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Matsumoto's shop of hopes and dreams - enter on your own risk: Chapter 8

Title: Matsumoto’s shop of hopes and dreams - enter on your own risk 8/13
Pairing: Sakumoto, Aimiya, (hints of past(?)Ohmiya and Matsumiya and Juntoshi? (but... well... you'll get it, when you read it. It's not a love triangle (promise!!) or anything, it's rather plot-relevant)
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance, fantasy (There are no vampires or alike. It's more like a fairytale meets our world meets romance meets Nino in a tight gothic-like outfit)
Plot: When you have no other place to visit and lost all your hope, you'll go to a mysterious, little shop. Dealing with hopes and dreams and with his protector Ninomiya at his side, Jun keeps his real identity a secret, constantly on the run. No one knows who he is, what he runs from and where he comes from. One unfortunate day though a young doctor demands his services, asking for a piece of sunshine. It's the beginning of something... like the ticking sound of a clock you can't turn back...
Note: This whole story was inspired by yukitsubute writing me a message: *grumble* it's raining. - with my answer: Buy us some sunshine then :D

 “What do you mean he is NOT HERE!?” Nino yells through the phone, and already slips into his trousers before Aiba can even ask what’s going on. The latter blinks slightly in his half-sleep. “Since when is he away? Fuck it!” He left in the middle of the night. That stupid, fucking idiotic proud and stubborn idiot left on his own. Nino curses underneath his breath. “Don’t move! I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

The whole way to Sho’s apartment he keeps cursing. How could Jun do something so stupid, so reckless?

Sho opens the door, a little shocked by Nino’s obvious angry expression. “But we don’t know what happened,” he says softly. “He might have gone for a walk.”

“NO!” Nino yells in fury. “He didn’t. I can’t sense him in this world, which is why he is in our world. That idiot! That stupid idiot!”

“Is it that dangerous?” Aiba stutters.

“There is a reason he only returns home once a year. It’s the day of liberty then, and everyone can move freely. There are no imprisonments or guards except for the obvious crimes like murder and alike.” Nino ruffles his hair. “He went back on a normal day now! I swear, when I’ve found him, I’ll whip him personally and he won’t be able to move for a week! I swear, I will.”

“Eh,” Aiba exchanges a glance with Sho, obviously a little confused too. “I mean, I know it’s serious and all, but may I ask you something?”

“What!?” Nino grunts.

Aiba throws a glance to Sho, and the latter apparently takes the task to ask whatever they obviously wanted to ask since quite a while. “I understand that you are upset,” Sho says quietly. “But why are your reactions always so intense?”

“What do you mean?” Nino wants to know.

“When it’s about Jun you are extremely tensed, and you have such strong reactions,” Aiba points out.

“I told you,” Nino presses out. “No matter what happens between us, I can’t stop attending to Jun,” he says. By the look in Aiba’s eyes he knows he has hurt him. It’s like he just told him that he is completely unimportant, and his existence doesn’t matter anything to Nino, which is not true, really. He feels sorry for that, although other things might be more important now.

“Yes,” Aiba huffs. “I know it! Because he is your personal princess.”

“Masaki-kun,” Sho tries to soothe him. “Let’s talk about this calmly, okay, and not fight? There is no use in yelling at each other. I want to know the truth too.”

“But it’s like they are a couple, Sho-chan, like Jun-kun is the most important being in Nino-kun’s word. I mean, he even calls him his princess and-“

Tears skimmer in Aiba’s eyes, and Nino feels bad indeed now. It’s not their fault that Jun disappeared, in fact they were nothing but nice and kind towards them. “Because he is,” Nino interrupts him, deciding that Aiba deserves to know the truth.

“What!?” Sho calls out.

“Jun is a prince. I call him princess as a joke, and prince, because he is one. He belongs to the High Castle, as a royal member. I told you I have no mysterious powers, but I’m strong at mind and I can fight well. I’m a watchman and huntsman. Which means… since I’m a teenager I’m his first servant and his first bodyguard, and his only friend. That’s why we are here together. To know him safe is my duty. That’s why he is always on my mind.” Nino pauses tiredly.

“But you said that the king himself keeps him low on life energy,” Sho stutters. “And that he dreads going there, because he hates that place. They sabotage him all the time. They-“

“It’s not the king’s doing, but the High Castle’s.” Nino shakes his head. “The king, his father, retired a while ago and went on a journey after his wife, Jun’s mother, died. I promised him to keep his young son safe and away from all these political problems. However since he retired the country is in chaos. We have no reigning king, but three representatives now, until there will be a king. Jun is an important gadget to all three of them. They believe whoever has him at his side will be the next successor to the crown.”

