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Summer Cold (Juntoshi)

Title: Summer cold
Pairing: Juntoshi
Rating: PG15
Beta: smile_arigatou
Genre: romance
Summary: Ohno loves all the seasons, loves all colors, and his bandmates. Due to happenings in the past he is particularly protective over one of them though. Everything seems to be going smoothly recently, then however he develops that tight feeling in his chest and stomach. He believes it comes from a summer cold...
Notes: I haven't written Juntoshi since forever. OMG! Hope you'll enjoy this <3

Ohno loves everything about spring. It’s the way the flowers and trees start colouring the landscape and the cherry blossoms are falling down on him. The season of blooming life, like everything is just about to rush forward, to wake up from whatever sleep it had. He can even hear the rivers gurgling in his dreams when he closes his eyes – a melody of its own.

It reminds him of Jun’s smile when it’s honest and coming from his heart. When it’s healed and happy and true. Not broken, sad and detached, like it was once and it had burnt itself into Ohno’s mind.


A lot of years have passed but still it happens that Ohno sees that certain look in Jun’s eyes, this hint of tiredness and resignation that’s covered by a professional smile and a teasing, snarky comment.

It reminds him of that one time when he thought he was about to lose Jun to whatever demons were hunting him.

“It was an accident,” Jun’s 19-year old self had told him back then while he wrapped a towel around his arm. “An accident, Ohno-kun.”

“Promise?” Ohno had asked and tried to clean away the shards of glass and the blood that had dripped down on them.

“Yes,” Jun said but he hadn’t looked him into the eye. He was just eyeing the floor instead, eyes pinned to the shards of glass there.


If he has to describe himself, Ohno wouldn’t know what to say. He is already at a lack of words when he needs to say something in general but it’s even worse when he has to give an interpretation of himself, about himself. He is Ohno Satoshi, part of Arashi, likes drawing and sleeping. And?

It’s the others who gladly provide him with additional information, like Aiba saying Riida is so cute sometimes. Or Nino, who sometimes grins and calls him his favourite fish-addicted weirdo. Sho says he is truly artistic, hence a little different. And Jun? When he asks Jun about it, he normally states he likes Riida the way he is: as an honest airhead but when needed strong and reliable.

So, Ohno decides for himself, it’s his fellow members that give him colour. He can shine and be himself because they are around him. Each of them is so special and so wonderful that they radiate in shining colours, and it’s only within them that he can shine too, that he has a beautiful colour too.

And even though he doesn’t show or say it often, he feels very protective of his bandmates and their colours – he wants them to always sparkle. Never should the colour vanish from them, never should someone scrape it off. He is going to protect them.

“You  have that look again,” Jun grins and reaches out one of his chopsticks with a takoyaki ball stuck to it. “Here eat that!”

“Which look?” Ohno asks in surprise and opens his mouth.

Jun moves the Takoyaki forward, accidentally hitting Ohno’s cheek first. Some sauce sticks to it now. “The one where you look like the Predator.”

While Jun angles for a tissue to remove the sticky soy sauce from Ohno’s cheek, Ohno tilts his head, roaming his mind for something that gives him any hint who this Predator is. He has no idea, seriously. When Jun rubs the soy sauce from his face, he angles for his phone, google-searching it. He blinks at the pictures plopping up on his screen. “Did you just compare me to that ugly alien!?”

“No,” Jun goes back to picking up another Takoyaki, this time eating it himself. “Not at all. I just said the look in your eyes reminds me of one,” he explains while chewing.

Ohno is about to retort something similar charming when he suddenly realizes the relaxed smile circling around Jun’s lips and the soft gaze. So different to right before when he looked tired and overstrained. So, Ohno swallows his complaint down. If he needs to have the Predator-look for Jun to feel good, he won’t mind at all!


“Do you think I look like Predator?”

Nino laughs so much at that question that he even drops his Nintendo 3DS. “Like the one from the Schwarzenegger-action movie?” he asks, still giggling while he angles for his handheld console which slipped under the sofa.


Nino grins and switches his 3DS on again, sighing in relief when the save file loads. “Totally.”

Ohno pouts. “Stop making fun of me!”

