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Me without you Chapter 4 (Junba, Sakumiya)

Title: Me without you 4/?
Pairing: Junba (main!), Sakumiya, Ohno/?, others possible
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance
Plot: Although they are both young students at college, both the youngest brothers within three, and both part of high society, there are worlds between Jun and Masaki. Jun comes from a rich, traditional and conservative family, while Masaki's family gained wealth and fame by luck. Masaki is cheerful and enjoys life to the fullest. Jun is unusually earnest and distanced. Although part of the same glamorous world, their paths would have never crossed, they would have never even talked, but then Masaki's brothers decide he needs to catch up with his studies, and hire Jun as his tutor. With being so different it seems they will never get closer, until they realize that they both hold a sad secret.
Note: This is dedicated to yukitsubute. I had (and still have) a lot of fun writing this, and I wonder where it takes me to. I can promise you some fluff, some fun and some drama (the usual ^^) There might even be some hurt & comfort.

Jun has a recurring nightmare. He dreams of it regularly. Sometimes the images won’t flood his mind at night and instead hover above him like shadows, but at least once a week he dreams of it. He sighs deeply when he sits up in his bed, sweat sticking to his forehead.

When Jun pats down to the first floor into the kitchen to grab himself a tea or some water and to make his mind relax, he is surprised to meet Sho there.

“Sho-san?” he stutters.

“Jun, you are still awake?” Sho looks at him in surprise. “Don’t you have an important exam tomorrow, kid. You should sleep.”

Jun opens the tab and takes a glass to fill it with water. “I couldn’t sleep,” he explains shortly, annoyed that Sho reminds him of his exam. Now it’s not only his nightmare bothering him but the exam too. How is he going to manage to do well when he doesn’t sleep the whole night, distracted by those horrible images?

“You are just nervous,” Sho suddenly says, standing next to him. He opens the fridge and takes a bottle with milk out of it. To Jun’s mere surprise he puts some into a cup, adds honey to it and warms it up in the microwave. Jun stops it after one minute so that it won’t boil over. Sho seriously is the biggest mess in a kitchen.

“Here,” Sho says when he takes the cup out of the microwave. “It might calm your nerves. You have studied well, right?”

Jun nods. Of course he did. Why does Sho even ask?

“Then you don’t need to be nervous,” Sho states in a matter-of-fact tone. Hopefully he doesn’t believe he is being comforting right now? If yes, he does a horrible job at it. But Jun decides to give him the props for at least trying. “You are a good kid,” Sho adds awkwardly.

Jun has to smile a bit. “Thank you,” he says and takes a sip from the milk. He doesn’t tell Sho that he couldn’t sleep because of a nightmare, because it would lead to questions. And he wouldn’t be able to answer them honestly. And then more questions would come.

No, it’s better that way, he decides when he heads back upstairs.


Takuya and Sho look through the folders in front of them, while Jun tries to look like he knows what they are doing, and like he actually has something to contribute. He doesn’t mind these Sunday afternoon meetings at all. It’s true that it’s an obligation for them, actually, meeting every week on Sunday at 5PM for joint dinner and for talking about the family businesses from the last week and the plans for the upcoming ones. Only excuse to be absent is a severe illness or an emergency at work. Jun doesn’t mind joining these Sunday evenings though, he doesn’t really question them. He is at home anyways.

Jun tugs a bit at the sleeves of his green yukata. It’s a more comfortable and casual one, but still it feels a bit weird to him to wear it at home. Since Sho and Takuya always wear a yukata on their Sunday evening meetings though, he decides he has to do it too.

“There is the dinner party on Friday,” Takuya looks through his schedule planer with a frown. “I hope to see you two there. You didn’t forget, did you?” When Sho and Jun both shake their heads, he nods contently. “And then I have to attend the presentation of the support funds for this year’s cultural programs.”

“Do you want one of us to accompany you, Takuya-san?” Sho wants to know.

“No, it’s not necessary. It’s merely a presentation, but there will be the financial report of the last term in our bank on Thursday. If one of you would accompany me, it would be great.”

Before Jun can answer, Sho nods. “Jun probably has a class as it’s morning, so I’ll go with you.” Jun frowns, trying not to glare at Sho for not even asking him.

Takuya nods and makes a note into his schedule. “We have to donate to one of the foundations the executive board supports,” he explains further.

Sho tilts his head. “We donated to the orphanage last month. I would like to donate money to them again.”