“Wouldn’t Jun be the next successor?” Aiba wants to know breathlessly.

“No, there is a specific ranking considering the family-line. There are two before him, but both of them don’t want to take that position,” Nino continues to explain. “They are pretty young themselves and don’t feel ready to take the responsibility. But even if they weren’t Jun couldn’t become king. He is a collector. If he ruled the country, he would be way too powerful. It could be dangerous. Hence, in case all the heirs refuse the throne, there is an election – that’s the situation we are in now.”

“Yes,” Sho says coldly. “And whoever has a powerful item that can fulfil other people’s wishes will easily be able to win.”


 “Is Ohno-san his servant too?” Sho asks. Nino is surprised, apparently his senses are always sharp and always awake.

“No,” Nino says shortly. “He is a completely different issue.”

“But he thinks Jun is safe at the castle?”

“He is an idiot,” Nino huffs. “He was a good guy once, a kind one, as children we were all together, but he is part of this whole political chaos. He might believe that Jun is safe there, but only because he refuses to see the truth. He is just being selfish!”

Aiba swallows. “So, why can’t you find him now?”

“As his bodyguard I can easily sense him when we are in this world together. We formed a livelong connection and I vowed to protect him. He is not here,” Nino explains. “He is stupid and reckless for leaving just like this, and I assume he has a reason for it. Gladly he is very smart, and I believe he won’t walk around just like that, openly. He knows how to move without being seen.”

Sho frowns. There is deep worry written all over his face. “Still, it’s dangerous, right?” He mumbles. “I woke up last night, shortly, because Jun kissed me. But I was still half-asleep.” He pauses, looking hurt. “He was saying good-bye secretly.”

“You can join me whipping him once we find him,” Nino offers generously.

“You have some weird traditions,” Aiba grumbles. “I won’t let you whip him. No way.”

“Just a bit,” Nino argues. “And not with a real whip but more with a leather strap so that he won’t have bloody marks and his skin won’t break. Okay?”

“NO, it’s not okay!! And I can’t believe we are discussing this,” Aiba huffs in anger, eyes furrowed. A kind soul like he is won’t ever do any harm to anyone, Nino knows that.

“As much as I hate to interrupt your intermission,” Sho says bitingly. “I would like to discuss how to get him back! We can yell at him later!”

Nino nods. The man is right. So, where to start looking for Jun? He frowns. What would be important enough for Jun to go to the other world. It wouldn’t be for something personal, but… Nino sighs. “A job. It’s for a job. This kind idiot.”


“I can’t believe someone has such a tidy workplace,” Sho breaths out in shock. “No wonder the first thing Jun did when staying overnight was cleaning up my place.”

“Yes,” Nino smirks. “He hates an untidy place. Consider yourself lucky that he thinks you are hot enough to even accept your horrible sense for cleaning.”

“You know, you are actually a lot more sarcastic than Jun is,” Sho argues right back. “At least his sarcastic side is cute.”

Nino smiles inwardly. Sho’s a good guy. He sees Jun with so much love that even Nino has to admit that he probably is good enough for Jun.

“Well,” Aiba interrupts them by tapping at Jun’s accounting book. “At least his sense for tidiness gives us an advantage. We can look up his last customer after all.”

His last customer? Oh my god, yes! “Genius,” Nino calls out. “Of course. We need to see who he met last.”

Aiba blushes at his praise and goes to skimming through the book immediately. “He had a customer yesterday at 7PM.”

“Right before we met,” Sho muses. “That has to be the one.”

“He hasn’t written a name though,” Aiba says in surprise. “Unlike all the others. But, here,” He shows them a neckless. “Apparently that’s the partial payment.”

Nino does only need one glance at the time to be up his feet immediately and snatch the necklace out of Aiba’s hands. “Moon stone. That is probably going to be the payment, and oh dear…”

“What!?” Sho breaths out.

“It’s one of the guard’s. High Castle has a few elite guards and huntsmen. Only two of them have such a valuable necklace though,” Nino hurries to explain. Sho frowns, taking a closer look at the item, then his eyes widen in shock. Nino stares at him in surprise. “You’ve seen it before?”

“I remember the sign on it. These three stars,” Sho admits quietly. “Around the same time as Jun’s customer visited him, someone came to me when I was about to leave the hospital. He wanted me to stop meeting Jun, and he wanted to tell me all kind of bad stuff about him.”


