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Drabble Challenge - Fics (Post 1: Arashi)

Drabble 1:
Challenged by mrs_koki
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG, no warnings
Title: Escargot & Beef Tartar

If there is a type of guy who Jun would normally never go out with, it’s someone who tries too hard to stay mysterious and never reveals a personal secret. It’s annoying and unhealthy, especially when you are coming from a world where everything seems to be fake and fast-paced. The more he is surprised when he finds himself in a fancy French restaurant – fancy, even in Jun’s eyes, which already says a lot about that place. They have walked by a huge line of people waiting for a place to be free while they – of course – had an extra room for themselves. Apparently, his date – oh my God! – is not a rare guest here. The whole restaurant is built out of huge glass windows which open up a beautiful view over huge parts of Tokyo.

The view is nice. This restaurant is definitely something he has to drag the others to one day, just for them to see the place and make fun of it! His date – still sounding so freaking weird! – is a little too much to understand.

So here he is with a man whose name he doesn’t know – except for that ridiculous stage name of his. What kind of name was that anyway? Like he would go for DJ MJ all the time or Nino for the Neen-Master – and whose age he doesn’t know. Brilliant move, Jun. Going out with that guy just to see Sho’s sincerely surprised face.

“Do you want some escargot?” GACKT asks him, not without a hint of effort and warmth in his voice. Like he wants Jun to feel comfortable and like it here.

It’s not like Jun doesn’t appreciate international cuisine, but sitting in that over-the-top fancy restaurant together with GACKT, aka mysterious nameless and ageless guy, eating escargot might cross a certain personal line. “Thanks but I’d rather go for Beef Tartar.” he says, hoping he won’t sound too sulky or grossed out.

The other grins a little like he knew he would react like that. And it does draw a little smile from Jun as well. “Say-“ he starts, refusing to call the other by his stage name. It sounds so freaking stupid, especially when they are here all alone! “-any chance you are going to tell me your real name?”

GACKT tilts his head a bit and stays quiet for a few seconds. “Not yet.” he answers.

Ah- Not yet. Awesome. Stupid him for going out with that guy just because he voted Jun as the prettiest of all the guests and because he has that low voice that gives him the chills whenever he hears one of his songs. Jun takes a bite from his Beef Tartar, slightly realizing that he might not be the type of person that likes raw meat, except for steak maybe.

“I could tell you my age,” GACKT offers.

Jun’s head snaps up a little. “You could? I mean, you would?”

“Well, after all, I kind of kidnapped you from the TV-show and brought you to this place before you could recover from your surprise.” GACKT muses. “But you really were the prettiest on the show. No comparison to the girls even. I’ve always had good taste, it seems.” he adds casually and peels an escargot out of its shell.

For a moment, Jun wonders if it’s really a compliment when the same guy who just called himself someone with a good taste demonstrates his so-said good taste by eating an animal that’s usually known for leaving a slimy trace everywhere it goes. He also wonders if he can really watch that scene without feeling a little sick. “Your age-“ he says to stop GACKT from poking the snail and to diffuse his own surprise and satisfaction by being called pretty – again.

The other looks up and smiles. “I was born on July 4th in 1973.”

“And your name?” Jun tries again.

GACKT smiles a bit. “One secret after another.” he explains randomly.

Fine, Jun decides to give up and just go with the flow. At least he has something to brag about next week, he thinks, while he switches from his Beef Tartar to Ratatouille and Coq en vin. Now that’s something he can definitely live with.


Drabble 2
Challenged by: yukitsubute
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG, no warnings
Title: Clouded Light

If Jun has to take a guess, he would say that Aiba has lost approximately six pounds, which is a lot, considering that he wasn’t particularly chubby even before his hospital stay. His face is looking a little too edgy now, his cheekbones so sharp he might actually cut someone with them. Jun is pretty certain that the rest of Aiba’s body doesn’t look any better. He doesn’t like that at all!

“Let’s watch a movie.” he suggests though without commenting on Aiba’s obvious loss of weight. He also stays silent about his pale face and the fact that Aiba has hardly said anything for the past week. Instead, he sets up the TV and goes for one of those ridiculously sappy romance movies which they both would never admit they like.

