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Make a miracle! (Ohba)

Title: Make a miracle!
Pairing: Ohba
Rating: PG-13
Beta: ivenclaire
Summary: “You are the miracle boy of the group, aren’t you?” he smiles. “Then make a miracle!"
Note: For my dear yukitsubute! I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! <3

“KANPAI!” Aiba basically smashes his glass of beer against Ohno’s, giggling when he accidentally spills some of the liquid. He licks it from his fingers and grabs the glass again. With one sip, he swallows half of it. Ohno is even faster, he has emptied his glass before Aiba can even put his own down again.

They both giggle and Aiba fills their glasses once more. Then, however, he angles for the paper bag with the takeaway food. They bought some garlic chicken vegetable noodles from a tiny Chinese noodle shop before they went to Ohno’s apartment. The noodles are so sucked with oil and fat that the bottom of the paper is already all soft and Aiba has to steady it with his hand so that it won’t fall apart. The noodles are gross and good at the same time. It’s like their calorie requirement for one full day really, and he can almost imagine Jun’s disgusted face had he seen the weird brown consistency of the noodles and smelled the old fat they were obviously fried in. But Aiba weirdly likes them – reminds him of the days when he was still a teenager and grabbed junk food and cheap take away food like this almost every day.

“You know,” he sucks at some noodles so that the fat leaves sprinkles on the table and his shirt. “I’ve never been here before.”

“Hm?” Ohno looks at him through glassy eyes before he takes a bite from his spring roll.

“You just never invited me,” Aiba says and fakes a pout. “In all those years.”

“Seems so,” Ohno agrees, then he coughs, throwing an annoyed glance at the spring roll and spilling the rest of it down with a sip of beer.

“Is that all you have to say?”

“What do you want me to say?”

Aiba grins. “I want a proper apology and a proper make up offer!”

Ohno giggles in a totally not Ohno-like manner (thank you alcohol!) before he slips closer and curls his fingers around Aiba’s neck. Before Aiba can even react, he can feel Ohno’s slightly greasy lips – greasy from the food! – against his. He tastes like garlic and old fried vegetables, Aiba thinks, before he grabs Ohno’s shirt and kisses him back, not caring that his fingers leave traces of fat there.

When they draw apart, Ohno looks like he is in a daze. He rubs over his head, all pale all of a sudden. “I think I’m feeling sick,” he mumbles.

Five minutes later he is sound asleep.


Aiba has always loved to tickle Ohno’s nose while he was sleeping. It was a little habit he developed in their younger days – a little feather, his finger or a thin thread were enough to poke Ohno’s nose with or to brush over his cheek. Ohno never woke up because of it, but he always curled his nose a bit, lips tugging, sometimes a cute sneeze escapes his nose and a little grunt escapes his mouth. He would most likely even scratch the tickled body part and turn around. And at one point, snuggle against Aiba.

Back then it was all innocent and fun. And Aiba kinda wants it to stay that way. He touches his lips absent-mindedly, wondering what it was that just happened between them. How much did Ohno realize? How drunk was he? Aiba doesn’t want to put too many complicated thoughts into this. He wants them to stay comfortable with each other. The occasions they spend together, like today, when they have a drink, or two, or maybe eight, are so rare – he wants to cherish them, not ruin them.

Ohno is fast asleep, dozing off on his floor between some beer bottles and takeaway food. And Aiba just can’t resist it – he has to angle for a little thread and tickle his friend. The effect is the same as years ago, leading to the point where Ohno will cling to him. He does it unconscious, clearly, but the way his breath hits Aiba’s neck sends goosebumps over his back and makes his skin prickle slightly.

That’s new, Aiba thinks, when he leans back and stares at the ceiling. That’s new.


The next day Aiba helps Ohno clean up. It’s only then that he realizes that they have left a huge mess. Tons of beer bottles and their takeover food are spread all around the living room. When Aiba takes some bites from the noodles of last night, he grimaces. With the alcohol, the whole atmosphere and the sweet nostalgic memories gone, the noodles are really disgusting.

