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Advent Calendar Door 20: ShigeRyo

Title: Post cards
Pairing: ShigeRyo
Rating: PG
Genre: romance, slice of life
Summary: It's nice to spend an evening like that.
Notes: Requested by dori_liv.

Shige moves his pencil over the empty sheets of paper in front of him while the sound of Ryo’s guitar accompanies him, a soft melody filling the room. He proudly eyes the nice sketches and pictures he is producing on the paper. Little snowmen, snowflakes, cats with cute Christmas hats. Normally, he doesn’t do stuff like that, but occasionally, it’s really nice to just draw innocent postcards.

“Are you going to help me… in any way?” Shige grins into Ryo’s direction.

Ryo pauses with his music, fingers stopping its movement over the guitar strings, then he continues to play. “So you can say I ruined your perfect pictures?” he asks innocently.

Shige chuckles. “You could write the text!”

“You always say that my handwriting is horrible, so?”

He is probably right, Shige thinks, in that area he tends to complain. A lot actually. “How about,” he smiles to make up for being such a difficult guy sometimes. “You cook something for us instead?”

“Oh,” Ryo puts his guitar aside. “That sounds nice actually. I don’t like you in the kitchen anyway, especially since you ruined that perfect pan.”

“It was ruined even before I used it,” Shige argues.

Ryo grins. “Whatever. How about ramen?”

“Ramen sounds lovely,” Shige says.

Ryo switches on the radio when he is in the kitchen and Shige picks up his work again. The sound of soft-rocki-ish music fills the room now, and the scent of Ryo preparing their dinner. This is nice. Really nice.
Tags: genre: romance, genre: slice of life, l: drabble, p: kato shigeaki/nishikido ryo, r: pg
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