He sits down at the edge of Aiba’s bed, forcing the other to move to the side a bit so that he can lie down next to him. When he puts an arm around Aiba’s shoulders, the latter finally smiles a little, leaning against Jun.

The movie is boring. It’s not even that sappy that they might complain about it and make some conversation and jokes about it. Jun isn’t really watching anymore after a while and he is sure that Aiba isn’t either. He lets his fingers wander over Aiba’s shoulder and brushes over his cheek before he angles for some strands of hair, twisting them between his fingers. With his free hand, he takes Aiba’s, their fingers entwined.

“Tell me what you like about me.” Aiba says all of a sudden while he moves his fingers in Jun’s hand and roams over Jun’s arm. It’s the first sentence he says today besides Hello and I’m okay. And Thanks.

Jun pulls his eyebrows up a little but doesn’t comment on that weird request, instead, he answers. “You are good-hearted and fair, and talented. You give everyone a chance. You make the sun shine even on a rainy day. You are strong and fun and you never give up on anything. You-”

“But I’m a burden,” Aiba interrupts him.

“You are not.” Jun says calmly. He has pretty much expected something like that and is prepared.  It’s always the same when Aiba’s health issues strike again and he needs to rest for a while. “And you know that you aren’t. You are just sick. You’ll get better and soon be with us on stage again.”

“Aren’t you tired of waiting?”

“No.” Jun answers firmly. “None of us is tired. The only tiring thing would be if you gave up.”

Aiba sits up and switches off the TV. “I’m not giving up!” he says, slight anger in his voice.

“Really?” Jun mock-muses.
“I’m not!” Aiba repeats with more strength in his voice now.

Jun shrugs. “Prove it!”

“I will!” Aiba huffs like he was personally insulted. “I will show you!”  He kicks the blanket aside a little and carefully gets up. “I’m going to walk till the end of the corridor and back again. Take my time!” he commands, new life-spirit apparently filling his clouded mind.

Jun grins and leans back as his friend is heading out of the door. He uses the electric time clock of his phone so that Aiba won’t suspect him of cheating. Yes, he thinks, you never give up. I won’t let you.


Drabble 3
Challenged by: kitkaos
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG, no warnings
Title: Fingertips

The line from Jun’s arm to his hand is straight first before it takes a little curve at his wrist and turns into his thumb. His fingers are unusually long and slender, delicate almost, but not without being manly. His fingernails are polished but not too much. Just enough to look graceful. Gracile even.

There is a little mole on the knuckle of his thumb, almost invisible. But Eita knows it’s there and this little knowledge makes him feel almost happy. Like they share a secret with each other.

Jun bows forward now, his fingers touching the billiard cue lightly only before they tighten their grip, little tendons appearing on the surface of the back of his hand. The white billiard ball hits the coloured one and pushes it into the right hole.

He smiles a little, looking all content and happy before he bends forward again, his fingers once again tightening around the long stick. The little finger of his right hand is stretched away from the others a bit. It looks cute, like he is holding a cup of tea and drinking it in an old-fashioned way.

This time though he doesn’t hit the right hole, a look of disappointment is gracing his pretty face now. He brushes through his hair with all his fingers, stretching a little before he relaxes again and angles for the cue.

When Jun hands it to him, their fingers meet for a moment. It sends goosebumps over Eita’s arms. Stupid, he thinks, but he can’t help it.


Drabble 4
Challenged by: pimanchi_double
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG, no warnings
Title: After school

Nino is used to it by now. Sometimes he manages to escape them, hides so well that they can’t find him or he is so fast with running out of his class and away from school that no one can catch him. Sometimes though, they get him. It’s these days that he comes home with bruises covering his body and no money in his wallet anymore. On some days, they also steal his lunch or force him to do their homework.


He refuses to call them by their real name. They don’t deserve a name. And they never seem to do something on their own, never study, never do their homework. He is not their only victim – they have enough poor and not so influential pupils they can put pressure on. Hence, they will grow up stupid. At least he can be sure about that – it’s a little satisfaction to imagine them in ten years, with nothing but their non-existent name!