He grins when he reaches out his chopsticks with some old fatty noodles dangling down there. “Want some?” he asks sweetly.

Ohno chuckles in amusement. “Want me to throw up?”

“Well, it’s your apartment. So, your decision.”

Ohno grins and offers Aiba some of his own leftover food. “Want some spring rolls?”

Aiba stares at the slick-looking, cold spring rolls on the now almost too greasy paper plate. They smell exactly like how they look. If anything, they look even more disgusting than his noodles. “You know,” he finally gives in. “Let’s clean up and then go for breakfast.”

“Good idea.” Ohno agrees.

Ten minutes later, they head to a tiny cafeteria where they can have some tea and some fancy European breakfast. Ohno starts complaining about how he might gain weight if he eats too much and Aiba, of course, says one piece of bread won’t make him look fat.

They don’t talk about what happened yesterday night. Aiba doesn’t even know if Ohno remembers it.


Aiba decides that it was the alcohol. The reason why they shared this awfully wet and greasy and yet awesome kiss – pure coincidence, Ohno most likely mistook him for his beer bottle. And he is sure that the reason why his stomach suddenly fluttered when Ohno hugged him is the alcohol too. It’s Ohno after all. He is cute and nice and all, but also a friend since forever. Aiba doesn’t like him that way. He likes him in an all buddy-way. The same how he likes Nino (most of the time when he doesn’t tease him) or Sho (when he isn’t in his teacher mode) or Jun with his perfect onigiri and his band aid with unicorns (when he is not joining Nino’s teasing).

It’s all normal. And Aiba very much intends it to stay that way. He gives a mental nod to himself and turns around to look for his buddy.

“Where is Riida?” he asks in surprise when he scanned the whole changing room and found everyone else but Ohno.

Jun blinks. “Didn’t you hear how I asked the same question five minutes ago?”

“You did?”

Jun grins. “You even answered, Masaki-kun!”

Aiba is sincerely surprised at that. Was he really that caught up in his thoughts? “What did I say?”

“You grunted an I don’t know and added something pretty incomprehensible.”

Aiba nods half-heartedly. Was he really that much caught in his thoughts? Well, there was no taking back anymore, so no use to ponder too much. He throws his towel on the bench. “I’m going to look for him.”

“For who?” Sho asks with a confused look.

“You-“ Jun rolls his eyes. “-can’t be serious with that question!”

Aiba grins, glad that Jun jumped in for him and hurries outside. Jun being pissed at Sho is just the perfect distraction – no one will bother asking questions.


When he finds Ohno, the latter is in one of the rehearsal rooms - like they didn’t already work enough for today. Aiba enters the room silently, not to disturb his friend. Instead, he sits down at the other end of the rehearsal room and watches silently. Ohno has this very smooth way of moving, like every movement he makes when dancing looks so effortless. It’s a huge miracle to Aiba that Ohno manages to make it look so easy. He knows how much work it is to learn these dance steps, but with Ohno, it looks so effortless and simple.

This time though, something seems to be off. Ohno stumbles sometimes. There is actual visible effort in his movements and his reflection in the mirror shows quite some frustration in his face. That’s new, and it’s not normal.

When Ohno finally gives up and sits down on the floor, his head buried in his hands, Aiba starts to feel uncomfortable. It’s like he has witnessed something he shouldn’t have seen. He almost feels like he is prying on Ohno, even though he didn’t intend to at all!

It’s then that he decides he needs to dash forward and approach Ohno, so that he won’t look like a total heartless creep. He stands up carefully and walks towards his friend. Then he coughs. Ohno startles visibly, head snapping up and he spins around, almost dropping on his back while he does so. He tries to laugh it off though. “You almost gave me a heart attack, Aiba-chan.”

