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Drabble Challenge - Fics (Post 4: Young groups)

Drabble 1:
Challenged by yukitsubute
Beta: ivenclaire
Fuma, Marius (friendship! no pairing)
Rating: G
Title: Brother Complex

Shori calls it a big brother complex and laughs when he says that. Kento calls it genuinely nice and a good thing to do. He smiles proudly like it’s him Fuma looks after. And Sou doesn’t say much about it. He probably has his own problems and sticks to Shori to have them solved. But sometimes, he nods too and says it’s good.

Fuma on the other hand doesn’t get the fuss the others make about that issue. So what? He likes to look after this kid! Marius needs him and he simply likes to be there for him. Point. It couldn’t be any simpler.

So, also this time, he ignores Kento’s approving smile when Marius approaches him. It’s the way how Marius fidgets in his sweater, how he shifts his weight from one leg to the other that catches Fuma’s attention.

“Something wrong?” he asks immediately.

Marius tilts his head a bit, smiling slightly. It’s this smile that Fuma thinks is so freaking cute that he wants to squish the other’s cheeks and make jokes about it. He is not particularly good with soothing and affectionate words and rather sticks to making jokes and teasing, but strangely for Marius, it seems to be alright. He gets Fuma’s weird jokes and his sometimes careless words as what they truly are: caring.

“There is someone I might like,” Marius says all of a sudden. The shy smile is gone and he looks all serious now, not like a little kid anymore.

Fuma’s eyes widen in surprise. There are plenty of things he wants to say about it, like Aren’t you to young? Or Already?

He is glad he doesn’t say it out loud though because even the mere thought of it makes him feel like an old, 30-year old dude.

Marius is 15, he is 15, Fuma repeats in his head. Already 15. It’s totally normal for him to have a crush on someone. Repeating these words like a mantra helps because soon, Fuma feels how he regains the upper hand over his cool big-brotherness again. “Let’s grab something to drink?” he suggests.

“Sure,” Marius agrees casually and they both head for the little café close to the recording studio, thankful that they are having a little break right now.

Grab a drink. Fuma wishes he was already so cool to grab a real drink. But he rather prefers to stick to his lemon soda most of the time. At least he is cool enough to drink coffee. Hardcore cool, almost.

“And what do you want?” the waitress asks Marius with a charming smile. She is probably a teenager herself, Fuma thinks, checking her carefully. She is wearing her school uniform under her apron. Probably a girl from the school close to this café, working there in her free time.

Marius smiles at her warmly, apparently not noticing how she blushes. “Coffee, please.” he says, much to Fuma’s surprise. “Oh-“ he points at her phone, smiling innocently. “You have a nice phone strap!”

“Really?” she smiles happily. “I got it from a new shop in Takeshita-Dori.” she explains. And after a few seconds, “I can give you the address if you want.”

Marius nods. “Oh, yes, please.”

“I’m Rika, by the way.” she says. When she hands him a napkin, Fuma is sure she has scribbled down her phone number as well.

Fuma is a little impressed, he has to admit that much. It’s difficult to flirt without knowing that one was flirting. Certainly impressive. Marius is pretty good at that, and most likely, he hasn’t even realized yet how good he is.

During the next fifteen minutes though, Marius tells him some details about his problem; how he thinks that his feelings are unrequited and he isn’t sure how to talk to or approach this person he likes. He says he can’t. He doesn’t feel confident enough, not sure if he is actually worth this person.

“Hey-“ Fuma interrupts him. “Never say that. You are awesome. Whoever says something else or turns you down because he or she thinks you aren’t good enough will get some problems with me. Including yourself. Got it?”

Marius laughs openly. “Got it.” he says.

“Who is it?” Fuma asks after he has given the one or other love advice, though he doesn’t feel too confident himself. It’s not like he has that much experience. But Marius doesn’t need to know that. Right now, Fuma feels downright curious though. “Someone I know?”

Marius smiles a bit. It’s not his adorably, cheek-squishing-worthy, normal smile but a new one.  Something Fuma hasn’t seen on Marius yet. “Yes, I think you do.”


“Oh, secret.” Marius smiles brightly. It’s a beautiful smile, not a cute one. His eyes shine a little and Fuma has already noticed for a while how his features are getting a little sharper. He is going to grow up into a fine guy, he thinks, not without pride (like he was responsible for it.)

“Well,” Fuma nods understandingly, not wanting to push his younger bandmate and friend to reveal all his secrets immediately. “You can tell me whenever you feel ready.”

“Oh-“ Marius’ eyes gleam slightly as he nods. “I will.”

Drabble 2:
Challenged by tomapiya
Beta: ivenclaire
Yasui Kentaro/Hanzawa Akatsuki
Rating: NC-17
Title: Backstage

Yasui’s blue-white striped shirt lies somewhere behind the stairs, in a far corner of the staircase, squeezed somewhere between two boxes. Only remotely Hanzawa wonders how the hell he is going to get that stupid shirt back. But he doesn’t mind much now. Not when Yasui’s body is pressed against his, small sweat drops forming on his forehead, his hair damp and a little messy. Not when Yasui has his legs wrapped around his hips, allowing him to do this, right here, not in a hotel room with safe walls surrounding them.

