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Non-verbal communication (TomaPi)

Title: Non-verbal communication
Pairing/Group: TomaPi
Rating: NC-17
Beta: silverdoll14
Genre: smut
Summary:  It's been too long that Pi has these feelings. So, he keeps his distance.
Note: Requested by tomapiya. I hope you will like this! :-)

He knows it’s stupid, so very much actually. Whenever Pi sees Toma laughing and joking with his old friends, there is this sting in his stomach, that pain in his chest, and it feels like it’s harder than normal to breathe.

It’s because of that reason that he decides to pull away, takes a step back. He tells himself that it’s all okay and better like that. He doesn’t miss Toma that much – a few random encounters are enough. During parties and general gatherings. It’s perfect like that. Really. It’s okay. Loading those weird feelings on Toma and burdening him with them would be a lot worse indeed.

Meanwhile he tries to ignore Toma’s many calls and his messages. He just replies sometimes, all friendly and casual, apologizing for having so much to do that he can’t even reply properly.

He is good at that. He knows it. It’s not that difficult, keeping people at distance without them noticing it. Toma has many friends anyway, everyone likes him, he won’t miss Pi much. This is okay.

That things aren’t quite okay, Pi realizes only months later. It’s been a draining day in general. It’s full of long, exhausting dance rehearsal. There is his new song, which is nice and all. It’s just that he still has problems reaching these high notes that doesn’t quite fit his normal pitch. Damn it

When the doors of the elevator are closing, he allows himself to let out an exhausted sigh. He leans back against the mirror tiredly, wondering how he should survive the next hours of meeting with his costume designer and make-up assistant.

He is so preoccupied with his thoughts that he almost misses it how the door suddenly opens again. Someone has stopped them from closing in last second. Before Pi can even decide if he is annoyed not to be alone for his ride up to the tenth floor or not, a well-known person squeezes through the doors. Pi’s eyes widen in shock.

“Hi Tomo,” Toma says calmly with a little smile on his lips.

“Hi,” Pi answers, trying to return the smile.

For a while it’s silent between them until they reach the 2nd floor, and Toma turns around all of a sudden. “Pretty busy recently, hm?”

“Yes, I’m sorry,” Pi sighs. “It’s crazy.”

“Since months already?” Toma pushes the topic, and Pi can’t help the blush crawling over his cheeks.

“Yes, kind of,“ he lies, hoping that Ryo hasn’t told Toma how he was all free a few months ago, hanging out at Ryo’s place most of the time.

“I’m glad then that I caught up with you today. Your rehearsals went forever, you know? Longer than my own drama shooting. I almost dropped asleep waiting for you.”

Pi’s head basically snaps up, and he turns around. What? What? WHAT!? “What do you mean? Did you wait for me?”

“Yes.” Toma smiles brightly, and before Pi can even react properly to that revelation, Toma has already pressed the red button of the elevator.

It stops…

It fucking stops between 5th and 6th floor!

Pi can’t help but panic. He hates elevators, and on top of that he is stuck in one with Toma alone. “What are you doing!?”

“No worries,” Toma says a little too sweet. “30 minutes and they will come and reactivate it. I tried it before, I know it. So-” He leans back. “Any chance you tell me why you are avoiding me?”

“Are you nuts?” Pi breaths out, not able to hide his anger. “All this only because you want to talk to me?”

“Oh, please,” Toma loses his calm expression and frowns deeply. He looks almost angry. Considering this is Toma, who is always nice, it’s a little surprise. “Talking to you got freaking impossible during the last year, remember? Always too busy? Oh, come on!”

“It’s just-“ Pi pauses, not sure what to say or do. Hell, he doesn’t have any better excuse than work. And Toma doesn’t buy it at all, he knows that now.

“What?” Toma asks curiously. “I mean, if I did anything stupid or hurt you, please tell me, so that I can apologize. It drives me crazy not to know what you are thinking.”

Pi sighs. “You didn’t do anything. You are just perfect.”

Perfect?” Toma chuckles. “I’m not perfect.”

“You are,” Pi says. “For me.” The words slip his mouth before he even knows what he is saying. Damn it. He can almost see how Toma looks at him for a moment, eyes wide in surprise before the realisation seems to settle in.

“Ah,” Toma says in a matter of fact voice. “So that’s what it is about.” It’s so deadly silent afterwards that Pi thinks he can even hear the infamous pin dropping down. He is about to say something, but then Toma is suddenly standing right in front of him, one hand grabbing his shirt, the other curling around Pi’s neck. He tugs at Pi’s shirt firmly, and when Pi stumbles forward, he can feel lips pressed against his. It happens so fast that he has a hard time in grasping what’s going on. He can only feel Toma’s lips, slightly parted, his tongue brushing over Pi’s lips and demanding entrance.