“I’m sorry,” Nino snickers. “But I can’t take that question serious.”

“Jun said it!” Ohno points out.

This however finally gets Nino’s interest because he eyes Ohno curiously now. “J? When and why?”

“Well, we were talking,” Ohno explains and sits down next to Nino now, glad that his friend is finally listening. “And at one point I was thinking about something and then he laughed and said I had that Predator look in my eyes again.” He pauses, looking at Nino expectantly. But to his disappointment Nino just nods a little, breaths out a Hm and takes his game up again. He is tapping at his screen, apparently trying to get a monster down.

“Nino?” Ohno prods. “Say something!”

“Well,” Nino coughs. “So, he compared the look in your eyes with the one of the Predator. So what? Mad at him now?”

“No.” Ohno blinks. “Why should I? But do I really have the look of a Predator in my eyes?”

“Depends on the person you think about,” Nino says casually.

Ohno let out a exasperate sigh, feeling slightly frustrated now. “I still don’t get it.”

Nino throws him a glance that says so much, but still Ohno fails at reading it. He hates that. Nino can be an open book, say and show what he feels and thinks, but occasionally he closes the book up and nothing can be read inside it. “So,” Nino starts out of the blue. “How is J?”

“Okay I think, or rather: I hope. I don’t want to see him that broken again,” Ohno says and tilts his head, recalling the tired look in Jun’s eyes. When he turns his head towards Nino the latter just rolls his eyes. “What!?” Ohno huffs. “This is a serious topic.”

“Of course it is,” Nino’s voice is almost a little too soft. “Predator-san.”


Summer starts with the air around him getting thicker, warmer, with fog and dust covering the horizon of Tokyo. Humidity getting stronger each day. His body is getting heavier during this time and more tired – like he loses his strength to the rays of sunshine that mercilessly look down on him. However his senses wake up again when he is able to feel the cold water of the ocean, feel it on his skin, dive his arms and legs into the soothing wet. His skin gets a little tanned and during a very few occasions, he can watch his bandmates resting in the sun. Jun likes surfing, his body is covered in little glittering water drops whenever he steps out of the water again.

Summer is twisted.


Sometimes when Jun finds the time to cook, he prepares some onigiri for Nino too. Just because he is nice like that. It’s one of these times again and Jun comes to their rehearsals, eyes covered behind huge sunglasses because he hates mornings and it’s still 7AM. He takes a plastic bag out of his backpack and hands it to Nino with a laidback gesture. “Here, had some leftovers,” he mumbles like he just gave him a tissue he found on the floor. “And the others don’t like pickled vegetables and umeboshi onigiri.”

They all know it’s a lie and that he deliberately cooked for Nino. Nino plays along though. “Well, before you throw it away…”

Something inside Ohno’s stomach feels fuzzy for a moment before turning into a slightly pained feeling. He doesn’t get it at all. Damn it. What’s that tight knot in his belly about? He is probably growing a cold, amidst of summer. Thank you for nothing.


Sho stares at him like he lost his mind. “A cold? And why are you asking me about it now?”

“Well, you seem like you know more about what to do than Aiba and Nino,” Ohno explains calmly and drinks a sip from his tea he just bought at the cafeteria. It’s chamomile and lavender. He hates it. But for his health…

“Why don’t you ask Jun-kun?” Sho asks while he angles for something in his bag and hands Ohno some meds against his cold. “It’s all I have. Sorry.”

Ohno coughs a little, the pain in his stomach increasing a bit. “He would be too worried,” he says.

“Ah,” Sho says but Ohno is sure he actually wants to say a lot more. Before he can do so, Ohno decides him to beat him to it. “Say, Sho-kun, do you think Jun is feeling well?”

“Why?” Sho’s head snaps up immediately and he looks sincerely worried. “Did he say something or did something happen?”

“Just a feeling,” Ohno mumbles. “It’s a bit like in 2004.”

Sho’s eyes scan him for a moment, glancing in curiosity. “What happened back then? It’s the first time I heard about it.”

For a moment Ohno almost freezes in shock. How could he even let his guard down like that and slip in front of Sho? He has only ever told Nino what happened back then. Never Aiba because he would be too freaked out. And Sho? He probably would feel seriously guilty and sad then. “Oh, back then?” he says diplomatically. “He was a little down.”

