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Advent Calendar Door 22

Title: Promises
Pairing: Kameda
Beta: ivenclaire
Rating: PG
Genre: romance
Summary: Promises don't seem to count much, Kame thinks. But at least he can count on Ueda.
Notes: Requested by kamedafan.

“It’s going to be alright,” Ueda says when he lies down next to Kame on the bed. “I promise.”

“Promises don’t count much nowadays,” Kame muses and turns to the side. He is eying Ueda now, checking his face properly.

Ueda chuckles. “Mine do,” he says, and places a soft kiss on Kame’s forehead, and when he closed his eyes, he can feel Ueda’s lips pressed softly against his eyelids, cheeks,  nose, before they engulf in a soft and warm kiss.

For a while, Kame stays silent. Then he shows him a wide-teethed smile. “So,” he says, fingers brushing through Ueda’s hair. “Promise me you will belong to me on New Year’s Day, and we’ll just ditch all the other meetings with friends.”

“Easy to promise,” Ueda grins. “I hate huge gatherings like that after all. Let’s go skiing.”

“Skiing?” Kame blinks. “Are you serious?”

Ueda nods, enjoying the beautiful smile that graces Kame’s pretty face now, making it even more beautiful. “We can also build a snowman.”

“And ride on a sleigh.”

Ueda smiles, feeling how joy and anticipation fills his stomach, leaving little exciting butterflies there. “I would love to do that. And go on a long walk at night when it’s snowing.”

Kame nods. “How about we stay a few days? Let’s book it tomorrow!”

Ueda smiles. “A few days? You promise?”

Kame chuckles, most likely at the reversed roles now. “I do!”
Tags: genre: romance, l: drabble, p: kamenashi kazuya/ueda tatsuya, r: pg
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