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Sound of Silence: Chapter 2

Title: Sound of Silence 2/?
Pairing: Sakumoto, guests appearances by the rest of Arashi (maybe with a surprise side-pairing ;-)), and some others
Rating: up to R
Genre: AU, romance, maybe a bit suspense
Plot: It's in the middle of the night when Sho, a wealthy young business man, stumbles over an unconscious young man, beaten up and curled up in a dark alley. Tired from the way his life goes Sho decides to do something good and takes the man home. Once he wakes up however Sho realizes that the young man has forgotten all about his past, everything he is, and has lost his voice too. Everything that remained from his existence is his name: Matsumoto Jun. But who is he? What happened to him? Why was he lying on the street, beaten-up? And what kind of trauma did he encounter to loose his voice?
Note: This is the story that won the poll on my journal ^^ So, I had started writing it before the poll, kind of lost motivation in the middle of it and then with everyone's encouragement I picked it up again, and voilà :D  I hope this is going to be really interesting for you! There is some suspense in it, and we'll gradually uncover Jun's past.

The look in Jun’s eyes suddenly changes, sleepiness making place for confusion making place for panic, and suddenly he is up his feet, eyes widened in fear. His legs tremble though and he stumbles over the sofa and drops against the cupboard. Aiba manages to catch Sho’s favourite Ming-vase last minute. Bless him.

He is like an animal, Sho thinks, a beautiful wild animal that feels cornered. The look in his eyes is heart-breaking but beautiful. Before any of them can do or say anything, Ohno shoves them aside. He kneels down a bit to be on the same level as Jun and shows him one of his soothing smiles. “I’m Ohno Satoshi,” he says with a voice that could possibly calm a storm. “My friend found you sleeping on the street and saved you.”

Jun stares at Ohno for a long while before he carefully glances at Sho.

“Exactly, he found you. That’s Sakurai Sho.” Ohno sits down now without slipping closer to Jun. “Your name is Jun?”

He nods.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jun-san,” Ohno smiles warmly. “How old are you?”

For a moment Jun opens his mouth, but he closes it immediately again, an expression of surprise on his face.

“You can’t remember?” Ohno asks softly. And when Jun shakes his head, he continues. “Do you know where you come from?”

Jun shakes his head.

Next to him Sho can feel how Aiba shifts a bit. “Told you,” he whispers. “There is something wrong.”

“Okay,” Ohno’s voice is soothing and calming like a soft summer breeze. He reaches out his hand. “We’ll try to remember together. Are you hungry?”

Jun nods and carefully reaches out his hand.

“Good,” Ohno pulls him up together with him. “I made omelette.”

Jun eats it all, like he hasn’t gotten anything for days. Probably that’s true. Even to Sho’s eyes he looks a bit too skinny. But still, he doesn’t give off the vibe of a person that’s been living on the streets. His clothes are clean, also his body seems to have been attended to recently. When Jun looks at him, Sho shows him a smile. His hearts jumps a little when Jun returns it.


Sho and Aiba have poured themselves a glass of whisky, Ohno drinks beer. To everyone’s surprise Nino declines both offers, instead he sits down opposite to Jun, takes his card and shows it to him. “I’m Ninomiya Kazunari,” he says casually. “An internist. Jun-san,” he pauses. “You can’t talk?” He is eyeing him with a tentative, soft glance, the one he has whenever he talks to a patient.

Jun blinks for a moment, clear surprise written on his face, then he opens his mouth. He moves his lips, like he wants to say something, but no sound comes out except for a deep sigh and a panicked shriek.

“You can’t remember?” Nino continues. “You can’t remember if you can talk or not?”

Sho’s eyes widen. “Wait… what?”

“Give him a paper and a pen,” Nino commands without even reacting to his surprise. Sho hurries to do so, taking a few sheets of paper out of his printer and a blue pen. He puts it in front of Jun. Nino hands Jun his card. “Jun-san, can you read this?”

Jun nods.

“Can you write your name?”

For a moment Jun looks at him in surprise, but then he takes the paper, the pan and scribbles down in perfect handwriting Matsumoto Jun.

Nino sighs in relief. “There doesn’t seem anything wrong with your brain. But it might be a concussion or something similar. I’m definitely taking you to the MRT first thing in the morning. How do you feel? Dizzy? Headache?”

I’m fine. Only a bit tired, and my sides hurt.

“Your sides?” Nino gets up and sits down next to Jun. “May I have a look.”