Before Sho can ask anymore, Ohno pretends he needs to call his manager and takes his leave.


It’s a stressful time, yes, for all of them, but particularly for Jun because he organises their whole concert set-up. In normal situations Ohno is pretty confident to be able to read the signs – Jun’s signs – correctly but to his shock Jun appears one day so different than usual that Ohno wonders how he could have missed it. Tired and drained, he seems to be detached from the world on this day. And there is a cut on his wrist, it obviously bled just recently.

“What happened to your hand?” Ohno reacts immediately, earning him a surprised look from everyone because apparently he is supposed to be all sleepy and caught in his thoughts. Instead he grabs Jun’s wrist and turns it a little to look at the back of his hand closely.

“Nothing serious,” Jun smiles. “I cut vegetables yesterday.”

Ohno turns around, eyeing Nino. The latter just rolls his eyes but when Ohno keeps looking at him, he shrugs and steps forward. He has that teasing look in his eyes all of a sudden. “Why don’t you just admit that you wanted to take today off by getting hurt?”

Jun blinks. “Yes, Kazu,” he says particularly sweetly. “I just hurt myself, so I could pretend.” He takes a deep breath. “You idiot!” he huffs.

Nino grins and turns around to throw Ohno the glance of a winner. He is basically saying: See, told you, just an accident. Ohno nods and lets Jun’s hand go. He isn’t feeling really convinced though.


Ohno has overcome his cold, at least he thinks he has but then they have another rehearsal. All of them together. Jun’s there too – of course he is – sparkling in all his colours. To be specific he is wearing these tight black jeans and a red tank top. Hot, even in a guy’s eyes.

It’s when Jun turns towards Sho -  very unusual, at least over the last couple of years – and laughs with him, that the pain is back. That painful knot in his stomach. Apparently his cold isn’t gone.

However, this time he sucks it up, decides not to bother Sho or anyone else. Instead he goes for their dance routine, trying to put all his concentration into it – even though there is Jun in front of him popping out his hips lasciviously.

But it’s really not important.

Not at all.

Ohno almost doesn’t realize it because he doesn’t know that feeling. Suddenly his legs feel wobbly, his pant going heaver, until it’s dark around him.

When he opens his eyes again there is Jun hovering above him, deep worry in his eyes. Aiba is right next to him, looking similar worried. “Are you okay, Riida!?” Jun takes his arm and helps him to sit up. “I’ll bring you something to drink immediately. And later we’ll go for something to eat. Maybe you are dehydrated or haven’t eaten enough. Haven’t you felt well recently?”

“I guess,” Ohno mumbles. “I’ve caught a cold.” Out of the corner of his eyes he can see Nino and Sho rolling their eyes though before they exchange an annoyed glance.


Just like the cherry blossoms are raining down on him in spring, colouring everything around them in a soft pink, it’s the strong and intense-colored leaves that draw Ohno towards fall. Yellow, red, green – in rich colours. In late October the streets and the paths in the parks are covered with these colours. And when he walks through it he can’t even hear his own steps because it’s like the leaves swallow it.

Jun told him once that he likes fall too, likes to stroll through a park then and just enjoy the scenery. Ohno can completely understand that motivation. If he had to compare a season to each of his bandmates, he would say Jun is like fall. Strong and colourful and alluring, despite the hint of melancholy something shimmering in his eyes.


Ohno’s cold doesn’t get better. He has basically carried it through the whole summer months and now that fall approaches in fast steps it gets even worse. His heart gives him some problems too and sometimes he feels almost sick in his stomach.

Jun is still worried about him it seems because he drops him messages regularly, talks to him a lot and sometimes there seems to be a particularly genuine warm smile that graces his lips.

Considering that his condition gets worse whenever Jun is attentive, Ohno has only one suggestion where his mysterious sickness comes from. He decides to share it with Sho because Nino would only drop from his couch laughing and Aiba would go on about how cute and adorable and omg, I will cheer on you!

“So-“ Sho stares at him curiously when the waitress brings them their drinks. “-What did you want to talk about? I seriously am almost dying of curiosity!”