“You sure no one will hear us?” Hanzawa manages to gather his last senses of reasoning, mainly because he wants Yasui to feel as comfortable as one can possibly feel when fucked in a small niche right at the emergency exit, before he accidentally bumps against the left wall of the metallic staircase and it rattles loudly.

Yasui chuckles sweetly and his body vibrates against Hanzawa’s. It sends a sudden shiver over his spine, a feeling that’s wandering downwards immediately, right to his dick.

Screw it, he thinks. This is just too hot. Yasui is too hot. It’s-

“You are moaning too loud.” Yasui teases him and bites into his earlobe. And his voice is horse, cuteness all gone. “But you sound so hot.”

“My shoe dropped down one floor.” Hanzawa mumbles as an answer, just because he wants to say something. Anything.

Yasui laughs, his body shaking, producing a friction that’s a little too much for Hanzawa to take. He can feel Yasui’s muscles clenching around his dick. The latter’s eyes are half-closed now, his lips parted. There is this gleam in his eyes that Hanzawa loves a little too much. And he sincerely can’t believe he was able to put it there. This gleam – right in Yasui’s eyes. But it’s been him. He put that gleam there, that look of want. Yasui looks at him through these longing, beautiful eyes with the long eyelashes, his sweaty arms wrapped around his body, lets him fuck him. It’s Hanzawa’s name he moans now.

“Akatsuki-kun.” Yasui’s voice is hoarse and drips with unsuppressable want. “Akatsuki, you are so beautiful.“

When Hanzawa hears Yasui call him by his first name, something inside him almost explodes in happiness.

“Kentaro-“ he mumbles back.


Drabble 3:
Challenged by vitong
Hagiya Keigo/Morita Myuto
Rating: NC-17
Title: Sweet Revenge

Keigo’s hands felt pretty strong when he pinned him to the floor during this silly but fun summer station segment. There was even the faint touch of Keigo’s lips he felt brushing over his cheek. This daring cute little idiot, Myuto thinks. He should probably be more annoyed than he actually is but instead he has to giggle now.

Their positions are reversed now and it’s Keigo who is pinned to the floor of their little fancy hotel room with Myuto’s hands holding him down. His lips are parted a little, his breath hot against Myuto’s skin while he is kissing Keigo’s neck, leaving a pretty clear mark there.

“You are mine, Hagi-chan,” Myuto mumbles softly, his fingers slipping under Keigo’s shirt. Keigo’s trousers and pants are already lying around in their room. Myuto has made sure to remove them quickly once they had closed the door behind them.

“Really?” Keigo tries to tease but blushes a bit while he does so. “Then why don’t you just make me yours?”

Sweet little brat. Myuto snickers, pressing his lips against Keigo’s while he spreads his legs skilfully. He prepares Keigo carefully, slick fingers probing and teasing before he pushes them into Keigo’s hole. The gasp Keigo makes sends shivers over Myuto’s spine and he angles a little to find his spot.

“Like it?” he teases when Keigo throws his head back, sweet husky moans escaping his lips.

“Please,” Keigo begs. “Please Myuto-kun.”

Hearing his name breathed against his skin sends shivers over Myuto’s spine and he stops the teasing, removing his fingers and keeling between Keigo’s legs instead. The latter pushes himself up on his elbows, moving against Myuto to support him as he pushes into him.

Once he can feel Keigo relaxing around his dick, he wraps his arms around his hips, pulling him up  into a sitting position. Keigo’s legs are wrapped around his hips now. “Ride me,” Myuto whispers.

Keigo nods, eyes half-closed, his palms still pressed against the floor to support his weight, as he starts to move his hips, riding Myuto’s cock , while Myuto angles for Keigo’s neglected erection, stroking it with strong and steady movements.

Keigo’s lips are opened, the look in his eyes clouded with want. He looks so damn pretty, Myuto thinks. It’s only when he is nearing his own orgasm that Myuto pushes Keigo on the floor again, setting the speed now with his hips snapping against Keigo’s frantically, hand around Keigo’s dick moving in the same rhythm. It only takes him a moment to feel how he is approaching his orgasm, his breath going heavier, desperate moans filling the room.

A few minutes later he is lying on his back too now,  next to Keigo, who cuddles against him.

“Should probably provoke you more often,” Keigo mumbles sleepily.

His own answer to that should be a teasing remark now, Myuto thinks, but he is too spent to think of one. Instead he wraps his arms around the other, pulling him closer. “Hm,” he says, glad that Keigo is already half asleep. “Probably.”

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Tags: genre: friendship, l: drabble, p: hagiya keigo/morita myuto, p: hanzawa akatsuki/yasui kentaro, p: kikuchi fuma/yo marius, r: g, r: nc-17
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