Jun frowns slightly, before he sighs. He doesn’t seem that nervous anymore, but a bit appalled and confused. He takes off his shirt, revealing a nicely toned upper body, and… He gasps himself in shock when he sees the bruises on his right hip, and the cut above his belly-button. Nino frowns deeply, carefully touching the bruises. When Jun winces, a pained sound escaping his lips, he frowns.

“Some of your ribs might be broken,” he concludes. “I’ll schedule an overall check-up for you.”

Jun nods absent-mindedly, before he takes the pen into his hand again. May I ask a question?

“Of course.”

Did you abduct me?

Nino doubles over in laughter, while Aiba giggles. Jun throws them a dark glance, an interesting hint to the character that might be sleeping beneath the confused surface. Sho can’t wait to understand who he is.

“Well, technically,” Ohno muses into their laughter. “We can’t be sure about that. We took him from the street after all.”

Jun chuckles slightly all of a sudden, a sweet sound that draws Sho to him immediately. It’s interesting to know that although he can’t talk he can produce sounds.


“Call me Sho,” Sho answers, wondering why the hell he gave up his guard immediately.

Jun smiles and points at the cat.  Sho-san, you have a cat?

Somewhere next to him Aiba bites down on his fist to stop himself from laughing.


Sho dreaded the moment the others leave him, scared of being alone with Jun and being uncertain and of no help. But although it was uncomfortable at first, it turns out not to be all that awkward. Jun has listened to him patiently, scribbled down questions, and tried not to look too panicked. Still, it feels a bit worrisome how fast he can put up a mask, like he is scared that someone might see how vulnerable and scared he is. A wall of self-defence. Well, Sho can’t blame him for it. It had to be scary to realize you have forgotten everything about yourself, and end up with not even a tiny sign of you.

When he finally fell asleep, Sho can’t help a soft smile, his fingers pushing Jun’s bangs aside. Cute, he thinks, his sleeping face is cute. It strikes Sho all of a sudden though, this feeling of protection, like it’s fate that brought Jun (and this devil-cat) to his place. Fate. It’s like a second chance. Something inside Sho’s stomach clenches. That’s it, the familiar feeling he had before and the reason why he couldn’t walk by Jun. He couldn’t let go of this second chance. This time he would succeed, he would definitely protect this person.


Are you sure you don’t want me to do anything?

Sho has handed Jun a proper notebook so that he doesn’t need to work with too many papers. “You just go to the bathroom and freshen up. I’ve put clothes there for you. Got it?”

Jun chuckles, a sweet, warm sound. It’s weirdly fascinating how he can’t say anything, but still produces such sweet sounds. Why are you so nice? Honestly?

“Hm,” Sho sighs. “I’m not sure, to be honest. I don’t know you, and you could be dangerous. But you remind me of something. It’s like I’ve been living in a dark fog for the last years, and then suddenly I stumbled over you. Fate, you know, although it sounds ridiculous.”

It doesn’t sound ridiculous though I’m not sure if I understand.

Sho smiles. “You don’t need to understand at the moment.”

When Jun comes out of the bathroom he has pulled one of the legs of his jeans up slightly, the white shirt hanging down loosely, the two top buttons open. His belt isn’t wrapped around his trouser but around his shirt, underlining his small waist. “The clothes are too big, right?” Sho muses. “You should be around my size. You are too skinny.”

Jun blushes slightly, and shakes his head, trying to tuck the shirt into the trouser and fixing the loose waistband with the belt.

“Still too skinny,” Sho argues, and ignores Jun’s pointed glare.

Sho takes him to the hospital, once more shocked to know that Jun really can’t remember anything at all, not even the most common way from the metro to the huge hospital. Not even any location or the tiniest bit of his former whereabouts. Still the open vulnerability of last night made place to a more stoic expression now. It’s like he doesn’t want to show anyone what he fears and how desperate he is. Sho is sure he is though, because his hands shake slightly and his lips quiver sometimes. And when he thinks no one is watching, his eyes get dark and gloomy.

It has to be frustrating not to know who you are.

I can’t believe I didn’t bring any documents with me. Nothing. Not even my wallet.

“Jun-san,” Sho smiles reassuringly. “You probably didn’t have any time to do that.”

And what if I wanted to kill myself? Wipe out my existence? Erase everything I am? Jun bites down on his lips before he continues to scribble. Was I such a person that I needed to do something that drastic? Maybe I was stupid, mean, dangerous, annoying. Maybe all these things had led to me running away…from myself.

“Jun-san,” Sho takes his pen out of his hand, ignoring the glare Jun shows him. “I don’t believe you are any of that. I don’t believe you can erase who you are. Besides, although you can’t remember… still, all kind of signs of your personality shine through, don’t you think so?”