Ohno takes a sip from his sake. “I’ve had this weird condition, you know?”

“Yes, I know,” Sho says and there is this annoyed look in his eyes again. Similar to the one he exchanged with Nino a while ago, right after Ohno had his breakdown.

“It can only mean one thing.” Ohno looks at his bandmate and friend earnestly. “I’m not sure about it though.”

“Please don’t tell me again you think you are sick,” Sho grunts and looks like he is about to get up and leave the bar.

“No.” Ohno shakes his head. “But after watching my health closely and checking when it changes for worse, I’ve come to one conclusion: I think I might I like Jun.”

Sho stares at him like he has just told him he is about to become a Buddhist monk. “You only realise now?” he asks in disbelief.

“Well, I’ve never liked someone before, so I thought-“

“You sincerely thought you were harbouring a cold for five months?” Sho interrupts him, rubbing over his forehead with his hand.

“Yeah, first I did, then however as summer passed and I knew it couldn’t be an allergy or a summer-cold anymore, I decided having feelings for Jun are the only possible solution.” Ohno nods firmly, taking another sip from his drink. “It’s interesting though. I never knew that loving someone would be such a weird feeling. Is it always like that Sho-kun?”

Sho’s lips turn into an awkward smile. “Before I answer your question, I think I should call Aiba-kun now.”

“Why’s that?” Ohno wants to know.

“I just told him yesterday in a joke that he is the group’s main idiot, however, I need to apologize. He is definitely not the biggest idiot within Arashi!”

Ohno watches Sho, not sure if he will really call Aiba now or not but when Sho doesn’t move he guesses that it’s just been one of his weird jokes or lame teasing comments. But still he likes Sho in this twisted way that always leads Ohno to him when he needs to talk about something important. “I thought being in love would be a light and fluffy feeling.”

Sho sighs, lips twitching but he isn’t smiling or grinning now and Ohno is pretty thankful for that. “I guess it’s the uncertainty. The light and happy feeling will come when the other person loves you back.”

“Good to know.” Ohno nods.

“So, will you tell Jun-kun?”

“Tell him what?” Ohno asks.

Sho raises his eyebrows. “That you might like him, maybe?”

Ohno is seriously surprised at that question. “No, why should I?”

“So you are just going to do nothing?” Sho asks, eyes sparkling in both surprise and disbelief.

Ohno shrugs and with a sigh Sho drops the subject too. Ohno wonders if he should tell Sho that not telling Jun about his feelings is not the same as not doing anything. He will do something, he just doesn’t know yet what he should do.

“Do you think you might face a chance?” Sho picks the topic up again after a while, much to Ohno’s surprise. He has probably had the one or other drink too much.

“Do you?”

“Not sure, not good in reading Matsujun’s feelings,” Sho explains and looks away. “Never been good with that.”

Ohno nods, that’s probably true. Sho’s never had the right senses when it’s about Jun. To be honest, Ohno is glad he doesn’t get an answer from Sho to his previous question. Because, really, it’s not about a chance. That sounds so special and like it’s faith or something and Ohno doesn’t feel special in general. He wants to do things his way.


His way means he is just like always. He is not good with words anyway, and with big gestures. Besides his feelings are really not that important right now because Jun looks tired again, different than before summer though. This time there is frustration and exasperation and maybe even exhaustion in his eyes. He doesn’t talk much at the moment which makes Ohno even more nervous.

“Thanks for your hard work,” Ohno says casually when he is about to leave the green room.

It’s this hint in Jun’s eyes that his innocently spoken words seem to provoke. Something flickers and it washes over Ohno like a bucket with ice cubes. It’s present in his mind all of a sudden again, how Jun knelt on the floor many years ago, his right hand covered in strings of blood, tears in his eyes. They had the same look in them like Jun had right now.

It was an accident.

He can’t let the story repeat itself. By no means. It’s more important than anything else, more important than his own twisted feelings or the fact that Aiba stole his bento or that he can’t go fishing next weekend because there is a weather warning.

“Let’s go for something to eat,” Ohno suggest spontaneously. “I’m hungry.”