“I told him to shut up, that I weren’t interested in anything they talked about Jun behind his back and that badmouthing someone is a pathetic thing to do,” Sho explains. “He was embarrassed actually. Said he doesn’t hate Jun and only follows orders. His name was Toma.”

“Toma-sama?” Nino frowns. “Well, if he was with you, then the necklace can only belong to Oguri-sama. But why would an elite guard come as a customer?”

“Could it be a trap?” Aiba asks.

Could it? Nino frowns. Oguri and Toma are obedient to the High Castle but not bad men. They wouldn’t normally use such lousy tricks, although visiting Sho and trying to keep him from Jun by telling him bad things actually is lousy. But there should be a line for them. Well, but then, what does normally mean nowadays? Considering how much Satoshi changed, it would be no surprise if Toma and Oguri did too.

“Does it say what Oguri wants?” Nino asks.

Aiba frowns. “Jun just painted a symbol. Looks like a star.”

If Nino wouldn’t have panicked up to now, this here had to be the perfect moment to lose his nerves. “A piece of a star?” he whispers, peeking over Aiba’s shoulder. “Then it’s not a trick. Oguri would never ask for something that difficult to retrieve, something so important. Something so dangerous.”

“That’s why Jun didn’t say something?” Sho mumbles. “Because the job he accepted is dangerous? He is such a kind-hearted idiot,” he grumbles. “He never sends away a customer.”

“No,” Nino says quietly. “Never.”

“So, how does obtaining a star work?” Aiba wants to know.

“A piece of the sun or the moon or the stars is difficult to obtain, it’s nothing that gets produced every day,” Nino explains. “There are limited suppliers. On top of that the High Castle has recently put a restriction on it.”

“Because you are running out of it?”

Nino snorts. “Because they knew one day Jun would be in need for it.”

“Can’t be,” Sho calls out. “So they speculated with something like this to happen?”

“If someone is greatly unhappy or depressed, stars can help to put the light and the hope back into a person’s soul,” Nino explains. “It doesn’t get requested often. That’s why for those few requests we actually have the supplies. Naturally.”

“So, what will Jun do now?” Sho wants to know. “He won’t go to the High Castle, I assume.”

“No.” Nino shivers. “He will go to the last person on earth he wants to talk to, but his only hope. Someone he hopes won’t send the guards at him.”

“Who?” Aiba stares at him curiously.

“Satoshi,” Nino answers quietly. “It’s his last resort to obtain a piece of a star through a legal and simple way.”

“Will he help him?”

“No.” Nino shakes his head. “I’m sure in Satoshi’s twisted mind this is the chance he sees for Jun to actually come home. He won’t call the guards, but he will hope for Jun to go to the High Castle himself. To deal his freedom for the star.”

“But this is stupid!” Aiba blurts out. “How can he!? What kind of person is he actually?”

“Satoshi?” Nino snorts. “Satoshi loves Jun in his own weird and twisted way.”

Aiba frowns, sending a teasing glance towards Sho. “You have a lot of competition.”

Nino doesn’t react to that. They don’t need to know yet, he decides. They already know enough after all.

“What will Jun do?” Sho asks all of a sudden.

“I don’t know,” Nino says quietly. “I’m not sure if he will go to the High Castle or find another way. I just know I have to find him fast. We’ll go to our world, and meet Oguri-sama. I need to find out if it’s a trap or not, and what kind of deal he set with Jun.”


It’s a small piece, but it should be enough. Jun twists it between his fingers, his gaze shifting up to the sky nervously. He needs to get back, fast.

“Hey, you!” Jun spins around in surprise when he sees some dark shadows approaching him. “A thief! We’ve found a thief!”

He has the blink of a moment. They can’t get to know what he took and who he is, hence he bottles up the star swiftly and hides it in a far-away corner of his memory. He has no time to run, he can only hope that they won’t find out who he is and what he took.

There is a sudden pain to his head, and the sight in front of him gets dark. For the blink of a moment he sees Sho’s face in front of him, his peaceful face. It’s a soothing memory, right before the vision in front of him gets completely dark.

A/N: One day late with my update :-) Sorry!
Jun's biggest secret is finally revealed :D We now know who and what he is, and why the High Castle wants him so badly. And it seems that he really went on his own... and got himself into a tough situation.
As for Nino and Aiba... Nino seems to like Aiba. Do you think they face a chance?

Tags: genre: au, genre: fantasy, genre: mystery, genre: romance, l: multi-chapter, p: aiba masaki/ninomiya kazunari, p: matsumoto jun/sakurai sho, r: r, series: matsumoto's shop of hopes and dr
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