“Yes, shortly before Christmas they for sure need it,” Takuya agrees. “We could also consider the society for the improvement of the cityscape for renovating the library. Let’s donate to both of them.” He pauses, a thoughtful expression on his face before he turns to look at Jun directly. “What do you think? Is there an organisation or a project you would like us to support?”

Jun is taken aback by that question. It’s unusual for them to ask for his opinion directly, and like every time Takuya and Sho want to know his opinion, he feels nervous. But he doesn’t want to let this chance slip, so he swallows down the lump in his throat, and nods carefully. “There actually is,” he says tentatively.

Sho looks at him in interest, at least Jun hopes it’s interest. “And what kind of project is it?”

“The university is expanding the scholarships for the poor students with good results, so that they can study at a well-respected university like mine,” he explains, his heart jumping slightly at the thought of finally being able to contribute something… even if it’s actually Takuya’s and Sho’s money. “I have lots of wealthy co-students who don’t have any ambition, so I thought it would be nice to support those who actually want to get a good education, but can’t.”

The words education, opportunity and good results basically put light into Sho’s eyes. Jun is sure he would agree to anything that is remotely connected to these topics. To his relief, Sho indeed nods. “This sounds like something I would love to support too,” he says contently, and much to Jun’s own dismay Sho’s approval actually makes him happy.

“Good,” Takuya agrees, eyeing Jun through these always awake eyes of his. It’s like he sees everything and knows everything. “And?”

Jun blinks. “Excuse me?”

“There is something else you are interested in,” Takuya states.

How the hell does he know!? Jun hardly ever talks to someone about family business and the money they donate, or who he wants to support, so no one could have blabbed. It’s like Takuya is a psychic. “It’s not that important,” he says immediately.

“Why not?”

“It’s just a small thing,” Jun explains nervously.

“Let me be the one who judges that,” Takuya answers.

Jun sighs inwardly. There is no escaping that guy. “The theatre, ballet, and orchestra club at university still needs sponsors for their production this year,” he explains nervously. “It’s just a small project though, and-“

“Culture is important,” Takuya interrupts him. “I don’t see why we shouldn’t think about small projects too.”

“Really?” Jun asks in surprise.

“Yes.” Takuya looks at Sho. “What do you think, Sho?”

“I see nothing wrong with it,” Sho agrees, and Jun isn’t quite sure if he really agrees or if he only agrees because Takuya does. It’s always difficult to read Sho, but apparently he doesn’t seem to be against it either, because he even smiles slightly when the maid brings them their dinner, hence interrupting their talk. “Duck,” he says contently. “We didn’t have this forever.”

Jun smiles at the maid. “It really looks good, Kashigawi-san” he tells her.

“Thank you, young master.” She smiles proudly before she retreats, and Sho looks at him in surprise.

“You really always remember the maids’ and the other subordinates’ names?”

Jun frowns. “Is that wrong?” he wants to know.

“No,” Sho says. “I’m just surprised.” He is about to say more, when Takuya takes his chopsticks.

“Let’s eat,” Takuya says, looking at the plates in front of him in interest. “We are all hungry, it seems.”


The family credo! It pushes Masaki to actually try harder than the last time. So, Jun probably didn’t like the coconut-cookies he made, maybe he likes chocolate more? Sweets always break the ice after all. He still doesn’t have much motivation to get to know Jun though. It’s  not because he dislikes him, but because he finds it really difficult to talk to him. Jun is everything he isn’t. And the other way round. He is sure that if things went their normal way they would have never talked with each other. But unfortunately, thanks to Satoshi, they now have to hang out with each other and Jun has to teach him, and Masaki can’t allow himself to get distracted by feeling inferior to this guy. Jun is younger than he is, but far ahead in his studies, he is serious and beautiful, and obviously everyone thinks he is dependable. Unlike Masaki. He knows it’s not Jun’s fault for being the way he is, but-

“This Jun is quite pretty, isn’t he?” Shingo interrupts his complicated trail of thoughts. He has offered Masaki to help him with baking. “Ah, I wish I would be young again,” he sighs dramatically. “I want to woo a pretty guy too with self-baked cookies. In my age you can only woo someone with a thick credit card, an expensive car or caviar in martini. I hate caviar, I love my dirty car and why should I borrow someone I don’t know my credit card?”

“I don’t want to woo anyone,” Masaki argues, not able to hide the annoyed tone in his voice.