Jun stares at him for a while and it’s difficult to read what’s going on in there in his mind but suddenly Jun nods.

He drags Jun to a soba and fish food restaurant which Jun seems to be a bit sceptical about because the interior and the outside go through various stages of shady. However, the food is delicious, Ohno knows that. Jun will be convinced by it for sure, he likes soba after all and they have awesome, fresh-made tempura on top of that.

His intuition serves him right because Jun’s eyes light up the moment he takes the first bite of his messily looking soba. “Good,” he exclaims in surprise. “It’s actually good.”

Ohno grins. “You thought I would drag you to just any restaurant?”

“To be honest, yes.” Jun chuckles and dives his chopsticks into his bowl with soba again. He dunks the soba noodles into his sauce and eats them in one sip. “You seemed pretty-“ he pauses. “-determined. Like you needed to react fast.”

“Why do you think I was so determined?” Ohno wants to know while he bites into his tempura.

“That’s something you need to tell me,” Jun says calmly, his eyebrows slightly raised which gives him a questioning look. He looks cute like that. But then, almost everything about Jun looks cute in Ohno’s eyes, so he might not be the right person to judge that.

“Not today,” Ohno says when he realizes Jun’s still waiting for an answer.

Jun sighs but apparently he gives in. He isn’t looking all that content though, eyes having a thoughtful, wary expression. Ohno tries to save that look in his mind, to remember it – he is not good with reading people’s moods but he is good in painting them.

So first thing he does when he finally comes home, he angles for an empty canvas and draws Jun, draws his face and tries to copy that image from his mind on it. When he is finished he leans back, feeling like he understands Jun better now. When Jun dropped the subject earlier in the restaurant, he did so because he was scared. “What is it you wanted to tell me but couldn’t?” Ohno mumbles.

He angles for his phone and wonders if he should write Jun a message. But he really isn’t good with that kind of stuff – phoning, messaging… everything turns out kind of awkward. So he goes for the obvious third choice. Drops by at Jun’s place.

He still doesn’t have a driving license or a car and he can’t find a taxi, and subways are always so awfully dangerous to get exposed, so he just decides to walk. He is on his way for around 2 hours – with a stop at a little stand where they sell mochi – when his phone rings.

It’s Jun.

“Riida,” he can hear his voice through his phone despite the loud traffic nose. Jun seems to be taken aback though. “Where are you? It’s awfully loud – I hardly can hear you.”

“Am on my way to your place,” Ohno says honestly while he crosses the streets.

There are probably many questions Ohno expects Jun to ask now, like: Why? Or why didn’t you call before? How did you think it’s a good idea to drop by unannounced? Jun goes for something completely unexpected though: “Are you close? Should I already open the door for you?”

“Will be there in around 1,5 hours,” Ohno explains while walking a little faster now.

“1,5 hours!?” Jun breaths in sharply. “Where the hell are you, Ohno-san?”

“Somewhere around Shibuya.”

“Oh my… fuck! Are you stupid? That’s more than 1,5 hours of walk,” Jun huffs. “Why didn’t you pick a taxi?” A pause. “Okay, just go to a restaurant and send me the address. I’ll pick you up.”

Before Ohno can even protest, Jun has already hung up.


It’s definitely been the faster choice, Ohno has to admit that, when he sits in Jun’s living room not even one hour later. Jun prepares some tea for them.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Jun wants to know when he hands a cup to Ohno.

Ohno shrugs. “I wanted to tell you something in person.”

The look in Jun’s eyes is curious now. “And what?”

“Jun-kun, I just want to tell you, that whatever might bother you sometimes you can always tell me. You don’t need to hold back.” Ohno tilts his head, eyeing Jun insistently. “Back at the restaurant there was something you wanted to say.”

Jun swallows, obviously fighting himself. It’s clear in his eyes that he struggles. Then he lets out a sigh. “I want to know why you are so nice to me, always?”

Ohno shrugs. “I like being nice to you.”


“I’m worried sometimes.”

Jun frowns when he hears the last words. “Why? About what?” His frown seems to increase and his fingers grab Ohno’s wrist so that he can’t turn away. “I know you are, I’ve realized quite a while ago, but why?”

