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Drenched (2TOP)

Title: Drenched
Pairing: 2TOP
Rating: PG13
Summary: Kimura finds Nakai drenched from the rain.
Notes: Written for ao_hiji for my drabble-challenge (any pairing goes)

“You are catching a cold.”

A jacket gets thrown over his head and covers almost his whole upper body. Nakai coughs slightly, while he tries to push the fabric aside. He throws Kimura a hopefully reproachful glance. “You nuts?”

“Me?” Kimura huffs in what seems to be an annoyed tone, but Nakai knows him well enough to know that it’s not like that at all. That he is just worried. “It’s raining and you are standing outside, happily getting soaked? And I’m the idiot?”

Nakai blinks slightly and tugs at his shirt. Kimura is right, it’s completely soaked. It’s white, and he hasn’t even realized how it got drenched by the rain, sticking to his body, underlining every muscle of his body. It looks like he isn’t even wearing anything. “I see,” he muses thoughtfully.

Kimura chuckles lightly, and when Nakai lifts the jacket a bit, he slips under it. Beneath the jacket it’s dark and humid, the fabric getting soaked by the rain slowly. Kimura’s finger touch Nakai’s sides, while Nakai brushes over Kimura’s naked forearms. They don’t have much time here, but it’s enough for a chaste kiss, Nakai decides when he leans forward into Kimura’s arms.

Tags: genre: romance, l: drabble, p: kimura takuya/nakai masahiro, r: pg-13
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