son Keito)

Dorama pairings/het/crossovers with guys outside JE
In general I would give them a try, but only if I know the dorama/the guy/the girl and if they know each other (as in: are friends, had a dorama together etc.)


I won't write:
heavy kinks, CD, mpreg, underage, OCs, chaptered fics

Well, that's it :-)


Currently working on:
indigo_lover (Sakumiya, Juntoshi - a bit of a longer project though)
aosakumoto (Sakumoto or Juntoshi --> surprise)
little_slick12 (Sakumoto)

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