“It’s just my memory,” Ohno explains silently. “A memory of when I found you completely broken in a puddle of blood and with eyes so sad and tired.”

Jun gulps and it seems like for a moment there is shock and fear in his eyes. Then he recovers and takes a deep breath, before he looks Ohno into his eyes. There are feelings being reflected in them that Ohno hasn’t seen in a while. Jun has opened his eyes like he wanted Ohno to be able to see it all, not hiding anything back. “It was an accident, Satoshi-kun,” Jun says with emphasis.

“You said that too when I found you back then,” Ohno shrugs before he sits down on the floor opposite of Jun, looking at him directly now. “But you couldn’t look me in the eye.”

Jun lets out a sigh. “Truth?”

“Truth.” Ohno nods.

“Fine, it was an accident that I hurt myself,” Jun explains quietly. “But I did smash the glasses and the mirror with intent. So-“

“Hm?” Ohno blinks. “What do you mean?”

“I was so angry and sad that I threw some cups against the wall,” There is a slight blush colouring Jun’s cheeks much to Ohno surprise.
“And the mirror?” Ohno wants to know.

“I hit my fist against it, out of sudden emotions. Forgot that my hand might get hurt by doing that.” Jun takes a sip from his tea. “That’s how I hurt myself. Semi-accidentally.” He throws Ohno a sudden reproachful glance, anger sparkling in the beautiful depth of his eyes. “I can’t believe you lived all these years with thinking I would hurt myself or – worse – kill myself. What were you thinking!?”

Ohno looks at the other calmly. “Are you going to throw a cup into my direction now?” he asks, with a smile tugging at his lips.

“Pardon me?”

“I didn’t know you were the guy who would throw around cups when he was in a temper tantrum.” He chuckles and much to his liking Jun’s cheeks are suddenly coloured in a nice, shining peach-pink. It’s been forever since he saw Jun blushing for real. “It’s okay,” he reassures him. “I don’t mind it.”

Jun lets out a sigh and Ohno isn’t all that sure what he feels and thinks now but then he tilts his head to the side a bit and it’s all of an invitation Ohno needs. His palm wanders over Jun’s neck carefully.

“Something else you want to tell me?” Jun asks and his voice is unusually hoarse. “Or is it only pity?”

Now it’s Ohno’s turn to fight an inner battle right under Jun’s intense stare. He decides he needs more time to answer that. “It’s not pity. Never was! Ask me the same question again around Christmas, okay?”

He reaches out his hand, fingertips brushing over Jun’s cheeks softly. He is glad that Jun doesn’t move back. He just smiles a bit.


When Ohno thinks of winter, he doesn’t see the cold or the naked trees first. He sees snow and the ocean covered by a thick layer of ice. He sees warm teas and cosy sweaters. He thinks of ramen and shabu shabu and hot chocolate fondue. Of Christmas and hanging out in his friends’ apartments rather than going into bars. And of Jun wrapped in his fluffy, huge scarf.


Ohno decides he needs to get down to things before spring starts again. He can’t wait for another year. He shifts his gaze a bit and eyes Jun. The both of them are sharing a coat and a scarf right now while they are waiting for the light instructor and the choreographer to meet them.

Jun’s arms feel cold and freezy, he sneezes even a few times, so that Ohno angles for one of his hands, rubbing it slightly between his fingers.

“Your hands are warm,” Jun complains. “Why aren’t mine warm too?”

Ohno chuckles. “I’ll be warming them up,” he reassures him.

Jun nods and for a while their fingers are entangled. A slight blush crawls over Jun’s cheeks and he looks so freaking beautiful like that, that Ohno promises to himself he needs to paint a picture of that expression to always remember it.


Things develop in a pace Ohno isn’t used to. It’s like an elastic strap someone was holding back for all this time and once it’s set free, it starts rushing forward in a fast movement. He isn’t complaining about it though – it’s just new.

He already found out a while ago that during concerts things are different, feelings are exposed easier, the mood is heated up weirdly. He knows that from the few times he saw Nino and Aiba staring at each other intensely, and by the blush that crawls over Aiba’s cheeks when Nino is too close to him.

He has always understood that, because the concert’s mood is special and different. However, he has never believed it would happen to him.