Aiba smiles and sits down next to Ohno. It’s freaking cold on the floor and he shivers slightly. “We shouldn’t sit here,” he complains.

Ohno nods, but Aiba isn’t quite sure if he really heard him. So he stays silent for a few minutes, only listening to Ohno’s soft breathing and the way his chest moves up and down from the exercise.

“How long have you been watching?” Ohno asks all of a sudden. Aiba feels a bit taken aback, because he hasn’t expected this question, not after they talked about something else.

“Well,” he stutters. “Like… a bit. Didn’t mean to pry on you though. I was just looking for you.”

Ohno nods and lets out a sigh. “I’m pathetic.”

“Hm-“ Aiba muses like he is seriously considering Ohno’s words. “I don’t see anyone pathetic around. Maybe that dude from today’s conbini who yelled at the clerk there – that was a pathetic guy. Right now, there is no pathetic person around.”

Ohno chuckles slightly. It’s weird but when Aiba sees how Ohno’s lips tug and this warm laugh escapes his lips, a fuzzy feeling spreads inside Aiba and he feels weirdly happy.

“Any chance you tell me why you feel pathetic all of a sudden?”

“You know-“ Ohno shrugs, then he leans forward, resting his forehead against Aiba’s. He is so close now that the fuzzy feeling inside Aiba turns into some sort of super-awkward, crazy, wizard-of-Oz-ish tornado. “-I can’t concentrate. I mean, this alone is no surprise, normally, but when I’m dancing I can always focus. But suddenly, I can’t. It sucks.”


Aiba decides he needs to watch out for Ohno. Ohno says he can’t concentrate, then he needs some help. As a friend, it’s his responsibility to make sure he is happy. Hence, he goes on a fishing trip with him on the weekend.

“You sure?” Ohno asks and eyes him warily. “It’s cold and probably boring for you.”

Aiba makes a dismissive gesture with his hand. “I’m prepared.”

He really is, because he brought several magazines with him and a book, his IPad and tons of food. Nothing can go wrong. The only thing he hasn’t taken in account though – he realizes later – is the cold. It’s autumn and the wind is freezing, and it’s even chillier when they are far away from the beach out at the ocean.

Aiba’s body is shaking slightly when he suddenly feels how Ohno throws a blanket around his shoulders. “You could go inside,” Ohno says softly. “It’s a little warmer there.”

“I’m fine,” Aiba presses out but his teeth are chattering weirdly. Embarrassing, really. Ohno laughs.

“Sure you are.” He grins and hands Aiba a thermos flask. “Hot tea?”

“You are just brilliant,” Aiba sighs and hugs the warm flask. With the blanket around his shoulders and the hot liquid running down his throat, he feels a bit better. Good enough to angle for some magazines. “Here,” he hands Ohno one. “Something about fishing.”

Ohno stares at the magazine for a while then he giggles. “Fishing? It’s a fashion  magazine for outdoor sports.”

“Seriously?” Aiba blinks and eyes the paper carefully, skimming through it. Damn it. Ohno is right.

“Where did you get it from?”

“I asked Jun for some good material.” Aiba blushes. Did Jun want to troll him a bit? No, Jun is not Nino…  Maybe he just seriously thought he wanted to dress up for his fishing trip. Aiba frowns. Sounds a bit like Jun wanted to indirectly help him – but why did he think Aiba wanted help? When he realizes that Ohno is still staring at him, he coughs. “I mean, Jun’s always so helpful and I thought I could ask him and-“

“Why are you talking about Jun all the time?” Ohno asks in all seriousness. Aiba blinks in surprise.

“Excuse me?”

“You talk about him a lot,” Ohno states, and Aiba isn’t sure if he actually means it as a complaint, a joke, or a mere statement. It’s freaking difficult to read through Ohno’s indifferent aura sometimes.

“But we like Jun,” Aiba states calmly. “He is one of our best friends.”

“Of course,” Ohno nods. “I love Jun. And I love Sho. And Nino. But I don’t talk about them all the time. You do.”

