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Drabble Challenge - Fics (Post 3: Senpais)

Drabble 1:
Challenged by ao_hiji
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG
Title: Routine

There is something about the way Takuya shifts his weight from one foot to the other, how he casually shows his perfect waist, how his finger draws circles on the table absent-mindedly, how one hand moves through is hair lazily… that just drive Nakai crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y. In capital letters!

Why can’t he just go through his script like any other normal person does? Like Goro, for example, who always stares at it absent-mindedly. Like Shingo, who mostly eats while reading it. Or even Tsuyoshi who picks his nose. Whatever, they are all normal. It’s only Takuya who would do it like that. Like he was staring at an advertisement for a Host Club.

He leans back now, his tongue licking over his lips in high concentration while he flips a page. He is always doing that, going through the script again even after they are finished recording. Now he curls his nose a bit, eyes shining a little while a smile graces his lips.

“For Christ’s sake-“ Nakai breathes out. He can’t take it anymore. This dude is too much of everything, especially too much of pretty. “It’s just a Bistro episode. You drive me nuts.”

“Feel free to leave-“ Takuya answers like he hasn’t even heard the tension in Nakai’s voice.

“This is my changing room.” Nakai protests, pointing at the sign right in front of them with his name written on it.

Takuya merely smirks. There is this certain spark in his eyes, the one that Nakai hates and loves at the same time. “Well then,“ Takuya stops reading and puts his script into his bag before he waves a good-bye. “See you tomorrow.”

The words get basically stuck in Nakai’s mouth. Tomorrow, when they have actually planned to go out for dinner tonight? Fucking tease, seriously. It’s only when Takuya’s smirk grows that he realizes he has actually said the last words out loud. With a sigh, Nakai drops down on the empty sofa, deciding to face and accept his defeat. “Stay,” he says and angles for a can of beer.

Takuya nods casually, puts his bag on the table and sits down next to Nakai now. When he offers Takuya his beer, the latter shrugs and takes a sip from it. For a while, they both keep silent before Takuya hands the can of beer back to Nakai and angles for his scripts yet again. Work comes first, always, but it’s okay. Takuya bites down on his lip now in high concentration before he parts them slightly.

Nakai grins. At least he has something to watch.

Drabble 2:
Challenged by miajj
Beta: ivenclaire
Goro, Tsuyoshi, Shingo in a love triangle
Rating: PG
Title: Jealousy

It starts with Goro finding a cat. It’s small and a little too skinny and not particularly beautiful, but still, the others call it cute. Takuya even takes it into his hands softly before he hands it to Tsuyoshi. Shingo jokes a bit about it but it doesn’t slip Goro’s attention how he pats its head lovingly.

It’s been weird between them recently. Up until now, Goro felt like he got along with all his bandmates pretty well. With some, more, like with Tsuyoshi and Takuya, with some, less. But since a few weeks, it seems like Shingo is teasing him a little too much, while Tsuyoshi seems to be nice to him a little too much.

Takuya and Nakai called it a phase when he asked them about the younger two’s weird behaviour. But something around Takuya’s lips tugged a little, like he was worrying about something, and Nakai had this thoughtful look in his eyes.

It’s the same old story every week, with Shingo pushing him a little too much, scaring him with ghost stories, letting spiders crawl over his hand, and forcing him to do all kinds of weird stuff – heights, damn it – for their shows. And it’s Tsuyoshi most of the time who steps in between. Goro isn’t all that sure if he likes that, like Tsu’s warm glances towards him, or Shingo’s towards Tsuyoshi. And the little painful ones that Shingo directs at Goro himself. It’s so freaking awkward that it almost hurts.

It’s like we are in kindergarten again, Nakai said just yesterday. And Takuya agreed.

Goro smiles a little when he sees how Tsuyoshi and Shingo bend their heads over the little cat, both of them obviously engulfed by the light atmosphere; jokes and laughs filling the room. For a moment, Shingo looks up, his eyes meeting Tsuyoshi’s. He smiles. And to Goro’s relief, Tsuyoshi returns the smile.

When Goro feels a hand on his shoulder, he turns around a little. It’s Takuya. “Good job.” the latter says randomly, and Goro knows immediately what he means.


“You sure that’s alright for you?” Takuya asks further.

Is it? Goro takes a look at the scene. It feels so calm and light that his heart warms up in relief and happiness. “Yes.” he says and chuckles. “I have my cat!”

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Tags: group: smap, l: drabble, p: inagaki goro/kusanagi tsuyoshi, p: katori shingo/kusanari tsuyoshi, p: kimura takuya/nakai masahiro, r: pg
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