Ten minutes, in which Aiba has his solo and Nino has his solo. And Sho. All three of them after each other, nervous and already preparing for the adrenaline rush. And it’s only Jun and Ohno behind the stage, supposed to rest for a few minutes.

They don’t. And Ohno isn’t sure how it happened but at one point he leans against the wall, feels Jun’s body against his and warm fingers under his shirt. “Your hands are warm today,” Ohno chuckles before he presses his lips against Jun’s slightly opened lips.

“Are you free for Christmas?” Jun asks after five minutes of decent snogging. His fingers are about to unbuckle Ohno’s belt, when Ohno puts his hand on Jun’s and stops him.

“Yes, I owe you an answer after all.” Ohno smiles. “And this here.” He points down at Jun’s fingers tugging at his belt. “We’ll save for then. Five minutes is not enough for a quickie.”

Jun chuckles, his breath warm against Ohno’s neck. He doesn’t answer but his lips brushing over Ohno’s cheek are answer enough.


Ohno doesn’t need to say it out loud, he has figured out as much already during his talk with Sho two seasons ago.

He somewhat knew and realized from the way Jun was fussing over him when he dropped down with his supposed flu anyway.  He tests Jun once more actually – during one of their rehearsals he slips, or rather pretends to, and really, Jun is at his side immediately.

When Sho is touching Ohno’s ankle to test if he got it sprained, Jun snaps at him. “Be more gentle. He might have something serious!” His eyes speak much clearer words though. Don’t touch him! Sho’s expression is something between amused and annoyed but apparently his soft side wins over and he lets go of Ohno’s leg and makes place for Jun.

During the following half an hour Jun massages Ohno’s ankle, sends Nino to fetch some ice to cool it and Aiba to the closest pharmacy. Sho is supposed to reorganise today’s schedule meanwhile.

When the others return, Ohno can’t help a happy grin towards them. By the glance Nino shoots him he should probably be scared to death but he doesn’t mind.

“Do you feel better now?” Jun asks warmly and his face is almost a little too close to Ohno.

Nino snorts. “Yes, are you feeling well again, Satoshi-kun?” he asks sweetly.

“We are very concerned,” Aiba chirps and sounds a little too happy to be really teasing. He even shows Ohno a victory sign when Jun isn’t watching.

“Yes.” Sho nods earnestly, a very serious expression on his face. “We should be careful. He might have an inner bleeding…”

Ohno doesn’t mind their teasing. He likes it even a little because Jun’s cheeks are a coloured in a faint rosé now.


What Ohno likes with the change of seasons is easily described. He likes the change. The atmosphere, the people, the way their voices sound, the way the scenery changes, it’s all different. At the same time some things remain how they are, some, however, adapt and change slowly together with the seasons.

When Jun feeds him with some self-made Tamagoyaki – he has prepared a whole menu, including Gyudon, Temakizushi, side-dishes and Nabe – the feeling inside Ohno’s stomach doesn’t remind him of a flu anymore. Instead it’s warm and cosy and sends goosebumps over his skin because he is just so freaking happy.

“If we eat all that, we won’t have much strength for sex,” he mock-complains.

Jun grins. “So you want to have sex?”

“Hm~” Ohno licks his lips. Jun’s food is freaking delicious. “It might be an option. After all you didn’t finish your job two weeks ago backstage.”

“Anything else you want to say?” Jun asks and draws circles around Ohno’s mouth with a chopstick-full of Gyudon.

Ohno nods and opens his mouth to eat what Jun is offering him. “Yes, let’s continue this.”

“This?” Jun chuckles.

“This!” Ohno says with empathize. “It just so happens that I like it. You.”

The smile that graces Jun’s lips after these words and the way his eyes radiate happily, Ohno knows he has won because Jun’s never shone in so many beautiful colours before. Radiating, rainbow colors in all kind of shades.

Ohno will definitely protect them.

A/N: It's been so long since I wrote Juntoshi. I can't believe it OO I love them, they are one of my OTPs. Definitely need to write them more again :D
Tags: genre: fun/light, genre: romance, l: one-shot, p: matsumoto jun/ohno satoshi, r: pg-15
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