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Advent Calendar Door 18: TakaBu

Title: Hidden affairs
Pairing: TakaBu
Rating: PG-15/R
Beta: ivenclaire
Genre: romance in some sort of twisted way?
Summary: It's just about sex. Just sometimes Yabu wonders how it would be to actually date Yuya.
Notes: Requested by ributa.

Sometimes, Yabu catches himself thinking something along the words of We could do that regularly. Or rather We could do that seriously. Not just in a far-away corner of the agency in between rehearsals or when they are scheduled for the same work and can steal themselves away during a break.

But at home, after dates.

It’s such a weak moment when he thinks of actually dating Takaki. As if it would work… But the feeling of Takaki’s mouth on his dick, seeing him kneel down in front of him, sucking him, while the others are at the Christmas party, celebrating the fact that they have something to throw a party for and they hide in the bathroom meanwhile… it just makes him weak with even weaker thoughts, imagining how it would be to have Takaki around him like that every day.

But then, they would probably drive each other crazy. So, this here is better. Takaki seems to think so too, because like always, he doesn’t say much, just gets up and grins. “Let’s go back to the party before the others miss us?”

“Hm,” Yabu nods and follows Takaki outside.

They are going to be just normal buddies for now. Until the next time, hopefully in a not too far future, when they end up in a secret place again.
Tags: genre: romance, l: drabble, p: takaki yuya/yabu kota, r: r
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