Shingo ignores him, smiling dreamily. “19 years young, falling in love with your pretty teacher. How romantic~”

“He is not my teacher,” Masaki huffs. “He is just tutoring me, for money, because apparently he lives for his studies and has no other hobbies!”

“Look how you pretend not to get along with him,” Shingo winks suggestively.

God, he can be so stupid sometimes, ignoring everyone else around him and just walking through a room like a tornado. “I don’t get along with him,” Masaki tries it another time. “He is hardly talking to me when I try to chat with him to break the ice! He also didn’t eat my coconut-cookies last time. I think he didn’t like them and-“

“He didn’t like your cookies,” Shingo asks in serious shock. “Everyone likes your cookies!”

“Yes, that’s why I-“

“Masaki!” Shingo says, suddenly all earnest. “You need to melt this guy’s heart! Fight!”

“Jeez,” Masaki lets out a deep sigh. “Fine,” he grumbles. “I’ll fight. Can you please go now and help Satoshi instead? He is trying to put his painting supplies into an order. I think it’s a complicated task.”

Shingo chuckles and looks so mischievous that even Nino would have been scared of him, but to Masaki’s relief he indeed leaves him alone. It’s only a few minutes later that Masaki realizes that he doesn’t feel tensed anymore. What was he wondering about earlier? He blinks a few times. Well…  he shouldn’t overanalyse things.

He chuckles slightly while he dips the cookies into a thick chocolate sauce. Shingo has a very unique talent to distract people. His laidback silliness is probably the best trick he can use. That’s why everyone loves him so much. He lights up every atmosphere, and before someone even knows he is engulfed in a silly talk about something ridiculous.


Masaki tries to make some small talk. He has offered Jun his perfect chocolate cookies. Okay, they aren’t perfect, but at least very close to his ideal of cookies. But again, Jun took only one cookie, put it on a handkerchief next to his pens and books, and didn’t even touch it.

Small talk is the last resort Masaki has to talk to Jun and get to know him better. “Are you going to this dinner party on Friday?” he wants to know, smiling at Jun.

Jun nods. “Of course. My brother is one of the guests of honour. I can’t miss this event. It would be an insult to his achievements otherwise.”

Huh? “Well,” Masaki stutters, trying to find a way to understand Jun’s approach of life better. What a complicated guy. “Of course.” They both fall silent afterwards, and Masaki is about to give up when the door suddenly opens.

“Do you boys want to eat something?”

Masaki rolls his eyes when Shingo and Satoshi peek into his room where he is currently with Jun. It’s too obvious that they just wanted to take a look at Jun. Jun however bows politely in his well-educated manner that never seizes to intimidate Masaki.

“I’ve made cookies,” Shingo continues, his eyes basically staring Jun down in interest. Jun for once reacts like a human and squirms around a bit.

“No you haven’t,” Masaki exclaims and throws a plushed dolphin in Shingo’s direction. “I know because I made the cookies!”

Shingo dodges the dolphin skilfully and throws it back at Masaki. “Okay, I just wanted to check out your young teacher,” he says straight-forwardly.

Jun looks up in surprise. “What…” He is so obviously taken aback by Shingo’s approach that Masaki has to grin inwardly. Hah! So much about that never-ending stoic expression.

Satoshi throws Shingo a reproachful glance. “We wanted to get to know you, Jun-kun,” he says in his typical calm voice that makes everyone relax immediately. “Thank you for helping our little brother. We entrust him to your care.”

“Thank you for your faith in my abilities. I hope I won’t disappoint you, Satoshi-san,” Jun answers politely. He holds his pen so tightly though that Masaki is almost a bit afraid he will break it accidentally. It’s like he is nervous as hell.

“Say, Jun-kun,” Shingo starts non-chalantly, ignoring the previous exchange between Jun and Satoshi. “Your oldest brother’s name is Takuya, am I right?”

“Indeed,” Jun looks up in surprise, relaxing his fingers around the pen. “Do you know my brother?”

Shingo grins suggestively. “Oh, how I wish I would. He is some hot sh-”

Before he can continue and embarrass Masaki any further, Masaki throws the plushed dolphin at him again. This time Shingo doesn’t doge it. He laughs though. “Do you also throw things at your brothers, Jun-kun?” Shingo wants to know with a broad grin.

“No,” Jun answers simply.

“Yeah,” Shingo agrees. “The mere thought of someone throwing something at Takuya-san is already quite threatening.”