He doesn’t understand where he gets the confidence from to actually say all this stuff, after all this Jun is a complete stranger, someone he just met, and someone he doesn’t know, someone who can hardly articulate, someone who doesn’t know himself. It could be dangerous, Jun could be dangerous. And if he isn’t dangerous himself than probably the people that did that to him… the bruise on his body.

But whenever Sho looks into these dark eyes, he gets lost completely. His normal ability to judge and keep his distance gets washed away. Eyes in which he can’t see his reflection. That’s it. He can’t see his reflection in Jun’s eyes. And that’s so fascinating.


The moment Jun steps into the hospital, Sho can feel how his whole body stiffens. He grabs his arm before he can turn around and just run. “Jun-san,” he says with insistence. “No rash decisions.” Something in Jun’s posture makes him halt though. “Have you been here before?”

Jun blinks, brows furrowed, as he apparently tries to remember. I don’t know. But the smell is familiar.

“Do you feel comfortable?”

I kind of don’t like it.

The understatement of the century, Sho thinks. In no way Jun only doesn’t like it… he hates it. His whole body is tensed, his lips pressed against each other in a thin line, and his eyes wide-opened. He looks terrified.

Then a well-known black-haired head peeks out of a door to an examination room. An onigiri stuffed in his mouth, Nino waves at them. “Come, Jun-san,” he coughs, catching the onigiri before it drops down.

Jun relaxes almost immediately. And Sho can finally do what he should have done a lot earlier, but couldn’t. He calls the police


Nagase sips at a coffee. Espresso, no sugar, no milk. Nagase is the epitome of manliness. If there was a metaphor for manliness, forget Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nagase Tomoya it is! “It’s the best for him to stay at your place, Sho-san.”

Sho almost spits out his coffee. Long, with milk, and sugar. “What did you say? Nagase-san, you are police officer! How can you say…”

“There is no report for a missing person that fits his description,” Nagase tells him calmly while lightening a cigarette. “I’m going to check it further. But my investigation from today and the talk with the hospital showed me that Matsumoto-san is indeed suffering from amnesia and can’t tell us anything.”

“Do they know why?”

“Post-trauma, at least that’s what the neurologist said. He is healthy, no damages except for the broken ribs. He might have hit his head, most likely it’s the reaction to a shock though. We don’t know by now if it was a crime or not, he could have fallen.”

“Nagase-san.” Sho rubs his temples like he is meditating. “He was carrying no shoes, no jacket, no wallet and…”

“Yes, I know.” Nagase scratches the back of his head. “But we have no proof of a crime. I need to investigate this further. Hence, I want him to stay at your place.”

“But why?” He is not ready to give in that fast. It’s not that he doesn’t want Jun to stay with him… it’s rather that he wants it a little too much. He is almost relieved that the responsibility lies in his hands, and not in some stranger’s. It’s like he found a puppy and doesn’t want anyone to take it from him.

“Ninomiya said that the neurologist told them, the last thing we should do is change his environment again. The safest for his mind is to stay where he woke up.”

Sho sighs slightly. “Is it safe?” he finally dares to say. “Are we safe?”

Nagase nods. “One of my men, Oguri Shun, will always be close to you and observe your apartment and everyone that approaches Jun. Oguri is one of my best, you can trust him.”

Sho nods. “Do you think it’s really his name? Jun, I mean. Nino told me he might use that name because we asked him about it. It might be that he doesn’t really remember, and just thinks he does.”

Nagase chuckles. “We don’t have any other name to call him by at the moment. So let’s stick with Jun, shall we?”

“Fine with me.” Sho nods, taking the documents Nagase hands him. There are several schedules and information that tell him when Jun has to show up at the hospital and when his check-ups are, when he should meet with the police and alike. Sho feels relieved that he is basically his own boss, so he can do whatever he wants. Still, he probably needs to think of a way to keep Jun a bit occupied so that he won’t need to stay at home all the time. Maybe he could talk to Masaki and Ohno.

He wonders if it’s a mistake to take this guy in and to look after him, but for once he decides to go with the flow, like it’s fate – no matter if he believes in it or not. He doesn’t want to turn his back to this guy.

A/N: So, Jun woke up, and has no idea who he is, what he is and what he did. He doesn't know what happened. He can't talk on top of that.  And Sho just feels drawn to him, so that he can't do anything else but help.

Writing dialogues here will be a challenge :D

Tags: genre: au, genre: mystery, genre: romance, genre: suspense, l: multi-chapter, p: matsumoto jun/sakurai sho, r: r, series: sound of silence
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