It’s when Toma’s hand lets go of his neck and slips under Pi’s shirt that Pi gives in to the kiss completely. He parts his lips slightly, allowing Toma’s tongue to slip in while his own tongue joins the struggle for dominance. It’s a little more heated than his usual kisses are, but he enjoys it too much to complain.

Toma’s fingers start teasing and squeezing his nipples before his hand wanders downwards and opens the buttons of his trousers.

Pi draws back from Toma’s lips, panting heavily. “Here?” he mumbles. And: “Security cameras?”

“I asked them to be removed,” Toma mumbles and pulls Pi’s trousers down with one tug.

“You planned it,” Pi says in surprise. His heart jumps a bit at that revelation. It means that Toma probably likes him too. When he feels Toma’s fingers around his cock, his breath hitches slightly and he leans forward, kissing Toma’s long neck.

“Just-“ Toma tilts his head, fingers diving through Pi’s hair. “-don’t leave marks. ‘Kay?”

Pi smiles against Toma’s neck, and it’s apparently enough of an answer for Toma because he shifts his attention back to Pi’s cock, stroking it swiftly. Then his hand is away suddenly, and Pi can only hear how he seems to search for something in his bag. When his fingers are back around his dick, they are slick with lube.

“Turn over,” Toma mumbles and places a soft kiss against Pi’s lips. “Not enough time for long foreplay today.”

“Hm, next time?” Pi asks while he turns around, bracing himself against the mirror of the elevator. He is shocked himself at how flushed his cheeks are and how red his lips. His eyes are weirdly clouded too. Is that how he looks when having sex? He doesn’t have much time to ponder about it, because Toma’s slicked up fingers are suddenly inside his opening and Pi’s forehead drops against the mirror. He moans slightly, spreading his legs for Toma to have more space to move.

“It’s okay,” he mumbles when Toma adds a third finger. “I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?” Toma asks, planting a kiss on Pi’s shoulder. Pi can see how Toma’s hair is a little damp and his eyes are clouded with want. He looks so freaking hot.

“Yes,” he breaths out, Toma’s sight in the mirror making his head spin. “Just be glad that I’m not a virgin and do it already.”

Toma chuckles, and soon, Pi can feel the tip of Toma’s cock pressed against his opening. He forces his eyes to stay open, mainly to watch himself and Toma in the mirror. He can see how Toma’s cock gets buried deep inside him, and it’s so freaking hot to see it like that, that Pi’s own erection almost throbs painfully.

“Toma,” he breaths out. “I can’t move in this position. You need to-“

Toma nods, one arm wrapped around Pi’s waist now, the other starting to pump Pi’s cock in a sharp and fast rhythm. His hips snap forward in a steady speed, moans filling the little room. Pi doesn’t even know which moans are his and which Toma’s. He doesn’t mind it though because seeing himself in the mirror with Toma right behind him, and feeling Toma’s long fingers around his cock, are a little too much to bear. When Toma’s hand moves from his waist up to his chin, forcing him to look into their reflection in the mirror, he sees directly into Toma’s eyes like this, “You are so hot, Tomo, so freaking hot.”

Pi bites down on his lips, the sensations flooding him. It only takes a few more touches from Toma’s fingers, his thumb brushing over the tip of Pi’s cock teasingly that Pi comes loud and messily, all over Toma’s hand.

Toma follows shortly afterwards, and Pi lets him ride out his orgasm as long as he wants. For a moment they are both silent, only their panting filling the room. Then Toma let’s go of Pi’s waist, moving away a bit. He angles for his trousers, putting them on again. “Need help?” he asks while bending forward and helping Pi with closing the buttons of his jeans. “We should probably get cleaned,” he adds and places a kiss on Pi’s shoulder.

It’s then that they can hear a weird clicking noise and the elevator is  moving again. 30 minutes, exactly.

“Hm,” Pi sighs. “10th floor has a shower. Let’s head their first.”

“Yes,” Toma smiles. “And then let’s meet up later and deepen this talk.”

“Fine,” Pi smile.

“My place?” Toma suggests.

“Sounds perfect.”

Pi smiles. Perfect indeed.
Tags: genre: porn, l: one-shot, p: ikuta toma/yamashita tomohisa, r: nc-17
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