So, Nino is used to them bullying him and being around him. The more it surprises him a few weeks later that at first he didn’t see the change. It’s like always to him. Later on, he will realize how here and there, one of the guys was missing, how he escaped school more often, how their homework got stolen, and how weird things were happening to these guys. The change came slowly and step by step until it resulted on that faithful day when he meets those idiots again and their ugly leader – King of Stupid – who pushes him against the wall right next to the hidden side-entrance of the school.

Nino closes his eyes, doesn’t want to talk to them or look at them. They should just beat him up and leave him the hell alone. No one beats him up though, instead, he hears a loud splash. When he opens his eyes, he can see a gush of water suddenly swamping them, drowning them completely in water. Everyone except Nino.

“My mother will get angry.” one of the guys yells in panic, tugging at his clothes.

“My school uniform!”

“Damn it-“ King of Stupid yells. “-the water was full of tar!”

The next thing Nino knows is that a basket full of feathers gets emptied above their heads. He knows he shouldn’t, knows he will regret it, but he has to laugh. He can’t help it.

This time though, he gets hit. He has expected it already but it was definitely worth it to see them like that and laugh. When one of the guys wants to hit him again, he can suddenly see how someone pushes the said guy away, kicks him even. Five minutes later, two of them have blood running out of their noses, one even holds his arm in pain. They basically flee the situation.

“You’ll pay for this!” King of Stupid yells while he retreats.

“Really?” The voice of his saviour drips with sarcasm. “Send my family a check.”

For a moment, King of Stupid looks at him in surprise before his eyes widen in shock. He shakes his head, wants to say something but then only turns around and runs away in panic.

The guy nods contently, turns around and checks Nino from head to toe. “You look horrible.” His not particularly charming saviour says calmly. And when Nino just shrugs and points at the place where the guys were beaten up before, he adds: “Black belt in karate.”

The guy’s name is Sho. Nino knows that. Everyone knows. Sho is one of those rich elite kids that aren’t only wealthy but also do exceptionally well with their studies. Nino has seen Sho several times already – they have some classes together. He has even lent him a pen once and never dared to get it back because Sho is always surrounded by everyone high in rank. He has three childhood friends, one of them looking sleepy most of the time, one being exceptionally good-looking and one being always smiley and positive.

“Who emptied the water and feathers from the window above?” Nino asks, the question still bothering him a little despite the fact that he knows he should worry about other things now.

“Jun-kun and Satoshi-kun,” Sho says calmly like it’s the most normal thing in the world that his friends would go to that extent to help an unknown classmate.


“I asked them for help. And they have a strong sense of justice anyway.” Sho pauses. “Always wanted to talk to you. This was the perfect chance to finally exchange some words with you.”

“Is it really okay?” Nino asks. His voice is breaking a little. Too much stress over the past couple of days. “Aren’t they going to go after you or your friends – for saving me?”

“In this world, the strongest survives.” Sho answers randomly. “They can always tell the headmaster or try to get me but I have quite some influential and loyal friends here and my family donates more money to this school than anyone else.”

Nino nods. Makes sense, he thinks. “Thanks.” he says. Sho just tilts his head and shrugs before he turns around, about to leave. Right at the moment when Nino wonders what he is about to do the next time when King of Stupid and his guys try to get him, Sho turns around again. “Are you coming?” he says impatiently. “I don’t like to wait. And if we take any longer, Masaki has eaten all of our lunch!”

Nino stares at the other in soft bewilderment. He wants him to join? Why? It’s one thing to intervene when he gets bullied – though it’s not that usual either – but to even tag him along with his friends, like he wants to spend time with him and become friends? Nino is about to ask exactly that question but then he shrugs it off. Sho hates waiting after all. So he catches up with him and follows him into the school’s café.

Sho looks at him after a while, smiling slightly. “I lost your pen by the way. Sorry. Mind if I invite you for lunch instead.”

Nino chuckles at that. “Fine for me.” he says. School days might just finally get lighter again, he thinks. Maybe even fun.


Drabble 5
Challenged by: sesquerdo
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG-13
Title: Vacation

“I liked that water fountain you showed me.” Ohno’s voice is hoarse when he suddenly turns over and eyes Jun from the side. “It was pretty.”