Aiba decides to take it as a joke or turn it into a joke. “Why? Are you jealous?” Something in Ohno’s eyes flashes. Aiba’s eyes snap open in surprise. “Can’t be,” he mumbles.  Before he can say something though, Ohno leans forward, kissing him carefully.

He tastes like green tea this time, not like awful takeaway food. There is also no alcohol involved this time. Aiba just does what comes into his mind first – he kisses him back. This time though, even before they end their kiss, Aiba’s thoughts swirl around like crazy. He can’t blame it on the alcohol this time, nor on the fuzzy atmosphere – because it was not fuzzy in any way – nor on any nostalgic memory. He can only blame it on himself or Ohno… whatever this means. He has no idea how he is supposed to react now.

Gladly though, he doesn’t need to think too much because right before he can feel how Ohno’s lips move away from him, something tugs at the fishing rod. Perfect distraction. Thank you.


Before Aiba can go for any drastic actions, Nino does, because that sadistic idiotic friend of his just decides to cling to him during all the upcoming rehearsals for the following week. “Ma-chan,” Nino sing-songs, hugging Aiba out of the blue and presses a wet kiss on his cheek. “What is my favourite miracle boy up to this week?”

“Nothing,” Aiba stutters and tries to shove Nino back a bit. But that sadistic prick just sticks out his tongue and brushes it over Aiba’s chin. “You had some chocolate sticking there,” he says, like it’s the most normal thing to do.

“You know, Kazu-chan,” Aiba tries to reason, while he feels how Ohno’s gaze basically pierces him from the other side of the rehearsal room. “Aren’t you with Jun?”

“Hm? Sure, I am,” Nino chirps and continues his annoying behaviour.

Even weirder and more annoying it is though that Jun just doesn’t seem to realize that his supposed to be lover licks at Aiba’s face all the time, like he is ice cream on a stick. In fact, Jun seems to be all calm and happy and friendly – especially with Ohno.

“Riida, you should watch out more for your health,” he hears Jun say to Ohno in all stern seriousness. “Let me massage your shoulders a bit.”

It feels weird to see them so close. Too weird. And Aiba feels bad for even having these jealous thoughts.

In a calmer minute, when Nino is distracted with the make-up lady setting his make up for a photo shooting and Jun is already taking some test shoots, Aiba asks Sho about it.

“What do you mean?” Sho asks in surprise and angles for his newspaper. “I haven’t seen anything weird.”

“Seriously?” Aiba gasps. “But Nino’s been all over me for the last week.”

“Oh,” Sho sends him an unusual soft smile. “Maybe he and Jun want to have a threesome and like to invite either you or Satoshi-kun?”

The mere word threesome out of Sho’s mouth sends a wave of shock through Aiba’s body. Shit, if even the stuck up Sho says something like that, it has to be freaking serious. He decides that he just needs to talk to Ohno about it.

He finds the latter in a rehearsal room. This time though, he doesn’t wait and watch, instead, he calls out a swift “Oh-chan!” immediately.

Ohno turns around and looks at him in surprise. And before Aiba can even hold back, he has already grabbed Ohno’s collar and pulled him into yet another unpredicted kiss. This time, Ohno tastes like coffee with sugar and he smells so nice that Aiba can’t help but wrap his arms around Ohno’s hips and pull him closer. Soon, he can feel Ohno’s cold fingers under his shirt and it makes him gasp a little – in a good way.

When they draw apart, gasping for air, Ohno looks at him, surprisingly serious. “Masaki,” he says. “What are we doing?“

“I don’t know,” Aiba says honestly. “I don’t know.”


Aiba decides that threesome or not, he needs to talk with the most dependable guy in their group – Jun.

“Listen, Jun-kun,” he starts when Jun hands him a glass of whisky lemon. “I like you and Nino-chan a lot, but seriously, I don’t think I would be in for a threesome, so I hope you understand-“

“Wait a moment.” Jun looks at him like Aiba has lost his mind. “What? Threesome?”