Masaki wonders when Jun will have enough and just glare Shingo down for his stupid talk, just like he does it with Masaki sometimes, but much to his surprise, Jun smiles slightly and puts the pen aside. “Yes,” he says. “It would be awkward indeed.”

“Would he throw the something back at you?” Masaki wants to know curiously.

“No,” Jun explains, surprisingly open. “I think he would just stare at me through these intense eyes of his, and say nothing at all.”

“Scary,” Masaki exclaims with a chuckle. “But I’m sure he is a nice guy.”

Jun lets out a sigh that’s a mix out of frustration and amusement. “You are saying that about everyone, aren’t you?”

Masaki blushes. Yes. “No, of course not.” He almost fears that Shingo or Satoshi will butt into his talk again, but to his relief his two brothers apparently retreated, and only left a tray with fresh tea for them on the table. “You think I’m an idiot, am I right?”

“Did I ever say that?” Jun asks firmly, furrowing his eyebrows.

Masaki sighs. “No, not directly. But be honest, you think I’m naïve, at least.”

“Is it important what I think?” Jun wants to know, furrowing his eyebrows further. He doesn’t look angry though, rather thoughtful and serious.

“That’s not it,” Masaki lets out an exasperate sigh, wondering for the hundredth time why every talk with this guy was so complicated. Why couldn’t he be like Nino? Or Kame? Or even Shingo? He could deal with loud and nosy. He could deal with sarcasm and teasing. He could even deal with slight bitchiness. But Jun’s cold behaviour is something he doesn’t know how to handle.

“We shouldn’t argue,” Jun points out. “Let’s rather concentrate on the preparation for your maths exam.”

Argue!? Is this really arguing for Jun? When Shingo argues with someone he will get really annoyed and really direct. When Satoshi argues, he will become deep serious and suddenly intimidating. And Masaki himself could actually even yell and cry. But apparently their definitions of arguing differ. Like everything else they think or do.


“Is everything alright?” Nino asks him while Shingo’s chauffeur takes them to the dinner party.

Masaki bites down on his lips nervously. “I’m not sure,” he admits.

“Is it because of this Jun-kun?” Nino wants to know with a frown. How does he manage to do that? Look into his mind directly.

“You are a psychic,” Masaki complains.

“I wish I was,” Nino smirks. “I just know you so long already that it’s easy to read your mind.”

“So, how did you know?” Masaki wants to know.

“You are down, and the only person you have a hard time to get along with is him. Besides you just met him two days ago.” Nino pokes his forehead and grins. “So much about me being a psychic. Maybe I should buy a crystal ball and take money from you next time.”
Masaki laughs. “I can totally see you doing that.”

“So,” Nino asks in open interest. “What’s the problem?”

“I don’t know,” Masaki says, and really… he doesn’t know. He just knows that there is something, and that no one has ever gone under his skin like Jun does. He doesn’t even understand it, maybe because Jun is… Oh, hell, what does he know?

He decides for himself that he doesn’t want to think about that guy anymore, instead he wants to focus on his friends and family, and the party ahead of them. He loves parties after all, although this is a dinner party, and he is supposed to pay attention to certain etiquette, but well… it’s still a party, right?

When they enter the huge building, they immediately meet Kame and Kazama, who are hiding in a corner of the huge hall, looking pretty intimidated.

“I can’t believe you made us all join you,” Kame grins slightly. He nods thankfully when Masaki hands him a drink.

Nino lets out a deep sigh meanwhile. “I hate gatherings like this.”

Masaki checks his tie nervously. “I’m not feeling so comfortable either.”

“Is it really alright for me to be here?” Kame asks. “My parents aren’t that wealthy. At least not in comparison to your family or the other people here.”

“Satoshi and Shingo put you on the guest list, don’t worry.”

Masaki looks around curiously. Before he can say anything though, he sees Jun. he can’t help but stare at him, drawn into the image in front of him. The suit he is wearing is not all black but mixed with violet and embroidery, and his shirt is white. He looks dazzling and fashionable, like out of a different world. A young woman clings to his arm, tall and slender, in a dress that suits his, and Masaki is sure that he has already seen her gracing some covers of expensive magazines. Everything about Matsumoto basically reeks of class. High class, and suddenly Masaki feels out of place.

“That’s him,” he mumbles.

Kame follows his gaze and nods. “Yep,” he sighs. “Way to make us feel inferior. It’s like he does it on purpose.”