They are taking a little rest in their hotel room before they will continue their sightseeing tour. Jun wants to go out for dinner later and he knows Ohno is probably looking forward to that too. They are in freaking Vegas after all!

Right now, they are lying in that huge king sized bed of their hotel suite though, lazy and a little tired, Ohno skimming through the newspaper and some random magazines, Jun checking the news on his phone. On the bedside table, he has put a travel guide and some post-cards to write. He is probably going to write them later at night and he knows that Ohno is only going to sign them instead of helping him. He just isn’t the post-card type of guy. It’s okay.

“I liked it too.” Jun says and puts his phone aside. “We still need presents for the others.” he continues.

“Hm.” Ohno lies closer to him now and Jun can feel how he is pressing his lips against that little spot between his forehead and his temples. Jun can’t help a smile and turns to the side as well to look at his friend directly. His fingers brush over his waist. “Let’s buy them at the airport.” Ohno suggests.

“No way.” Jun intervenes. “I’m not going to do that!”

“Why?” Ohno wants to know while he is humming one of their songs. Random. But Jun likes that about Ohno.

“It’s a total rip-off.” Jun tries to reason. “Plus, we can’t do that. Common sense, you know.”

Ohno smiles, there is this typical calming look in his eyes that can basically stop Jun from any rant. “If you want to buy them here, we’ll do it.” he says.


Ohno nods a bit and for a moment, they are both silent until Ohno lets out a chuckle. “Let’s skip the afternoon program.” Ohno says casually and with a little smile on his lips. His hands are roaming over Jun’s sides now, teasing. His seduction is always so obvious. But Jun likes it that Ohno can be so straight-forward. He would never admit to it openly though.

“I swear-“ Jun threatens half-heartedly while he gives in to Ohno’s lips that are nipping at his neck. “When I don’t make it in time to my restaurant reservation and to the Cirque of Soleil performance, you’ll regret it.”

“No problem.” Ohno chuckles. “I’ll make us finish in time!”


Drabble 6
Challenged by: kitkaos
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG
Title: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Jun’s wings are fluffy and white. Well, all their wings are, but Jun’s are a little whiter and a little fluffier that Toma just wants to dig his fingers into them, feel the feathers and the alluring warmth. It’s not like he hasn’t touched any wings before now, he has a pretty fine pair attached to himself after all, but it’s different when it’s someone else’s.

A giggle forms in his throat, tickles him there and the more he tries to suppress it, the more it just wants out. He tries to concentrate more on the softness beneath his fingertips, concentrate on this feeling alone as he can’t see anything in the darkness. Jun’s wings are so soft that Toma blushes.

“You are touching my hair,” Jun complains. It’s the first word they exchanged with each other after five minutes of absolute silence in the dark. Only two more minutes to go, Toma thinks, and feels a little sad. He lets his hands roam a little further.

“What you are touching now is not my wings either!”

Toma blinks, tries to focus more until he realizes that his fingers aren’t wandering over fluffy feathers but over soft skin.

He can’t help it anymore! Glad that his thoughts only belong to him, he curses inwardly because the stupid little giggle starts tickling him again, teases him, pulls at his throat almost painfully, until he has to let it out. He can’t help it!

It comes out a little suppressed though, like a hiccup at first, but soon there is another one, much clearer now. And another. Until his body is shaking and he just clutches his fingers around whatever he can grasp from Jun.

“Again, not my wings.” Jun scolds but his voice is cracking slightly, sounding a little faint.

There is a knock at the door suddenly and they can hear Sho’s voice outside. “7 minutes are over. Are you – eh – amidst of something important? Or can I and Masaki swap with you now?”

Toma catches his breath and by the way Jun tenses up, he apparently does too. But there is no avoiding it. Soon, they both burst into little giggles and laugh. Somewhere far away, he can hear how Sho grumbles but Toma couldn’t care less. He will probably need to apologize to Sho later because he is so annoying when he is pissed. But right now, he just wants to enjoy the moment of Jun’s wings tickling his nose and their laughs filling the room.

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