“Well, Sho said that you and Nino are probably looking for a threesome partner, that’s why you are both testing me and Oh-chan, to see if we fit your expectations.”

For a long moment Jun looks at him through wide-opened eyes, then, however, he drops down on his sofa, laughing so much that he is holding his sides. “No way? Sho-kun said that?”

“He did,” Aiba says, not sure if he should be annoyed now or amazed by the way Jun is basically curling over in laughter.

“Never thought he would be able to pull such a statement off and make it believable. I need to give him credit for that!” Jun coughs, sitting up again and taking a sip from his drink. He obviously tries to calm down a little. “Listen, I don’t want to have a threesome. And if Nino wants one, he should probably go and look for another partner because I am not in it.”

“Oh,” Aiba says and nods. Then he frowns. “Oh!”


Aiba sighs, rubbing his shoulder for a moment. It makes sense all of a sudden. “Don’t tell me you tried to make us jealous!”

“Did it work?”

There are probably a lot of things Aiba should say about that, like ask Jun how they could do something so childish or complain about being tricked, but in the end he has to grin. “Hell yes, it did!”

“Good, so what are your plans now?” Jun wants to know. He puts his glass aside and angles for an old bottle with nail polish. It’s a light rose. He takes Aiba’s right foot on his lap and carefully starts to put the colour on his toe nails.

Aiba watches him in amazement for a while before he shrugs. “I like him, I think,” he admits shyly.


“But isn’t it awkward? I mean, we are in a group?”

Jun snorts. “Yes, it’s a hell lot of awkward. Just like Nino and me. And it’s super-difficult and weird to mingle it with band activities and to still keep the public happy with girl rumours and stuff like that. But, so what?” He proceeds to Aiba’s other foot. “Do you want to ditch Ohno-kun for that reason?”

“No way!” Aiba says immediately. “I would feel bad to give up before even trying!”

“Well, see?” Jun grins and puts the nail polish aside. He is obviously happy with the outcome of his work. “You have quite some more courage than I do. Took me almost a year to make a proper decision.”

“ONE YEAR!?” Aiba breaths out. “Are you nuts to overthink it that much?”

“Hm-“ Jun smiles. “Maybe.” He pokes Aiba’s shoulder. “You are the miracle boy of the group, aren’t you?” he says. “Then make a miracle.”

Aiba can’t help a laugh.


“Takeaway ramen,” Aiba exclaims when Ohno opens the door for him and looks at him in surprise. “Bought from seven different shops. We need to make a list. You live in an awesome area and we need to find out where we can order from when I stay overnight.”


“Yes, you are an okay cook, but your forte is fish and I’m not always in a mood for that.” Aiba slips out of his shoes. “And I personally am, sometimes, just too lazy to cook.”


“So, we are starting with ramen today. We are rating the food from one to ten stars – the best one will be our main ramen takeaway place. Next time we’ll proceed to curry, then fried rice, then sushi.”

Ohno stares at him for a long while before it finally dawns on him. “But-“ he pauses, a wary smile curling around his lips. “Did you just say stay over?”

“It’s okay,” Aiba says calmly and takes Ohno’s hand. “Let the decision making be my cup of tea. I’m the miracle boy after all.”

“Fine,” Ohno says and laughs. “Let’s be uncomplicated. Ramen you said?”


“But you know, there are actually nine ramen shops around, not seven.”

“Oh, shut up!” Aiba smiles. “Then we have to start over immediately.”

“Mhm~” Ohno smiles, takes the plastic bags from Aiba’s hands and hugs him. “Just give me a moment before we call there and order from the rest.”

Aiba smiles and nods. Then he wraps his arms around Ohno’s small waist. “Of course,” he says.
Tags: genre: romance, l: one-shot, p: aiba masaki/ohno satoshi, r: pg-13
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