“He doesn’t even know that we are coming,” Nino points out and rolls his eyes. “You guys freak out over nothing.”

Kazama turns around curiously, and Masaki can see his eyes widening. “That’s your tutor!?” he huffs.

“SH!” Kame makes.

“Yeah, he isn’t ugly at all,” Nino analyses dryly. “I was obviously wrong.”

Jun greets a tall guy with broad shoulders and brown, long-ish hair who is one of the honour guests of the gathering, it has to be his oldest brother. “Am I the only one with an otherworldly experience feeling?” Masaki wants to know.

“Definitely not,” Nino says quietly. “They look extremely… let’s say: earnest. Is he like that when he tutored you?”

“Minus the one million yen suit,” Masaki explains casually.

“You do realise you have to say hello at one point,” Nino points out mercilessly. “I would. He looks like the type of guy that likes etiquette.”

Masaki lets out a dramatic sigh and rolls his eyes, making the others laugh. He has to laugh himself too. Being with his friends always brightens his mood. Fine, he needs to get this over with immediately, as long as he feels motivated and in a good mood, and has courage.

When Jun’s pretty female company leaves for the restroom and that Oguri-guy goes to the bar, Masaki uses the moment that Jun is alone and walks towards him. “Jun-san!” he calls out in what he hopes is a friendly and warm tune.

Jun bows his head slightly. “Masaki-san. So, you came?”

Masaki generously ignores the –san behind his name, although it makes him feel awkward as hell. Instead he looks around in awe. “Well, my brother – Shingo – was invited and took Satoshi and me along. It’s a nice party.”

“Hm,” Jun makes and looks around as well.

“I’m sure you are really proud of your brother,” Masaki ignores the reserved way Jun answers him.

Jun looks at him in surprise. “Well, yes, I guess. My brother is very talented and smart.”

Masaki nods, signalling that he is listening, but when nothing more comes out of Jun’s mouth, he decides to feed him with more questions. Why does he only answer so shortly. “You know I like parties,” he jokes.

Jun nods. “Yes?”

“Eh.” Masaki blinks. He has not expected a question in return. “I’ve never been to such an event though. There is really nothing missing here.”

“It isn’t?” Jun asks in return, slowly aggravating Masaki with his weird suggestive inquiries. He isn’t even sounding impolite or anything, but Masaki just feels incredibly stupid next to him.

“I think it’s perfect,” Masaki tries it with another joke. “Just like my life.”

Jun furrows his eyebrows and checks Masaki from head to toe. “Your life is perfect?” he wants to know, and finally there seems to be real interest in his voice.

“There is nothing missing,” Masaki points out with a smile.

“So there is really nothing missing in your life?” Jun wants to know.

Masaki nods, slowly starting to feel uncomfortable. Jun has these intense eyes, and all of a sudden Masaki worries about what he might truly see when he looks at him. He wonders if he can see more than Masaki shows and wants to show.

Jun looks at him through these dark eyes of his, before he shrugs. “Is that so.” he muses. “Then you are truly admirable.”


Nino tries to repeat it mantra-like in his head… that he likes to be here. It’s not a real party, it’s an event, so… although there are people, he doesn’t need to freak out over the loud music and all of that… and there is food, free food, and good drinks, and his friends… and…

Oh dear, who is he kidding!? He hates parties. It’s suffocating in this room with so many people… like he feels claustrophobic immediately, loud enough so that his ears vibrate, and it’s draining to have so many awkward talks here. Even those stupid college parties are more relaxing than this here. Does that Jun-guy, and actually even Satoshi and Shingo, really have to attend such events regularly?

It’s so-

“Excuse me?”

Nino spins around in surprise. Did someone talk to him? When he looks directly into two huge brown eyes, he blinks slightly. Does he know that man? His eyes wander over the guy’s face, eyeing his round-shaped face, his pretty nose, and plump lips, and those big eyes. Nino blushes at his own thoughts. God, he really needs to accompany Masaki to one of his parties next time, he definitely needs to get laid if even looking at a somewhat decent looking guy already makes him daydream. “Yes?” he asks politely, remembering that the guy apparently knows him.

“Could you bring me another glass of white wine, please.”

Nino’s dreamy feelings are washed away immediately. “What?”

“Please, no late vintage,” the guy continues. Nino is stunned for a moment, not able to say anything, while the guy just stares at him, pulling his eyebrows up when Nino doesn’t react. “Did you hear me, young man?”

