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Advent Calendar Door 19: Sakumoto

Title: Special gifts
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance
Summary: Sometimes Jun wonders why he keeps up with this shit.
Notes: Requested by kitkaos.

Sometimes Jun wonders why he keeps up with this shit, namely with Sho’s sudden tempers, his sometimes hurtful words (which leads to an equally stupid retort from Jun) and all the disagreements they go through. It should be easier to love someone, and he knows there are easier choices as a lover than his. Still… It’s when he feels those warm arms wrapped around him from behind while he is lying on their bed that he knows why he stays, why he stayed all those years.

“What are you doing,” Sho wants to know, trying to peak over Jun’s shoulder.

Jun raises his left hand, holding a book. “Reading.”

“Is it interesting?”

It’s his third attempt to get through James Joyce. “No.”

“What should I do for you to forgive me,” Sho mumbles into the back of his head.

Jun stays silent for a while, just dwelling in the feeling of Sho’s warm body pressed against his, the familiar feeling of his arms around his body, the way his voice can sound so soft, and the fact that he can be so kind (especially once he realises he has been an idiot). Jun puts his book aside and smirks slightly. “You are making me a huge Christmas present this year,” he says into Sho forearm that’s half covering his mouth.

Sho is kissing his neck, a soft chuckle escaping his lips. “So, if I promise to do that, does that count as a proper apology?”

Jun chuckles. “Yes, but don’t think it will be done with only a bunch of theatre tickets. Not after you gave your best friend a weekend trip to Okinawa and your other best friend a 1000$ coupon for Gucci a few weeks ago,” he says. A shiver runs over his spine when Sho’s lips suddenly move from his neck down to his left shoulder blade. He is not playing fair, that idiot. “And don’t you dare give me a vase again.”

“It’s an extraordinarily beautiful and expensive vase,” Sho defends his choice of birthday present. “It’s a lot better than the Gucci coupons.”

“Yes, it’s beautiful, but not a present for someone you love.” Jun halts his breath. “That only goes in case… you love me.”

There is a pause. “I do,” Sho says after a while, and his voice sounds hoarse.

“Do what?”

“Love you, Matsujun. I love you.”

“Fine, but please, drop the stupid nickname.” Jun relaxes in relief, sucking at Sho’s arm teasingly. If he can’t leave a mark on his neck because Sho captured him in this weird position, he can leave one here, can’t he? “You know, Tiffany has a male jewellery section too.”

“Tiffany?” He can almost see Sho blinking in confusion. On which planet does he live in, seriously?

Jun smirks and bites into Sho’s arm softly. When Sho loosens his grip at his surprise attack, Jun turns around, facing him now. He smiles before he kisses Sho’s chin softly. “Just research, Sho-kun.”

“Are you going to get me something special too?” Sho asks curiously.

Jun laughs at that sudden question. He doesn’t say anything, even when Sho tries to tickle it out of him, even when they are finally enjoying some steaming hot make-up-sex and Sho tries to drag it out so that Jun promises it to him. Jun doesn’t say it though. He keeps it to himself that of course, he is going to get Sho something special too.
Tags: genre: romance, l: drabble, p: matsumoto jun/sakurai sho, r: pg-13
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