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Drabble Challenge - Fics (Post 2: Kat-tun, Pi)

Drabble 1:
Challenged by steffilinos
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: G, no warnings, friendship
Title: Stability

For years, every second Saturday each month, they meet.  Mainly for gin tonic, tequila, cigarettes, guys’ talk and sometimes porn movies, but some things changed and they have decided they need to adapt to that. Now they only meet once every few months, for a little bit of white wine, card games and self-cooked food.

“Whoever loses has to cook dinner.” Pi says while he shuffles the cards swiftly. His fingers are skilled, Ryo thinks, when he sees how he moves them over the cards, makes two piles out of them and shuffles them like only a casino employee would normally do.

“That would be you then.” Jin teases and eats some prawn crackers instead of smoking a cigarette. They are meeting at his place today and the rules are clear: No cigarettes in Jin’s and Meisa’s apartment. No cigarettes anywhere within a radius of two kilometres around the child. Meisa wants it like that. Jin wants it like that.

“Says the guy who lost the last three rounds.” Pi shoots back.

“Don’t worry,” Ryo jokes. “I might just volunteer for the cooking part. No one can eat your food anyway.”

“I’m not that bad.” Pi intervenes.

“I think-“ Ryo snickers. “-eating your cooking counts as torture.”

Jin laughs a little and after a while, Pi joins in too. He is a lot less sensitive now, has a thicker skin. They all have.

“Say Ryo, how are things going with Aragaki-san?” Jin asks while he takes his cards. He frowns a little in disapproval. Seems like his cards are rather bad.

“With Yui? Well-“ Ryo shrugs a bit. “Not sure. Alright I guess?”

“You have to work on your problems and move on together.” Jin recites with a voice that would be more suitable for an 80-year-old wise man.

“Look who is talking.” Pi sneers. “Did you memorise that by heart or are you really convinced by it?” He laughs when he says that and Ryo can’t help but join him. Jin throws them a threatening glance but by now, they both know he doesn’t mean it.

They are about to finally get to their game when Ryo sees a little figure suddenly squeezing its way into the living room. “Theia-chan?” Ryo asks.

Theia smiles brightly when all of them turn towards her and she is the centre of attention. Jin sighs a little. “You are supposed to sleep!” he scolds half-heartedly. Pi and Ryo exchange a grin. He is such a softie. Ryo doesn’t’ mind her being here though because he has always liked kids a lot.

“Come to your favourite uncle!” he says happily and waves with his hand. She complies immediately, laughs and lets him pick her up.

“Why is he the favourite uncle?” Pi complains and puts his cards on the table. He forgets to turn them around so that Ryo and Jin can take a glance. They both exchange a smirk. It’s definitely Pi’s turn to cook something for them tonight.

“Why are you not sleeping?” Jin asks his daughter.

“It’s more fun with daddy and his friends.” she exclaims.

Jin is looking pleased and a little too happy. He probably likes it when she shows his affection towards him like that. “Uncle Tomo is cooking something for us, you can stay with us until then. But only until then!”

“Yes.” she agrees.

“Why am I cooking?” Pi wants to know.

Ryo grins and points towards his open cards. “Screw it.” Pi sighs.

“Hey,” Jin interrupts him immediately. “No cursing in front of my kid!”

“Fine.” Pi sighs. “What do you want to eat? I can offer you rice. And eggs.”

For a moment, everyone is silent before Theia pokes Ryo’s cheek. “He needs help.” she says earnestly.

She is probably right, Ryo thinks. He hands the girl to Jin and follows his other friend into the kitchen. It takes them around one hour to finish something edible, something that Ryo approves of, and when they are back in the living room, Theia is asleep already.

They are not playing a lot of games this evening, only two, but none of them minds. It’s more important for them to meet each other once in a while, realising that even if their lives change, their friendship remains.


Drabble 2
Challenged by: sweetspicyhot
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG, no warnings
Title: High Tide

Kame has wrapped a neon-orange shirt around his head, the one that he accidentally washed too hot and is two sizes smaller now. Still, there is no time to mourn over his perfect CK-shirt. It’s freaking hot here in his kitchen and the fucking cake is not rising!

“I don’t understand.” he complains, turning around a bit to check on the ingredients. It’s supposed to be perfect today! But instead of being close to perfect, his normally brilliant cooking skills are leaving him!

Ran grunts a little as a response, lying on the left corner of the room, from where, she eyes the kitchen-action curiously.

“Don’t laugh.” Kame grunts. “You are laughing! I can see it! You and the stupid cake. Mr. I’m-too-moody-to-rise!”

“Who is too moody to rise?”

Kame spins around when he hears the question. “Tomo! What are you doing here?”

“You said to drop by at 7PM.” Pi smiles nervously while he points at the clock. “It is 6:59 PM now.”

“Exactly.” Kame says, trying to gather his composure and regain the upper hand of the situation. “You are too early.”

“You can’t seriously be mad at me for coming on time?” Pi asks carefully.

“Of course not.” Kame lets out a sigh, allowing Pi to kiss him for exactly three seconds before he draws back again. “Mix us a drink and wait in the living room. I’ll be with you in a minute once I have checked on the- “Meat loaf “ he was about to say, but the slight smell of burnt fat stings in his nose all of a sudden. “Fuck!” he yells while he shoves Pi out of the kitchen and heads to the oven. The meat loaf looks a little too crispy.

No way~

It’s still not over, Kazuya, fight! Maybe if he scratches the surface down-

Screw it.

When he pads into the living room, resignation has to be written all over his face because Pi takes his hand immediately, telling him something about how the thought alone counts and how happy he is that Kame tried to cook and bake something so difficult and special for him.

“You don’t understand.” Kame sighs while he takes a sip from the Mojito Pi has mixed. His mood is a little lighter now. Pi’s words did help. “It was supposed to be perfect today. You worked so hard and I wanted to tell you properly how proud I am of you and your dorama and everything. Cook something fancy, bake a special cake and-“

“Kazu-“ Pi interrupts him with a wide smile. “Thanks.” he says, almost sounding a little embarrassed, much to Kame’s surprise. “You know what? We’ll order something in. My treat. And then we’ll bake the cake together.”

Kame smiles a bit and nods. Sounds good, just- “My treat,” he demands. Some things just need to be done in the correct order, he thinks. One step after another.

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