“Do I look like I work here!?” Nino blurts out all of a sudden, feeling embarrassed, angry and upset all at once. What the hell!? He looks fine in his outfit, doesn’t he? Okay, he knows it’s not the best suit, because he hates shopping although he has the money, but his family never cared for things like appearance. And now this guy here makes him look like the biggest idiot ever.

“You aren’t?” the man blinks in surprise, then an apologetic smile appears on his lips. “Please forgive my mistake then,” he says.

“Just forget it,” Nino huffs, and turns around to stomp off. He seriously needs to let off some steam, he decides. Maybe he should flirt with someone here, to show it to that annoying ass that he looks fine enough to be a guest!

He needs to talk to Masaki first! When he runs around the corner of the corridor, searching for Masaki, they bump against each other. “Here you are,” Masaki calls out, looking so pissed that Nino almost forgets his own anger. Masaki? Angry? Impossible. “Restroom, now!” Masaki orders, and all Nino can do is nod and follow him.

Masaki apparently only waits for the door to get closed, before he starts his rant.  “This freaking ARROGANT idiot!” Masaki yells out. “What does he know!? How dare he look at me like he knows me!? Mr. I’m so perfect. No one can live up to my high expectations. With this bursting confidence and that stuck up behaviour and… and every time he comes I prepare cookies, and he never eats them. I suppose they aren’t good enough for his extinctive taste!” He lets out an exasperated sigh. Nino isn’t sure what to say about it, he wonders why the hell this guy gets so much under Masaki’s skin. It’s not even remotely like Masaki to snap like this. “He didn’t even eat the cookies I made,” je repeats exasperated, sounding sad all of a sudden.

Nino frowns, surprised enough by his friend’s outburst to forget being sarcastic. “Why does he get under your skin so much, Masaki?” he asks softly. “Why do you bother? It’s just a guy. Any guy. Did he say something to you? Was he mean?”

“No,” Masaki smiles bitterly. “He is nothing but perfect. Come, let’s go to the others.”

Nino sighs slightly while they leave the bathroom. It’s rare for Masaki to explode like that. He grabs his arm before they can return to the huge hall. “Okay, Masaki, I know something is horribly off. So what is it?” Nino whispers. “Why are you so upset over him?”

“Because…” Masaki looks tired all of a sudden, almost drained. “He is so… so… I don’t know…”

“Yes, you do! What is he?”

“He is so perfect,” Masaki admits. “Unlike myself. He is everything I should be, but can’t.”

“Since when do you talk so much garbage?” Nino wants to know, feeling angry at Masaki belittling himself. He is so great, how can’t he see it!? “You are perfect the way you are! You-“ He is about to say more, but when he sees Kazama and Kame approaching them, he shuts up again. This is not the right place for a discussion, definitely not.

While Masaki chats with their friends, Nino’s gaze wanders through the room. His eyes meet the guy with the plump lips, and he can’t help but stare. When their eyes meet, he blushes furiously and turns his head away, looking at the restrooms.

The door opens slightly, and Nino’s blood almost freezes in his veins. The person that comes out is clad in a dark purple coat and black trousers… and… oh my fucking god, did he hear Masaki’s outburst!?

Jun’s eyes rest on their group for a moment before he turns away abruptly and joins the girl he came to the party with.

Nino can’t help but stare at the young guy in shock, not sure what to say or do now. Should he maybe approach him and talk to him and tell him Masaki has a… a… multiple personality? Fatal illness that causes him to lose his nerves? A dramatic past? A… something…

Masaki seems to realize his weird daze. “Everything alright, Nino?” he asks softly, tugging at his arm. He smiles his usual Masaki-smile, apparently gone back to normal again after his outburst. “Is something off?”

“No,” Nino mumbles, his eyes meeting Jun’s again before he pulls his gaze away and forces himself to skim through the room. He sees the plump-lips guy again, who nods at him majestically. Jerk. “Everything alright.”

A/N: So, we had a semi-awkward Jun-and-brothers intermission, Jun haunted by a nightmare, Shingo in his best form, Masaki lost his nerves, Jun heard it, it seems (?) and Nino... met a certain someone :D Perfect first meeting, right? *LOL*

Tags: genre: au, genre: college, genre: high society, genre: hurt&comfort, genre: romance, l: multi-chapter, p: aiba masaki/matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/sakurai sho, r: r, series: me without you
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